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How the Party of Lincoln Will Save the American Republic

The new year of 2023 begins with America mired in several created crises caused by the massive policy failures of Joe Biden and the increasingly radicalized Democrat Party. Specifically, Americans confront the reality of a de-facto open border, a miserable economy that punishes working-class families, and toxic cultural pollution that invades key aspects of public life, especially schools.

“Every Election is Determined by the People Who Show Up” – Our Vote Matters!

By Aura Moody

Dear Freedom Fighters:

Recently, several New York State Supreme Court Judges have rendered decisions in favor of the unvaccinated. It is not a coincidence that these judges are Constitutionalists. 

Let’s not forget the pain and loss we have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the unconstitutional vaccine mandates. In my opinion, what has transpired is a direct result of what happens when we are apathetic about politics and voting. It is time for us to consider which party embraces freedom, aligns with our values and protects our interests.

Could There Be A Shake Up At The RNC?

By Taisha Parrott

The Republican National Committee (RNC) will hold its annual winter meeting in California where committee members will vote to elect the next chairman on January 27, 2023. The committee is made up of 168 men and women, three from each state. The elected chairman will lead the RNC through the 2024 presidential election. Vying for that seat are incumbent Ronna McDaniel; Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO and staunch supporter of President Trump; and Harmeet Dhillon, an RNC member and lawyer whose firm represents President Trump.

Dangerous Bills Proposed by NYS Legislature

It is undisputed that public officers including elected officials from all three branches of government take an oath of fidelity to the Constitution or office they represent not to a political party or agenda, and they are expected to uphold and defend it. On the other hand, We The People expect our elected officials to protect our constitutional rights and represent us fairly when making decisions that affect our lives. 

As you know, the New York State Legislature is scheduled to begin sessions on January 5, 2023 in Albany, New York. There is a list of controversial bills that are being proposed by Legislators that will trample upon our constitutional rights and freedoms. Therefore, I am reaching out to you to express my strong opposition to all bills that violate medical freedom and parental rights, among others. Some of these bills are: 

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