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Video: What’s happening to America’s schools and what we can do about it

Queens Village Republican Club Zoom Meeting. Panel of speakers addressing the indoctrination of our children from Elementary School to College and how we can rebuild America’s Public Education System

Video: Small Business Symposium – The Fight for Freedom Continues

The Queens Village Republican Club’s monthly General Club Meeting on February 4th focused on our small businesses and restaurants, the relationship of citizens to government, which should be protector of our rights and privileges, and how State Legislators have made Governor Cuomo “king” who has excercised his absolute powers to pick winners and losers and crush the backbone of small businesses. Here is the video of the entire meeting, including experiences by Mickey King, president of Antun’s of Queens Village, and Duke Quan, owner of BIA Restaurant in New Hyde Park.

“The essence of a free and democratic society is based on checks and balances on power. Queens County is one of New York State’s 62 counties. Queens suffers from absolute control by one political party.  There are no checks on power and Queens legislators at the city and state level cower at King Cuomo’s exalted powers.  At the end of this political gamesmanship rests the fate of the New York City small business community.  After thousands of small businesses shutter their doors, the autopsy will reveal the true cause of death to put on the toe tag of each dream which was known as a small business. In varying degrees, many counties across the state have suffered the same fate.”
The Politics of the Pandemic: Crushing the Backbone of Americas Small Businesses

Videos: QVGOP Annual Christmas/Chanukah Dinner Party

We celebrated the joy of the holiday season with our annual Christmas/Chanukah Party at Nancy’s Restaurant in person! Joining us were a few Republican candidates, Scherie Murray, Giovanni Perna and Ragini Shrivastava who ran courageous campaigns in local districts. Our featured guest speakers, Diane Atkins and Rev. Daniel Ulysse gave us encouraging guidance and inpired us to realize we have a lot to celebrate!

Rev. Daniel Ulysse

Daniel Ulysse, guest speaker at Queens Village Republican Club’s Christmas/Chanukah Dinner Party on Dec 3, 2020, is an ordained Baptist minister, Chairman of Caribbean American Republican Assembly, President, Haitian American Republican Assembly, and Organizer for Black Voices for Trump.

Diane Atkins

Diane Atkins was guest speaker at the December 3rd Christmas/Chanukah Dinner Party of the Queens Village Republican Club. Diane is NYS Co-Chair of the Mighty American Strike Force (MASF), Campaign Manager for Cathy Bernstein for Congress and proud NYC Republican activist.

Steve Bannon

Videos: Steve Bannon, Bevelyn Beatty at Sept 3rd Dinner Meeting

It was a rainy evening on September 3rd but more than 80 guests attended the Dinner Meeting under the Triple Crown Diner Tent in Bellerose filling the venue to capacity. The event featured Steve Bannon video conferenced in live from the War Room Pandemic, and other exciting speakers in person. Enthusiasm was evident as chanting spontaneously broke out—“USA, USA” and “Four More Years” repeatedly. Here are the videos of this energizing event.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon spoke at Queens Village Republican Club Dinner Meeting Sept. 3, 2020, live from the War Room Pandemic via video conferencing. In a 45 min interview with Q & A he explained that this is our toughest fight and the most important election in history. The Democrats are poised to steal the election through all sorts of nefarious tactics, and we must “Flood the Zone” and win on Nov. 3, and then hold the victory until the Inauguration.

Bevelyn Beatty

Bevelyn Beatty was guest speaker at Sept 3, 2020 Dinner Meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club. Bevelyn is an Evangelist and co-founder of At The Well Ministries. In a Facebook video that went viral, Bevelyn spread paint across the BLM mural on 5th Ave. outside Trump Tower and became a national patriotic super-star.

Diane Atkins

Diane Atkins is a great Republican activist and patriot from Brooklyn, NY. She’s working with the Mighty American Strike Force, the driving force behind the victory for President Trump in battleground states in 2016, and we calling for volunteers to do it again in 2020!

Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin, former Port Washington Police Commissioner, is running for State Senate in a very competitive race against Democrat Anna Kaplan. This is a close race and a great opportunity to flip a State Senate seat to Republican.

Giovanni Perna

Giovanni Perna is the Republican candidate running for State Assembly in the Glendale Ridgewood area of Queens.

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