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Putting New York Back on Track

Queens Village Eagle, January 2021, Cover Story by Alex Amoroso

Eight long years of ineffective and pathetic leadership are finally coming to a close. Most New Yorkers can agree that the de Blasio administration has been a disaster for New York City. While de Blasio was elected to work for the advancement of the people of New York, he worked for nobody but himself. Instead of working for New Yorkers he engaged in petty squabbles with other politicians. Instead of working to remedy New York’s floundering public school system, he promoted overtly racist policies that deepened the racial divisions in our country. He proudly spat on New York’s finest and presided over the sharpest increase in crime in decades. He allowed the homeless and needy to aimlessly wander the streets. He oversaw the decimation of New York’s economy and the flight of thousands from our city. It is safe to say de Blasio, his acolytes in the city council, and his financial enablers have run this city into the ground after decades of painstakingly trying to bring it back to life. 

New York was not in a good place after the 2008 recession. In eight years de Blasio accelerated trends that Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Bloomberg spent twenty years trying to avoid. People are fleeing New York in droves. Everyday New York City loses a net average of 300 people, and the reasons for this flight from New York are evident. Our schools are failing, one in every four students fail to graduate high school on time. Barely 60% of our children are proficient in English and mathematics. Instead of allocating the necessary resources such as updated textbooks, school supplies, technology, critical school renovations and increased staff numbers, de Blasio and his goon Chancellor Carranza try to implement forms of neo-segregationist and racially discriminatory policies targeting White and Asian students with laser beam precision. Instead of trying to uplift struggling students from impoverished backgrounds, the mayor chooses to bring down students who are not. 

Currently there is an exploding homeless population. Over 50,000 New Yorkers are homeless, many of them children. Many go not knowing when their next meal will be. Many are facing substance abuse or have mental health issues that are going untreated. While shelters, charities, and nonprofits desperately need funding, de Blasio sees it more fit to disperse people, many struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues, in hotels across residential neighborhoods praying that the problem will magically disappear. Instead of providing substantive solutions such as rent controls, rezoning, the deregulation of the construction industry to remedy New York’s chronic housing shortage, de Blasio and the Democrats at large run and hide from our problems or engage in a propaganda war hoping we will not realize.

For decades New York City struggled with crime. At one point New York City was one of the most dangerous cities in North America. Just when New York was finally getting its crime pandemic under control de Blasio came in and unravelled a half century of work in months. Instead of encouraging our men and women in uniform he used his microphone as mayor to spew hatred and venom at police. His words gave terrorist the green light to attack and murder those who are sworn to protect us. Infamously in 2017 as one of New York’s finest, Officer Miosotis Familia lay dying in St. Barnabas Hospital, de Blasio thought it was more important to be in Germany rioting with his fellow anarchist, socialist and communist. In 2020 as these same radicals pillaged their way through New York and the rest of the country, destroying everything in their wake he did not denounce them for looting, assault and the spread of coronavirus, he openly gave them his blessing. 

 The failure of de Blasio’s economic agenda has destroyed New York’s already stumbling economy. His model of discouraging business, lack of infrastructure investment, tax and spend, spend more than you have, and spend on programs and projects the city does not need has been a disaster. When people fleeing New York City are asked why they are fleeing, the number one reason is the high taxes. It is one thing to tax at high rates in exchange for meaningful social programs and tangible results, but we do not get that, instead our money disappears. These high taxes are causing the rich to leave the city and even the state. 50% of New York City’s taxes come from 1% of New York’s population. This flight of the upper and middle class has not only caused the inflation of New York’s deficit, it increases the tax burden on everyday New Yorkers who are already strapped for cash. 

New York is better than this. New York can do better. It is time for New York to turn a new leaf. Many say New York is dead, however I would strongly disagree. Being the eternal optimist that I am, New York is not dead. New York is the greatest city in the world. The capital of the world cannot die. If New Yorkers band together and work to elect principled leaders with real ideas, real solutions and who want to work for we the people, New York will be able to find herself back on track. 

Alex Amoroso is a Young Republican currently attending Queens High School for Language Studies, a Catechism Teacher at Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, and member of the Queens Village Republican Club. Alex is planning to run as a Republican candidate for New York City Council in District #23. He can be reached at


by  Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,  Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911

Editor’s Note: this was written over a month ago, but is still as much of a heartwarming read right before Christmas Eve. A very Merry Christmas to all our members, readers, friends and families!

Christmas is next month, and there is much for many of us to think about, and that is gifts to buy and the cards that need to be sent out and the many decorations that need to be hanged around our homes. But for myself it is a time to reflect about the troubles in the world and our nation. Like our nation at war, terrorists seeking to harm innocents people, not to mention the great loss of lives due to the COVID-19 virus that has taken over 200,000 lives in our country alone and thousands more world-wide.

I also think of racial unrest. The message of the season is,’ peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.” Yet where is it ? This is when many of us reflect on the gentler times in our past. My memories take me back to 1957, it was the Cold World, but at eight years old I didn’t care nor much understand those things.

I was living in a corner house in Queens Village with my mother and father and two elderly boarders my mother would care for. We didn’t have much money but always had a good Christmas – full of love and sharing and plenty of music, which my mother said, “was tonic for the soul.”

A few evenings before Christmas my father and I set out to buy our Christmas tree, but my father’s car would not start. It was a cold, crisp and snow was falling on the ground. My father had a idea so my mother wouldn’t be disappointed: We took my  sled to a place where they sold Christmas trees on Francis Lewis Boulevard which was about a half a mile away. And with the snow on the ground this adventure was a done deal. When we got there, my father picked out a beautiful six-footer, we tied it on top of my sled and took it home to our house on 213th Street. We proceeded to sing Christmas carols all the way home. Back at home my mother had a special place in front of the fireplace for the tree. Our job was done once it was settled in the stand, then my mother took over, decorating it with love and devotion to every detail.

Kindness and love seemed to bounce from house to house in those days, and neighbors greeted one another with a,” Merry Christmas,” as carolers sang from house to house. Churches were beaming with worshipers. I myself sang in the choir. Christmas meant a lot back than, and I can’t help but wonder if that kind of Christmas will ever return. The picture perfect Christmases of our memories may have been laced with imperfections, but I still think that they were better than the frenzied days we have now. I can’t help but hope and pray that America returns to family values, and to live out the true meaning of Christmas which is peace, kindness and goodwill to all we meet. May God bless you all and God bless America.

Sincerely Yours,
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Bellerose, N.Y.

Keep the faith, stay strong and never lose hope!

President’s Message Jan 2021 by Phil Orenstein

I hope all our club members, families and friends are enjoying a cheerful Chanukah and Christmas holiday season. We have a lot to celebrate! We wish everyone a most happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year as we enter 2021, and leave 2020 in the dust.

As we put the lid on the old, and kick off the New Year, it’s important to reaffirm the mission and principles of America’s oldest Republican club. Simply put, it is to uphold and spread the principles of the Republican Party and elect strong Republicans who uphold these principles, which we consistently list at the beginning of every club meeting.

We affirm our total support for our Police and Firefighters, and for our great President Donald Trump and his America First agenda. We believe President Trump won re-election by a landslide of legal votes and we won’t give up until the massive voter fraud is exposed and overturned. The election is still far from over, and we will keep up the fight until we see President Trump inaugurated on January 20 for four more years of American greatness!

2020 has been a good year for us as a club, despite the outbreak of the virus, tyrannical lockdowns, restaurants closing, crime and chaos, rioting mobs and destruction, and people flooding the exits to leave our once great City of New York. Through it all, we’ve been out in public sharing folks’ worries and frustrations, and encouraging fellow patriots that the Republican Party is alive and well in Queens!

Recalling the opening months of 2020, as the pandemic suddenly hit us with a vengeance, we held a virtual Lincoln Dinner for the first time ever. Every year we put together a gala Lincoln Dinner at Antun’s with hundreds in attendance. Together with nationally renowned speakers, local heroes, and honorees, we celebrate Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president and founder of our Party in a great display of patriotism and unity. This year our keynote speaker was to be Steve Bannon and guest speaker, the British freedom fighter, Katie Hopkins.

However due to the pandemic, one week before the event in March, Antun’s was ordered to shut down and there would be no dinner party. But our Ways and Means committee came together immediately and rapidly switched gears and organized the great event on Zoom.

It was an amazing success story, setting the example of triumph over adversity. It’s significant that some beautiful personal success stories emerged. After being fittingly honored and recognized, our Businessman of the Year, Mike Amvros, owner of the famous Oasis Café in Bayside, was deeply encouraged to forge ahead and overcome his setback of a debilitating illness and business shut down. He determined to fight back and emerged thriving financially and enjoyed extraordinary success in the later half of the year.

Also noteworthy, was our World War II Veteran of the Year honoree, Sgt. Philip Kahn, who had turned 100 prior to his appearance at the virtual event where he proudly spoke about how honored he was to be able to serve the U.S.A. in the Pacific Theater as a co-pilot on Iwo Jima, alongside so many of the most courageous Americans who have ever lived. Shortly after the gala event, he passed away due to the virus, and its significance strangely enough, bookended a century since his twin brother died from the Spanish Flu in 1920. View the entire video of the extraordinary virtual event on our website, including our incredible honorees, Dawn Eskew, recipient of the Sanctity of Life Award, Religious Freedom honoree, Rabbi Menashe Bovit, and the inimitable Gavin Wax, Young Republican of the Year, and others.

We kept making headway through the brutal winter and spring months of the pandemic. We held topical monthly Zoom club meetings with great speakers, such as Gordon Chang illuminating the threat of China, Curtis Sliwa founder of the Guardian Angels, now running for mayor, and many more.

We also had a session with Congresswoman-elect Nicole Malliotakis, on her road to victory. At her request, we brought a team down to Bay Ridge Brooklyn for a Day of Action and knocked on doors of all voters, to Get Out the Vote. She has just created the “Freedom Force” in the House to fight against AOC, the Squad, and Socialism, and will be giving us an update at our January 7th meeting.

On to the summer, after months in isolation, it was great to see everyone at our club’s electrifying dinner meeting at the Triple Crown Diner tent, with local Republican candidates and Bevelyn Beatty, a courageous young patriot who spread paint across the BLM mural on 5th Ave. We held an outdoor backyard meeting to “Salute our Police,” with our member, Lawrence Block and his Zuckery Bo Band, performing “It’s Just a Matter of Time,” blasting the lockdown and oppressive government overreach. All our Lincoln Dinner honorees were there as well to receive their awards in person.

We participated in “Support our Local Police” rallies, car caravans, the “Save Teddy” protest, and we even went to campaign for President Trump in the battleground state of PA with Diane Atkins, co-chair of the Mighty American Strike Force for New York.

We answered the tyrannical authorities and the anarchist mobs, with incisive press releases, targeted calling campaigns, talk radio and TV appearances, and articles which were published nationally on such topics as the unconstitutional lockdown and contract tracing fiasco, standing up for our police, and standing against the “defund the police” insanity, urging the exodus of Jewish voters from the Party of socialism and anti-Semitism, blasting the mob attacks on our private property rights, and many others.

Due to the pandemic, we missed our annual Historic Bus Tour, nor could we participate in local parades, but we have exciting events lined up for 2021 and expect the best to come. Please join our club if you’re not already a member. Please donate to support our work to make Queens Republican again! Through our efforts we will build and galvanize our fellow Republicans. Most of all keep the faith, stay strong and never lose hope. We will prevail!

National Election Fraud: Evidence of National Chicanery During America’s 2020 Presidential Election

Written By Sam Jacobs — November 19, 2020. Published upon the request and permission of

Editors Note: “Libertas Bella” or simply “beautiful liberty” caters to America’s lovers of Liberty. Standing for the “sanctity of the vote as a bedrock of a functioning representative democracy,” they have written an article on their website to challenge the rampant misinformation with factual information backing up their claims with actual facts and proven statistics. Herein is part of the article. Please read full article and return for important updates.

Regardless of where one falls politically, the sanctity of the vote is a bedrock of a functioning representative democracy. Voters have to believe their vote matters. And that the vote is free, fair, and accurate. 

The basic facts of the 2020 American Presidential election are concerning because mounting evidence indicates there’s been a concerted effort by state Democratic Parties to flip the election from President Donald Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden in a number of key swing states with the help of notoriously corrupt Democratic Party machines in at least five American cities — Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and Atlanta.

Here are the basic facts of the case: On Election Night when America went to bed, President Trump had a commanding lead in virtually every swing state, as well as Virginia, which no one expected him to win. However, when America woke up the next day, we found that he’d lost these leads, largely on the basis of mail-in ballots found in the middle of the night and out from under the watchful eye of legal election monitors. 

What’s more, these massive caches of votes – almost all of which were for former Vice President Biden – came via large dumps primarily from the five aforementioned cities in states predominantly run by Democratic governors.

When one looks at the statistical likelihood of the reported turnout, the numbers are so improbable they’re more at home in a one-party state like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or North Korea.

What’s more, Biden’s victory does not square with the results of the Republican Party nationally: Republicans won 28 of 29 competitive House seats and Democrats were unable to flip a single state legislature. Joe Biden secured a scant three of the so-called “Bellwether Districts” that almost always choose the winner, one of which was in Delaware. Judicial Watch found 353 counties in 29 different states who had higher than 100 percent turnout

Anecdotally, swing states tend to follow Florida in terms of swinging left or right. This is particularly true in Michigan, which has voted in lockstep with Florida since 1968. Nearly three dozen states had counting machines connected to the Internet during the election, which is inherently insecure. Joe Biden’s lead among mail-in ballots was massive in two states — Michigan and Pennsylvania — while it was in the single digits in most states.

Evidence of chicanery, irregularities, and outright manipulation have poured in from a variety of states — PennsylvaniaMichiganGeorgiaWisconsinNorth CarolinaTexasNew JerseyNevada, and Arizona. This evidence could easily be dismissed as simply weird if one is being generous or naive.

While much of this took place at the state level, there are also irregularities that are occurring across state lines and these are worthy of consideration. It’s not evidence per se, but there was a massive spike in the number of Google searches for “election fraud punishment” in swing states in the 30 days leading up to the election

Below we explore the details and the data of what happened across the nation on Election Day, with flagrant and often sloppy irregularities occurring from coast to coast. Elsewhere we explore similar efforts in the key swing states of PennsylvaniaWisconsinMichigan, and Georgia

All of the posts in this series will be updated as more credible information is uncovered. 

The General Landscape of American Election Fraud

The media is trying to weave a narrative with ever-shifting goalposts. They began by saying that not only did voter fraud not happen, but that it’s impossible. Now, they have shifted their story to saying that there is always minor fraud, but that it never really matters much. 

The Heritage Foundation has identified 1,200 elections where voter fraud made the difference in recent decades, long after the era of Jim Crow when election theft was de rigueur. Of these, fully 15 were thrown out specifically because of cheating by mail-in ballot

Mail-in ballots are largely banned in Europe, where voter ID requirements are likewise the normFlorida has been recognized specifically as an offender.

Another narrative in the controlled media is that illegal aliens and other non-citizens don’t vote. This is patently untrue. In fact, they vote at alarmingly high rates. A 2019 study found that approximately 2.2 percent of respondents admitted to voting illegally, which implies a little under a million ballots cast by non-citizens every year

The counterargument is that respondents are either lying or misunderstood the question, but this is simply not true — those who conducted the study verified their votes.

So we can see that electoral fraud is not only possible, it is common. It is not negligible, it has determined elections in living memory. With this as our backdrop, we will now investigate voter irregularities throughout the nation during the 2020 Presidential election. 

What Constitutes Evidence of Electoral Fraud?

Before going further, it is worth discussing what constitutes evidence for electoral fraud. Well, the Carter Center has a set of standards that they use to determine whether or not there has been electoral fraud somewhere. 

These are the standards used by globalists to determine whether or not elections they disapprove of have been conducted fraudulently. Several of them are present in the contested states:

  • Counting procedures should be verifiable.
  • Votes should be presented for independent review.
  • Elections should be subject to recounts.

Additionally, the Carter Center states that it is the right of dissidents to challenge and question the results of an election that they believe to be fraudulent. Harassing dissidents is considered evidence of chicanery in and of itself. 

“Effective redress” is the term they use and it is considered by the Carter Center to be vital for establishing an election as legitimate. The resistance of the Democratic Party to recounts and audits should be a red flag in and of itself.

There are also mathematical anomalies that are worth looking into because, regardless of turnout and outcome, elections will follow certain patterns. One of these is that, because of mail sorting, mail-in ballots will consistently show the same ratio of support for each candidate. We did not see that, however — there is a significant spike in support for Biden and fall off in support for President Trump as Election Night dragged on. 

Indeed, in Wisconsin, this anomaly became massive around 4 a.m., the same time that the massive ballot drops without supervision began. The same phenomenon occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, all four of these states with copious amounts of electoral chicanery and irregularity. Virginia was another state with similar mathematical irregularities.

Benford’s Law is another area where we see mathematical irregularities. Put simply: When we have large datasets of numbers, there is a pattern we can find with regard to the final and penultimate digit of each number in this data set. 

Benford’s Law analysis is one of the first things run by forensic accountants looking for financial malfeasance or tax cheating. 

Many of the electoral tallies in disputed states violate Benford’s Law — but only for Joe Biden, whose distribution more closely resembles the curve when people type “random” numbers in. President Trump, Jo Jorgensen, Howie Hawkins, and Kanye West’s numbers do not violate this law, but former Vice President Biden’s do in disputed areas. 

The Wikipedia article about Benford’s Law was altered and locked after several enterprising Twitter users began investigating this strand of the 2020 election theft. 

The Glitch From Coast to Coast

One recurring theme throughout the 2020 election is the glitch. There have been a number of glitches, many detailed in our series on irregularities in different states. This, in and of itself might not be cause for concern — however, in every case, these so-called “software glitches” favor former Vice President Biden at the expense of President Donald Trump. 

Again, we have detailed these in our state series article, but we will mention some here just to give you a general idea of what has been going on with these “glitches.” 

One in Michigan sent 6,000 votes to Biden that were meant for Donald Trump. Another in Wisconsin, robbed Donald Trump of 19,500 votes. Another similar glitch in Georgia saw an unspecified number of votes go to Biden that were, once again, meant for the President. 

There appears to be a pattern here. Were these all bona fide mistakes, we would likely find votes that were meant to go for Joe Biden going to Donald Trump before the situation was corrected. But we are unaware of any such error in favor of the President. 

The common denominator? The voting software used to calculate the vote made by a company with deep connections to the DNC. Read the rest.

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