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The 5 Myths of City of Yes for Housing

Refuting the rosy picture painted by those who would sacrifice my neighborhood for more, and more expensive “housing units”

By Roseann Henry

The planning documents for City of Yes for Housing present a rosy picture in which thousands of affordable new homes flood the market, eliminating the housing shortage and reducing costs, with no drastic changes to any of our neighborhoods. That picture is not accurate at all, and the rampant disinformation needs to be refuted before this ill-conceived proposal comes to a vote. If passed, the City of Yes for Housing will permanently destroy many neighborhoods – especially, but not limited to, historic neighborhoods in Eastern Queens.

Video: Paul Graziano’s Presentation on the City of Yes

The April 4th meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club featured Land Use and Zoning Expert, Paul Graziano who presented a comprehensive analysis of the “City of Yes,” the citywide zoning proposal by Mayor Adams. This insidious proposal could subject our residential communities to massive overdevelopment and commercial expansion. The “City of Yes” threatens to destroy single-family and two-family zoning and transform our peaceful residential communities into busy commercial zones, escalating noise, traffic, crime, and congestion. This proposal is not about affordable housing. It will destroy residential communities and put an end to private property ownership. We must say NO to the City of Yes!

Thank you to Michael Ferrara and James Doukas our videographers!

Featured Presentation on the “City of Yes” by Paul Graziano

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