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Judicial Independence and How to Beat the Queens Democratic Machine

Meritocracy, not political-machine mediocrity, should dictate how a judge is chosen.   For decades, the Queens County Surrogate’s Court and its connected Office of Public Administration has been reputed to be a political plum that rewards friends of the Queens Democrat organization.

Vignette Vagabonds

Vignettes Gathered by Josh Eisen and other Vagabonds

This is a series of vignettes by vagabonds who could be anyone who feels, or anyone getting around living life’s moments, ordinary and special. It is open and belongs to everyone who wishes, especially if you know the changes that would make the vignettes your vagabond expressions.

Pain and Challenge

When traveling around Queens, and around the city and the state, I cannot help but feel pain and challenge everywhere. It is so plain and right there, it turns ordinary New Yorkers into empathetic vagabonds who feel not the pain of poverty nor the despair of hopelessness. We feel the pain of keeping up, and the challenge of maintaining dignity at the dinner table with family, in the bedroom with a spouse, or alone in front of the mirror. Often the thread that binds the pain and challenge is some form of government intrusion or regulation. If not one then another, whether it is an expensive ill-conceived regulation, irrationally high interest rates, an increase in existing taxes, or a new tax altogether.

It seems like every time some over-educated and uncaring progressive apparatchik thinks they are all lightbulbs with ideas, there is nobody to point out that the bulbs are dead. On the contrary, Democrats at all levels of government trip over themselves to be the first to write the ill- conceived laws with the same devastating impact on ordinary New Yorkers steeped in the challenge of just maintaining dignity. We vagabonds can only lament that rather than blow like wind in the sails of its citizens, government is a headwind that keeps so many just barely treading in pain, if not falling back.

There’s Borrowers & There’s Borrowers

Student loan forgiveness is no longer just an idea. The Biden administration has decided that it is time to let some borrowers off the hook, and they have forgiven billions of dollars of loans. Let us for a moment cast aside deep aversion to any loan forgiveness and assume someone was going to get a freebee. Never was there a suggestion to consider all the outstanding loans the administration might want to forgive through executive orders.  Without debate or consideration, the borrowers whose loans they have chosen to forgive were those who borrowed money to pay tuition to colleges and universities.  They neither considered hard working Americans who borrowed money to work and build businesses nor military veterans who borrowed money to buy homes. It is hard for us vagabonds to ignore that rather than choose people who borrowed money to work, the Democrats chose people who borrowed money to party at places like Columbia and Harvard.

Sheriffs or Intrusive Patrols

Who are we as a nation? What sort of Americans are we as individuals? How does it reflect in the way we relate to Laws and their enforcement? Are we individuals who want government to patrol our day-to-day lives? Or are we the sort who calls the sheriff when there’s a problem? Do we want government in our homes and healthcare? In our schools and youth programs?

As individuals, we want government to stand back and support communities where shared values govern day-to-day interactions, education, sports, youth programs, etc. When it is necessary, we can call the proverbial sheriff, whether it is the police or the firefighter or whomever. For us, the vagabonds, we do not want the IRS, FBI, CIA, DEA, HUD, or any letters of the alphabet knocking on our doors or otherwise patrolling our lives.

The Cold War Hu$tle

When the Cold War ended, we were told that we won that war without any bloodshed. We were promised that we would finally see a payoff for all the expense that went into ‘winning’ the Cold War against the former Soviet Union and the Communist Bloc. There has been no payoff and defense spending has only increased significantly. There never was a new order of peace and prosperity. Instead, newly independent countries-once part of the former Soviet Union-were delicious business opportunities for the American military industrial complex. The best path in order to maximize this opportunity was NATO membership for the new nations.

Regardless of whether another way would have worked, it appears to ordinary Americans that no other path was considered. To us vagabonds, it seems like military profiteers got their way, regardless of how little or hard they worked and lobbied for it. And left nothing for ordinary Americans except more pain, challenge, debt, and global death machines.

Who? Columbia and NYU, That’s Who

When New Yorkers think about who destroyed middle- and working-class housing around the city, they might be surprised to learn that Columbia and NYU are behind the destruction of more such housing units than any other organization or individual. When Columbia and NYU destroy these housing units, they do so in order to build dormitories for entitled children, many of whom come from privileged backgrounds far from New York. At the same time, many less privileged New Yorkers are forced to commute to NYU and Columbia because they live too close to qualify for housing that displaced locals in favor of temporary entitled student residents.

Why does this happen? How is this possible? Taxes. That is the one-word answer, in a nutshell. When Columbia or NYU purchase a property, it is impossible for anyone to compete with them because the tax laws benefit them. They will not pay any property taxes once they have acquired the property as opposed to other buyers who must consider a significant increase in property taxes. Columbia and NYU also will pay neither income tax nor capital gains tax (should they ever sell the property). If that is not enough, the government subsidizes loans so that students can pay ever-increasing tuitions that have irrationally outpaced inflation. After all that, Columbia and NYU have the chutzpah to force students onto meal plans, many of which are exempt from sales taxes, while local businesses can’t compete with them and go out of business.

It is time that NYU and Columbia are treated as they should be. To the ordinary vagabond, it is obvious that NYU and Columbia are for-profit businesses who should receive no tax benefits, neither federal, nor state, nor city.

Remember the Sixth Amendment?

As a reminder, the Six Amendment is the right of a defendant to a quick and speedy trial by a jury of their peers. Sadly, many of us know someone who has been through or is experiencing a trial that is neither a quick and speedy, nor one judged by a jury of peers, nor one where justice is served. Prosecutors have too much discretion and have wielded it as they saw fit, which often meant to further their political and career aspirations. Sometimes they do it to get someone they don’t like, but more often they do it to score conviction points at the expense of those who cannot fight back and must take a plea.

Who are these prosecutors who are devastating poor and often minority communities? They are not Republicans. They are not vindictive conservatives. No. They are the Democrat social justice warriors like Fani Willis, Alvin Bragg, Leticia James, and Kamala Harris, all of whom built their careers on the backs of poor black men and the families they devastated. The sixth amendment is sacred and should be the difference between true justice and a monarch’s verdict. For the vagabonds, and especially the black vagabonds among us, we cannot help but wonder if plea deals are just industrialized disregard of the sixth amendment.

You got this far?

Thank you. You are a true vagabond. Feel free to send in your own vignettes from your own day- to-day or changes to those above so that they become yours and are better for publication.

Video: US Senate Republican Candidates Debate

The Queens Village Republican Club hosted the US Senate Republican Candidates Debate on May 2nd at Marbella restaurant. Cara Castronuova and Josh Eisen were present for the debate and Mike Sapraicone, the New York State Republican Party’s hand-picked candidate, refused to attend. As of the day of the debate, Cara and Josh were still fighting for ballot access in court. Thank you to both Michael Ferrara and James Doukas for videotaping and processing the entire debate including Q & A, and a few Republican candidates running for local seats as well!

Illegal Immigrants May Supercharge NonCitizen Voting

With 5M registered voters in NYC, noncitizens could rapidly become a 1M voting bloc representing 17% of the city.


What do I stand for? America First. Protecting the Constitution at all costs – that includes free speech to the point of the most offensive kind. The Second Amendment, which was created to PROTECT US AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, is a God-given right and must be protected at all costs. We must close our borders and take care of our own men and women who have been abandoned.

Really, This Time It Is THE Most Important Election

By Paul King
Candidate for U.S. Congress, NY5

For years, I cringed when newscasters and politicians declared, “This year’s election is the most important election in the history of the republic.” That’s why I was a little uncomfortable two years ago when I said the 2022 elections were a stepping stone to 2024… which will be the most important election since 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected.

Well, that has proven to be an understatement.

This year’s elections are far more important. If the Democrats hold onto the White House and retake the House of Representative, they will drag America into an abyss. The damage will last for decades.

Think I am exaggerating? Consider these five long-term tumors:

Migrant Crisis – Things are bad now. Imagine if another 8 million people enter illegally during Biden-Harris 2? Consider the strain from the hundreds of thousands in NY that came because of our sanctuary city status and at the behest of Mayor Adams, who now admits “will destroy” the city and cost NYC $12 billion by mid-2025.

$34 Trillion in Debt – This is an enormous weight on future generations and the American Dream. Biden, Meeks and Jeffries just want to borrow, borrow, borrow so they can spend, spend, spend. Economies cannot long survive when debt is far in excess of 100% of GDP. NY public authorities hold $329 billion in public debt – 97% of the state’s total according to Reinvent Albany.

Military Wokeness/Weakness – America has a shortage of soldiers, sailors and ships. Four more years of a DEI focus at the DoD will only further embolden our enemies. Speaking of which…

China’s Ascension – The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is working on many fronts toward supplanting America as the world leader this century. Four more years of Biden pussyfooting with China (and Iran) will leave America weak and at risk of a kinetic war. NY has been home to “police stations” run by Chinese nationals. Thousands of military age men, many identified as members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) the armed wing of the CCP, are entering the U.S. open borders.

Green Obsession – The irrational progressive dash to an all-electric world will create an enormous economic burden for everyday citizens and leave America extremely vulnerable to a debilitating attack on a singular source of energy. Gov. Hochul doubled down on former Gov. Cuomo’s Climate Action Plan with her expanded zero-emissions plan that would force New Yorkers at minimum to replace their gas stoves with electric ones and pay exorbitant utilities bills.

So, how do we win this most important election of our lives?

Coalesce to Create a Real Red Wave – In 2022, New York delivered the House to Republicans. The Democrats want to steal those seats back through any means necessary (i.e., gerrymandering). We need to hold serve, and flip more blue seats by sending people like Alison Esposito, Tom Zmich and me to Congress. That starts with keeping the George Santos seat in the red column. Some people are understandably uncertain about Mazi Pilip. Well, we need to put aside the intramural fighting this year. Next year, we can get back to arguing about the future of our party after we save our country.

Overcome Cheating – The most shocking lesson from my 2022 run is that Democrat cheating is not just pervasive, it’s blatant. People can rightfully point to how Tom Sullivan had his victory taken away or the dirty voter rolls, but while good people combat those structural issues, we need to take our fight to the point of attack. By that, I mean we need hundreds of Republicans to step up and be poll workers or poll watchers. Democrats managed to win about 100% of the votes in nursing homes. They distribute materials for Democratic candidates inside polling places! They instruct immigrants and first-time voters that since they are registered as Democrats, they should fill in all the circles in Column A. They get away with it –brazenly– because no one is watching. YOU can stop them. Commit now to being a poll worker or poll watcher.

Turnout – Every election is about turnout, but in the post-COVID world –where the Democrat ballot harvesting machine works on steroids– the old rules of turnout do not apply. Republicans need to:

1) Get many of our most reliable Republicans to vote early. (Check out If our most loyal citizens put their votes “in the bank” in October, then candidates can focus GOTV on occasional Republican voters in the home stretch.

2) Start working NOW to educate and motivate citizens who usually stay on the sidelines in November. We all have friends and family members who say things like, “Why vote? It does not change anything.” Or “I only have one vote. I can’t make a difference.” We need to get those Americans in the game. It’s not going to happen by dropping off campaign material in the fall. It’s not going to happen because candidates like me (or even Donald Trump) give a great speech. It will happen because of YOU! Start educating your fellow citizens now so they do the right thing in November

This year, I will spend months deep inside the darkest blue areas of Southeast Queens, explaining to fellow citizens that Republicans are not their enemy, that their values are actually the same as our conservative values, and that they should give us a chance rather than supporting the same old, same old Democratic Party failures.

It is hard work, but I’m happy to do it – not because I want to be a congressman, but because we Republicans are going to save America. Please join me in that fight throughout 2024. If we all go all-in over the next 10 months then we will preserve the last best hope of man on earth. Our children and grandchildren will be forever grateful.

Who is Mazi Pilip?

By Laura Schmitt

Mazi Melesa Pilip

Mark your calendar for February 13, the date of the special election to fill the 3rd congressional district seat vacated by George Santos.  The GOP has chosen Mazi Pilip, the current Nassau County District 10 legislator, to run on the Republican line. This election has national consequences as the razor thin GOP majority lies in peril. Millions of dollars are pouring in from national sources to sway your vote.

Mazi has proven to be a tough campaigner.  She gave birth to her sixth and seventh children, twin daughters, weeks after winning her first election to become Nassau County District 10 Legislator in 2021. She handily won that election by a margin of 7 points! In 2023, she easily won re-election.

Videos of the January 4th Club Meeting

Senator Jack Martins installed our club board members and officers for 2024 at our January 4th club meeting. Amidst the decline of New York State, with too many residents fleeing, Senator Martins urged us to stay, to fight back, and speak out for our values and what will bring hope and a better way of life for the future generations of New Yorkers. We heard from some remarkable Republican candidates as well.

Thank you to James Doukas for videotaping the speakers!

Stop Andrew Cuomo from Running for NYC Mayor!

Please sign this petition today to STOP Cuomo once and for all; this time from harming NYC. To STOP Cuomo, share this petition with friends, family and neighbors. 

Voting Matters and Elections Have Consequences

By Phil Orenstein
President, Queens Village Republican Club

We have a Republican Atom Bomb sitting under our feet waiting to go off. The migrant crisis was to be the ignition to cause a chain reaction of outraged voters, expected to storm the poll sites to vote for a change in leadership to take action to stop the illegal alien invasion of NYC and our communities. Voters flooding the polls, living in Eastern Queens, were recently saddled with a migrant tent city on Creedmoor grounds, with over 1000 unvetted single male illegal migrants against the collective will of everyone. Voters who live in fear of increased crime, lawlessness, and destruction of our neighborhoods. Homeowners who see their property values declining. Taxpayers who are on the hook for $$ billions of dollars to provide free housing, food, school, healthcare, laundry service, and even free bus and subway fare for illegal migrants, while the city is enacting sweeping budget cuts, slashing police, trash pick-ups, education, library hours, and cuts to all city services. NYC is headed for a fiscal cliff because Mayor Adams took in 140,000 migrants and every voter is feeling the pain.

Videos: Oct 5th Club Meeting Save Our Failing Schools

Our October 5th club meeting focused on “How to take back our schools and restore merit and parental rights in education.” Professor Nicholas Giordano and Elena Chin both gave informative and eye-opening presentations on saving our failing schools and protecting our children. We also heard from local Republican candidates. Here are the videos of their presentations.

Community Leader with Common Sense and Common Values

By Bernard Chow

Hello everyone. My name is Bernard Chow, and I am running for New York City Council in District 23. I first arrived in the United States from Hong Kong, China to attend college, and since then I have stayed in New York City where I made it my home. I’ve been working in community outreach for more than 15 years. Because of my work, I am exposed to many diverse communities and the issues they each face.

I am concerned that the governance of New York has less and less to do with common sense. In Asian culture, balance is an important concept that is relevant towards many aspects of lives.  Unfortunately, my belief is that in New York, government lacks a healthy balance.  It favors criminals more than law abiding citizens.  Health policies favor profits more than healing.  Government is more concerned with allocating funding than with solving problems.  Government no longer values or supports people’s achievement, or the sacrifices and self-discipline associated with acquiring knowledge and skills, and with achieving financial independence.

Videos: Nov. 3rd Pre-Election Club Meeting

Congressman-Elect George Santos who flipped NY-3 Congressional Seat, long held by Democrats, rallied supporters at the Club’s Nov 3rd Pre-Election Victory Rally

Tony Nunziato, Queens GOP Chairman

Queens GOP Chairman, Tony Nunziato addressed the members of the Queens Village Republican Club on November 3, 2022. He discussed the Republican Party slate of 20 qualified candidates running for public office in Queens.

Danielle C. NY Citizens Audit

Danielle from NY Citizens Audit, presented an overview of the work of NY Citizens Audit fighting for the integrity of our elections in New York. Use the Citizens Election Integrity Report form to report any violations or election irregularities. Report at:

The Rise of the Mama Bears 

You’ve heard the expression “don’t mess with Mama Bear.” Mama Bear is endowed with the most powerful instinctive protective force in nature to protect her cubs. Today we are witnessing the rise of Mama Bears standing up in the political arena throughout America to protect their kids, families, and neighbors from the destructive power of Democrat run government with the ensuing rise of crime and inflation, open borders, woke indoctrination in our schools, lockdowns and vaccine mandates, censorship and trashing of our Constitutional rights.

Summoning a Red Storm

By Paul King
Republican candidate for Congress, 5th District

A while back, I was told 2022 is a Perfect Storm for Republicans. A combination of events will enable us to win in very blue New York City. That sounds great, but it is important to remember that this Storm is not made of rainbows and sunshine; it’s made of disasters.

Relentless waves of crime, violence, and lawlessness. Soaring prices for food, gas, school supplies, and rent. Failing schools with administrators who focus on indoctrination more than education. A tidal wave of migrants and human trafficking at the southern border. Political weaponization of justice departments in Albany and DC. It is hard to believe all this is happening in America in 2022.

Marilyn Miller: Running to Restore Law and Order

I am a former NYPD Officer and 9-11 First Responder Survivor. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in East New York, a mixed diverse community of all races. I attended and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in the top 10% of my class.  I was also on the cheerleaders squad and to this day have a passion for sports by playing tennis.  

I have always had a passion for law and justice and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  After the birth of my beautiful daughter Krystal, I took time off from school and worked in the U.S. District Court serving in Jury selection and Immigration.  I eventually took the police exam because I had a desire to serve and protect my community. I was sworn in as a NYPD Police Officer January 25th, 1982 and it was indeed a proud moment of accomplishment for me at the young age of 23. I was assigned after graduating from the Police Academy to patrol duties and specialized assignments. In the eighties I was assigned to Queens Narcotics South as an undercover cop to clean up South Jamaica of its drug infestation which led to violent crimes, low quality of life, and home value depreciation. 

Videos of Sept 1st Club Meeting: GOP CANDIDATES NIGHT!

The September 1st meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club was a combination GOP Candidates Night with a line up of America First Patriots bringing on the RED WAVE, and a victory party for Tina Forte, winning the Republican nomination for Congress, to run in District 14 against AOC. We were also treated to a special guest speaker, Josephine Aronson who presented an overview of the work of New York Citizens Audit to uncover the truth of the 2020 elections, who are calling for the decertification of the entire New York State 2020 General Election.

Tina Forte Republican Nominee for US Congress 14 District!!!

Tina Forte won the Republican Primary handily on August 23rd and is the Republican nominee in the 14th Congressional District! Congratulations Tina! The stage is set to square off against AOC in the General Election on November 8th. America is watching this race to proudly raise the Stars and Stripes in the northern section of Queens and the Bronx!

We are living in perilous times, but we can overcome. As Americans, we have fought world wars, beaten down despots, abolished slavery, and came together as one united America after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  America is the “Shining City on a Hill,” the beacon of hope to the world. When America is strong the world is stable. We are strong, we are united, and will be a stronger nation with Tina Forte representing us in Congress. She has a vision for America with fresh ideas. She is a freedom fighter who will restore safety, economic stability, and the American Dream for all of us. 

As a small business owner, wife, mother, and grandmother, Tina understands the issues facing New Yorkers. Growing up in the Throggs Neck area of the Bronx, she learned the value of hard work and love of country from her father, a Marine Corps veteran, and her mother, an entrepreneur. Tina learned that through perseverance and hard work, she could achieve the American Dream.

Tina has been on the front lines fighting for us as a proud America First patriot. She stood shoulder to shoulder with small business and restaurant owners who were struggling. She joined parents in pushing for schools to reopen for our kids. She backed the blue, and was a vocal opponent to defunding our police. She was even part of lawsuits against Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio to roll back the unconstitutional executive orders that have destroyed our businesses and the lives of our children for almost two years. Tina Forte has fought for us here in New York, and she will continue the fight in Washington to stop radical socialists from destroying the American Dream. Tina is a bold, caring, wonderful woman full of heart. “Forte” means strong and Tina is strong, outspoken, and fearless. She is our voice and with your help, she will be our voice in Washington DC. The whole country is watching this race. This is our fight!! It’s a national fight worthy of your time, your effort, your prayers, and your contributions.

Congratulations Tina Forte on your victory for the Republican Nomination for Congress NY-14!!

Tina Forte victory celebration at Fratelli’s in the Bronx
Tina Forte won the Republican nomination for US Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District on August 23rd and celebrated with family and supporters. The battle to save America and #FireAOC begins today! Join us!

Tina, Beat AOC For Us!

By Phil Orenstein

Tina Forte is a Bronx native, wife, mother, and small business owner running for Congress in New York’s 14th Congressional District in the Bronx and Queens, against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC is a hypocritical radical leftist politician who bashes capitalism while enjoying a lavish lifestyle, who slashes police budgets, while hiring private security for herself, who advocates for working men and women, yet killed the Amazon warehouse deal in her district losing 25,000 jobs.

You can go on ad nauseum about AOC, but this article is about Tina Forte and why we are hopeful that she will “beat AOC for us” as Dick Morris recently noted. First, a little background on her amazing story. March 2020 was the turning point for Tina, when she nearly died from COVID, after being denied her medical prescription for Hydroxychloroquine which Governor Cuomo had just banned in an executive order. 

Family Fun Day was a smash hit for kids and grownups alike!!!

Hula Hoop Contest

Compliments have been pouring in for the Family Fun Day BBQ on Sunday July 31st presented by the Queens County Republican Patriots. It was a beautiful summer day, we had a great turnout, and the kids had an absolute blast as did their parents! There was tons of food and snacks, and fun and games, including an incredible magic show, puppet shows, the Game Truck, Glen Oaks Ambulance Corps CPR demos, FDNY, NYPD and DSNY activities, Face Painting, Tattoos, Storytime and much more. There were giveaways and prizes, plus speeches from our Republican candidates and patriotic music by Lawrence Block and the Zuckary Bo Band.

Joe Pinion for US Senate
Tina Forte for Congress

A few of the accolades we received:  

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful party that was thrown yesterday. My family enjoyed it greatly. Everything ran smoothly and you could see the enjoyment on everyone’s faces. Please continue to have celebrations like these in the future.”

“Congratulations to you for an outstanding, fun-filled family-oriented event.  It was so well-organized and enjoyable.  You must have put in a lot of time and hard work to bring it off.  It exceeded my expectations. I hope you can continue to do this for years to come.”

“Wanted to thank you for yesterday! The kids and I had a great time. Your team was wonderful. Met a lot of new people. It was a great success!!”

We too would like to thank everyone for joining us and participating in this awesome event!  Thank you to our amazing creative event committee members who worked so hard to put this all together. Above all, we want to thank our sponsors (see below) who’s generous support made it all possible!

If you enjoyed the event and want to see more events like it, we need your support as well. Please follow the link and instructions on our website to make a contribution, any amount:  

Thank you so much for your support and thank you to our Family Fun Day sponsors. Also, thanks goes to our videographer, James Doukas, who recorded the speeches.

We also want to invite you to join us every Sunday at 6:30pm, to the same location as Family Fun Day, Alley Pond Park playground, 79-20 Winchester Blvd. Come to our weekly “Seminar in the Park” presented by the Queens County Republican Patriots.  If you want to get more involved and bring positive change to your community, and you love our country, join us Sundays at 6:30pm. 

Please support our sponsors: Subway Shops: @ Bellerose Commons, The Shops at Atlas Mall, Clear North Plaza, DeZant Signs, NY Life, Compass Realty (Jessica Moves You), Prestigious Gaming on Wheels Plus, ABCD Indian Bistro, A & A Wholesale Beverages, Embrace Mortgage Company, Stephen Sirgiovanni – Stella Doro, Zuckary Bo Band, Gospel Light Baptist Church, James Doukas Videography.

It was so great to have you join us!!
Family Fun Day BBQ Committee
Queens County Republican Patriots

Prestigious Gaming on Wheels Plus Game Truck
Vinnie the Magician
Puppet Show by Ruben Cruz: Jack and the Beanstalk

Videos of 2000 Mules Movie Night Club Meeting

Our June 2nd Club Meeting was the Movie Night viewing of 2000 Mules, a documentary film created by Dinesh D’Souza, that exposes widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome, with a special introduction and open discussion after the viewing led by Professor Nicholas Giordano. We heard from a couple of Republican candidates as well. Here are the videos of this incredible night. You can watch 2000 Mules or buy the DVD at

2000 Mules Movie Night intro by Prof Giordano

2000 Mules Movie Night discussion with Prof Giordano

Pura DeJesus-Coniglio, Republican for congress vs AOC

Tom Zmich: Republican for Congress, District 6

Bill Kregler: Republican for State Senate

What is the Republican County Committee and Why Should I Care?

by Eileen Korby 
Candidate for Republican County Committee (AD 25/ED 17)

It’s Election Day in November and you go to the polls to vote. You tick off your choices for the major Republican candidates you want (President, or Governor, or Mayor), then you continue down the column and you see something disturbing. In the election for local judges, there are only Democrat candidates, and they are running unopposed. I am sure that this has aggravated every one of us. But why does it happen? How do those judicial candidates get on the ballot anyway?

The short answer (to a complicated question) is that the County Committee plays a big part in getting candidates for judgeships on the ballot. Every county in New York State has both a Democrat and Republican County Committee. Those who serve on the County Committees are unpaid, elected volunteers. It might surprise you to learn that, in Queens, there are currently over 2,800 empty seats on the Republican County Committee. Perhaps that is part of the explanation for Republicans being underrepresented on the ballot for local elections.

But take heart! Things are changing in Queens. The Queens County Republican Patriots, a non-profit organization, is helping dedicated Republican citizens to fill those empty seats. A number of people, my father and I among them, will be on the Primary ballot on June 28th for the Republican County Committee.

Why are we doing it? Because we can’t stand watching our city devolve into the lawless nightmare it has become any longer. We want to see judges on the ballot who have our safety as their primary objective.

That’s not the only thing Republican County Committee members do. The committee elects party leadership and votes on party policies for the county. On occasion, the County Committee chooses candidates for special elections. This occurs if a state official dies or resigns during his/her term in office. The importance of this cannot be understated. According to a 2017 report by Citizens Union, 33% of the New York State Assembly, and 19% of the New York Senate were chosen in a special election. Many, if not most, of those legislators then go on to win those seats in the general election.

I want to leave you with two thoughts:

First, it is extremely important not to sit out the Republican Primary and wait for November. The Republican County Committee seats are only filled in the Primary election. We need to build the Republican Party in Queens, and we need to build it with people who are true Republicans, dedicated to the conservative values that will save our city, and our country.

Second, I would like to plant a seed in your mind that YOU might like to serve on the Republican County Committee yourself. Don’t just shake your head in anger at the destruction you see. Get involved. Build and strengthen the Republican Party in Queens. The deadline may have passed for this June’s ballot, but there is next year. I will write again, in another issue of the Queens County Beacon, explaining the process. It isn’t hard, so please let that seed take root. In the meantime, you can check out and start coming to meetings.

Lastly, I want to ask you to vote on Tuesday, June 28th, in the Primary. And if you live between 188th Street and 199th Street, and between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike, please vote for my father and me: Sol Korby and Eileen Korby. Thank you.

Sol Korby is a veteran who proudly served our country.
Eileen Korby is a retired NYC public school teacher.

Videos of May 5th Club Meeting: Stop Supreme Court Packing, Oust AOC

The May 5th Club Meeting featured Republican candidates and speakers that are transforming the USA and bringing on the Great Red Wave for the 2022 elections! Here are the videos of their stunning presentations.

Repelling the Assault on Our American Dreams

by Paul King, Candidate for Congress

America is a land of heroes. Not superheroes with capes, but everyday heroes who build better lives for their families through education, faith, community, and hard work.  They are the living testament to the American Dream. That Dream will become extinct if progressives/socialists continue to have their way.

Throughout my life, I’ve been schooled in the American Dream – one of the great American traditions. My maternal grandfather arrived from Italy as a 10-year-old, was placed in an orphanage, and yet eventually started his own business and bought his own home. My father grew up on Relief during the Depression. After decades of hard work, he moved his family to Rockaway where he bought his own home, sent his three children to college, and became a civic leader. Most of my friends’ parents were working-class or blue-collar people working hard to pursue their American Dream.  They were our heroes.

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