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Queens County Early Voting Information

This is the most important election of our lifetime. There is so much at stake in this election and we urge you to VOTE IN PERSON on Election Day, or VOTE EARLY in person to avoid the rush on Election Day.

Vote for President Trump and ALL our Queens County Republican candidates!  
Vote Republican straight down the line!

In Person Early Voting takes place from Oct. 24 through Nov. 1
Click here to find your early voting poll site and times 

On Election Day (Nov. 3rd), polls will be open from 6:00AM through 9:00PM
Click here to find your Election Day poll site 

To find your Early Voting Poll Site, your Election Day Poll Site, view your sample ballot and so much more, click the button below:

Please share this information with everyone on your list to make sure their vote counts!!!

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa says NY becoming ‘City of Fear’

By Tate Delloye as published at October 16, 2020. Re-posted with permission of Curtis Sliwa. Read full story here.

Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels has formed a new unit comprised of 70 volunteers to patrol the Upper West Side of New York City amid growing concerns over hundreds of homeless that were recently moved into luxury neighborhood hotels by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Overflow from the makeshift shelters led to massive homeless encampments on the street and neighbors have reported ‘increasingly squalid conditions,’ brazen drug use, fights, public defecation, urination, masturbation, aggressive pan handling and harassment
Photo Credit: Adam Gray/SWNS for

A night with the Guardian Angels: Legendary vigilante who once survived a mob hit by John Gotti says NYC has turned into a ‘muggers delight’ under Mayor de Blasio and claims the the Big Apple is returning to the ‘Fear City’ he knew in 1979

  • goes on patrol with Guardian Angels founder, Curtis Sliwa in NYC’s tony Upper West Side neighborhood as crime skyrockets from the mayor’s $1billion budget cut to the NYPD 
  • The Guardian Angels began patrolling the area in July after the Mayor de Blasio moved 730 ‘mentally ill and emotionally disturbed’ homeless persons into luxury hotels throughout the neighborhood 
  • The veteran crime fighter and shock jock radio host delivers a blistering attack on Mayor de Blasio, calling him ‘a sanctimonious hypocrite’ and says Governor Cuomo is ‘a very vengeful spiteful guy’ 
  • Sliwa says the money-strapped police are doing nothing to curb the squalid living conditions and reports of public defecation, urination, masturbation, brazen drug use and aggressive pan handling 
  • He draws comparisons to NYC in 1979 when he first founded the Guardian Angels to combat the city’s unprecedented wave of violence while he was working at a McDonalds in the Bronx 
  • Sliwa plans to run for Mayor of New York City as a Republican in the 2021 election to replace Democrat Bill de Blasio – who he says is ‘drunk with power’ and calls ‘he calls ‘a little fascist’ 
  • He pleads with New Yorkers to stay in the city as many have already fled to the suburbs, ‘the city will be different but will still have all the excitement that you wont get in ‘Leave it to Beaver-land” 

New York City is on the ropes and it is déjà vu all over again for Curtis Sliwa, 66, and his crime fighting red beret vigilantes.

Shootings were up by 127% for the month of September and the year-to-date murder rate has increased by 34%. With stores and small businesses shuttered, unemployment has swelled past 20%; and along with a mass exodus of New Yorkers headed for the hills and the suburbs – the Big Apple’s fabled skyline is now a vista of hallowed out office towers.

It’s all another day at the office for the bombastic, outspoken, Brooklyn born founder of the Guardian Angels. He’s been New York City’s cornerman ever since 1979 when he created the volunteer safety patrol group during a time when the Big Apple was dubbed ‘Fear City’ by law-enforcement from an unprecedented wave of violence that swept through the city.

But in July of this year, Sliwa found himself hitting the pavement in his own backyard, the Upper West Side, amid growing concern by locals who reported an uptick in crime since the city moved 730 homeless into makeshift shelters during the COVID-19 crises.

Since its founding over 40 years ago, the non-profit organization has spread to over 130 cities in 13 countries. In the process, Curtis Sliwa has been hailed as a hero and local legend for his rapid fire zingers as a shock jock host on talk radio that rails against everyone from progressive-liberal Democrats like A.O.C (whom he calls ‘All Out Crazy) to President Trump, Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Cuomo and every other career politician, which he says are ‘fakes, phony, fraudulent, fugazis.’ 

Now Sliwa has his sight set on running for mayor in the 2021 election as a Republican. After four decades of patrolling the streets, Sliwa says he has the credibility, institutional knowledge and gunshot wounds (from when John Gotti ordered mob hit on his life) to prove his devotion to the City of New York.

Over the course of an evening while on patrol through the Upper West Side, the mayoral hopeful tells exactly what he means when he says that he will give the city ‘a much needed colonic.’

Read full story here.

The Stalinist Show Trial of Roger Stone

By Phil Orenstein

Roger Stone reacts outside his Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home after President Trump commuted his federal prison sentence. Photo credit: REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Roger Stone’s trial was a Stone-cold case of abuse of justice and due process at a time when Americans are crying out for justice. Now, after his federal prison sentence was commuted by the president, the feds are coming after him again. They never stop abusing justice to attack President Trump and his loyal Republican allies, in their failed attempts to undo what they couldn’t do at the ballot box in 2016 and now in 2020, as voter enthusiasm mounts for our president.

Roger Stone, senior campaign advisor to Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Trump, gave us a taste of some “Stone Cold Truth” as keynote speaker at one of the past Lincoln Dinners of the Queens Village Republican Club. It was his personal account of the political establishment’s attempt to remove President Trump after he was elected in 2016 in “the largest case of political espionage that makes Watergate look like small potatoes.”

Stone, the loyal defender of our president, was prosecuted as a victim of a political witch hunt. He was arrested and a trial ensued for his “crimes” of standing up for President Trump and not caving in to the threats of his inquisitors of the Mueller investigation aimed at sending him to die in the Gulag.  This was a Stalinist show trial.

How do they justify the pre-dawn raid with more than 20 FBI agents armed with automatic weapons, with CNN, the American Pravda, filming the spectacle on nationwide TV, to arrest Roger Stone as the #1 enemy of the State? They don’t send 20 FBI agents to arrest a murderer! Without evidence of a crime, presumed guilty before the trial, which was fixed, the prosecution, fixed, the court, the judges, the jury, the media all of which were fixed, in an effort to get Stone to turn on the president, to lie, in order to collect evidence for Mueller’s Russia collusion witch hunt. They will do anything to overturn the legitimate election of Trump.

The special court of Salem Massachusetts convened the infamous Salem witch trials, where you could be accused, prosecuted, and hanged for practicing witchcraft whether there was evidence or not. An accusation of being a witch was enough criminal evidence. Accusations of being a communist in the McCarthy era could ruin your reputation and send you to prison. People have no rights in high government commissions and are judged guilty before the trial begins.

Stone’s alleged crimes were prosecuted in a fake government court replete with liberal activist Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Obama and Hillary Clinton operatives acting as prosecutors, and a partisan jury.  It was a bogus government investigation of a political prisoner, in a kangaroo court that found Stone guilty before the trial without evidence of a crime, where he had to prove his innocence by squealing on Trump.

The show trial was based on the false premises that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a Russian asset, that Wikileaks is a Russian front organization, and Stone collaborated with WikiLeaks. This was the core of the failed narrative that the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, all of which is 100% rubbish. WikiLeaks is a big thorn in the side of our government by publishing deep secrets they don’t want American voters to know. It’s a key part of our government’s ongoing political war against our president, who poses a great threat to the Washington deep state, the globalists, the lobbyists, the special interests, and the Democrat party itself. They don’t care about America, they don’t care about you, they don’t care about our Constitution, they don’t care about justice. All they want is to preserve business as usual to maintain their own power and control.

So they went after Stone to confess to his alleged crimes, and tell his inquisitors what they wanted to hear, that Trump put him up to this. Smear Trump and you’re off the hook. But Roger Stone is an American Patriot, and he would not lie to save his own skin.  So they punished him severely.  They sentenced a 67-year-old with underlying respiratory problems, to rot in a federal prison with coronavirus outbreaks, for 40 months which is a certain death sentence. 

Cop killer Steven Chirse was recently granted early release from prison due to the coronavirus epidemic. Criminals are being released in droves in crime-ridden Democrat run cities. Murderers are being released. But Stone is treated worse than a murderer. They sent him to prison to die, like a political prisoner in Stalin’s Russia. Like the Soviet court system, criminals are let out, and if you don’t fit their narrative, they send you to the Gulag. They’re all Stalinists – the Mueller Special Counsel investigation, the judge, the courts, FBI, CIA, the media – they got rid of the rule of law and people who don’t fit their narrative, to give the state absolute power.

They wanted to destroy a human life to get to Trump. You wouldn’t want your worst enemy to go to jail with Covid. But where is the uproar from the silent majority? Why aren’t more good people demanding justice for Roger Stone, as the DOJ inspector general is now re-investigating his sentencing? Why weren’t more people screaming that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime? Where are all the social justice lawyers, hypocrites that they are? Paging Clarence Darrow who famously said: “You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom?”

Where are the good people of this country standing up for a person, whom they may not like, but still deserves equal justice, because it could be you next. Stone was framed and they sent him out to die.  Stone received no justice, but the greatest threat is coming to all of us. You will not receive justice under the new Stalinist Democrat regime. We must all stand up for Roger Stone and true justice, and vote in the most important election of our lifetime!

Phil Orenstein is the President of the Queens Village Republican Club. Established in 1875, it is America’s oldest Republican Club.   Historian, Jerry Matacotta, founder of History Seminar Series at Queensborough Community College was the advisor for this article.

Jewish Voters Beware, You Cannot Escape History

Jewish Voters Beware, You Cannot Escape History

By Phil Orenstein

The study of history is the study of human nature. We learn from the past in order to protect ourselves from the present. Voters need to take heed, and looking into our history, American Jews in particular, beware. You cannot escape history.

Jews thought they would be perpetually safe enjoying the high life on top of German society before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, just as Jews today enjoy freedom, prosperity, and safety in America. Jews were Germans first and believed in the Fatherland. They were Germany’s bankers, industrialists, soldiers, scientists, factory workers, and teachers. The German Republic was a representative democracy that upheld the rule of law, the courts, police protection, and a Bill of Rights that guaranteed freedom of speech and religion, and equality under the law for every German citizen.

Before the worldwide depression hit Germany in 1929, the Nazis were a minor political party and anti-Semitism was not as prevalent. The Nazis capitalized on the widespread unemployment and severe economic depression that decimated Germany, without which they never would have come to power. The country was bitterly divided, and Hitler seized the opportunity to blame the crisis on the Jewish capitalists and financiers. In three short years Hitler was appointed German chancellor and soon came to control every aspect of German life, the laws, the courts, the police, and before long the Jews were doomed to the death camps.

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