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Tired of the policies destroying the fabric of our country? Vote Republican!

On January 6, 2021 President Trump spoke to 100,000 supporters in Washington DC as the U.S. Congress convened to certify the 2020 presidential election results. He asked them  to “peacefully” and “patriotically” march to the Capitol to “make our voices heard” to give “the weak Republicans the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country.”  Although days before, he offered 10,000 federal National Guard troops to guard the Capitol, his offer was rejected by Speaker Pelosi and the Capitol Police. Before his speech was finished a small segment of the crowd broke off, headed down and breached the Capitol, while many entered unhindered by the undermanned Capitol Police.

The Fallen Soldier

The Fallen Soldier

Others have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could be free. Remember them—today, and always. A moving tribute, written and narrated by former Navy SEAL and author Jocko Willink.

Soft on Crime, Hard on Trump

By Elena Chin

While the number of murders and shootings in New York City has dropped, the number of robberies, burglaries, and other serious crimes has risen by 22% according to sources such as the New York Post and The New York Times.  Despite these statistics, instead of dedicating himself to keeping the streets of New York safe, Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has chosen to squander our tax dollars and weaponize the criminal justice system against former President Trump, to fulfill a campaign promise and increase his chances of getting re-elected.

Videos of May 4th Club Meeting Speakers: Local Control, Not Hochul Control

The Queens Village Republican Club Meeting on May 4th focused on how we can fight back and take back control of our communities! The guest speakers are prominent community leaders who discussed the impact the Creedmoor land redevelopment project and Local Law 97 is having on our communities. Here are the videos of 2 of the three speakers who presented.

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