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Video: Paul Graziano’s Presentation on the City of Yes

The April 4th meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club featured Land Use and Zoning Expert, Paul Graziano who presented a comprehensive analysis of the “City of Yes,” the citywide zoning proposal by Mayor Adams. This insidious proposal could subject our residential communities to massive overdevelopment and commercial expansion. The “City of Yes” threatens to destroy single-family and two-family zoning and transform our peaceful residential communities into busy commercial zones, escalating noise, traffic, crime, and congestion. This proposal is not about affordable housing. It will destroy residential communities and put an end to private property ownership. We must say NO to the City of Yes!

Thank you to Michael Ferrara and James Doukas our videographers!

Featured Presentation on the “City of Yes” by Paul Graziano

Videos of the March 7th Club Meeting

The March 7, 2024 meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club in the Banquet Hall of the celebrated Marbella restaurant, hosted a jam packed program of fascinating speakers and Republican candidates. Each one of the speakers made a request to do something, to help them petition for signatures for ballot access, to get involved in their patriotic cause, to save our city and our country. The word is action – don’t be a spectator, be a gladiator!  

Thank you to James Doukas for videotaping the speakers!

Cara Castronuova running for US Senate in NYS against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Cara Castronuova is a former Republican candidate for State Assembly, freedom fighter, founder of Citizens against Political Persecution, investigative journalist, and two time Golden Gloves boxing champion. Last year, she was the Republican Woman of the Year at our Lincoln Dinner. She is a fighter, and this year, she will win the title of US Senator of New York!

Yiatin Chu for State Senate in District 11 vs. Sen. Toby Stavisky

Yiatin Chu is a New York City public-school parent turned education activist, president of Asian Wave Alliance and cofounder of PLACE NYC, the premier organization fighting for merit in our school system. Many Asian voters have shifted to voting for Republicans and Yiatin is largely responsible for that demographic change by educating Asian voters.

Dwayne Moore Republican Candidate for State Assembly in District 29

We welcome back Dwayne for a full presentation on his race for State Assembly, his vision and plan. Dwayne Moore is the Republican candidate for State Assembly, in District 29. With experience as a 9th-grade English teacher, college counselor, professional actor, model, and music artist, this talented and capable leader aims to do nothing less than contribute to making America great again for everyone. America needs Moore!

Vote NO on the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

Greg Garvey, Campaign Manager for The Coalition to Protect Kids-NY, is working to fight the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) or the Parent Replacement Act as it should be called, which is on the ballot in New York in November. Greg explains the hidden dangers which will obliterate parental rights and says to vote NO on the ERA ballot proposal.

Maria Lynn speaks about Tactical Civics and Switch 2 USA

Maria Lynn is CEO and Sr. Director at the Patriot Wellness Company, speaking about Tactical Civics and Switch 2 USA at the March 7th QVRC Club meeting. Tactical Civics is a responsible new way of life, with a plan to take back America. Switch 2 USA helps Americans break up with mega-corporations, that own the vast majority of consumer brands, and move their shopping to an American Made, Family Owned Manufacturer.

Stephanie Lucia Introduces us to Project Civica

Project Civica is inspiring people to run for office, hold voter registration drives, carry petitions for our candidates, and more. Principally, each of our individual efforts combined will yield a thriving nation firmly established in liberty for future generations.

149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner Videos

The 149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner, on March 3, 2024 at Antun’s of Queens Village, was a spectacular patriotic gala with the theme “Make America Great Again in 2024.” We’ll see you all at our milestone 150th next year! Here are the videos of the outstanding speakers and honorees from beginning to the end of the dinner program.

Thank you to James Doukas our Lincoln Dinner videographer!

Videos of the Feb. 1st Club Meeting

“…we learned about some positive forces spearheading the change in America today.”

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