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They’re Cutting Bone

By Senator Jack M. Martins, 7th Senate District, Op-ed

My wife and I know a successful, young couple that live in a spacious Manhattan apartment. They have lots of dining and entertainment options, a doorman and great views of a park. Best of all, they roll out of bed, hop on a subway and they’re at the office in a matter of minutes. They’ve got it made, yet everyone’s debating how long before they move to the suburbs.  

You guessed it. This dynamic duo now has a newborn and as with many young families, conversations turn to where best to raise a family. Of course, they’re dutifully fighting it. Hoboken has a “hip little downtown.” Williamsburg has a “good vibe” but ultimately, the conclusion is always the same: growing families need room to grow in safe communities with good schools.

NEW YORK BURNING… A Dire Call to End One-Party Rule

By Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

For over three years now, basically since March of 2020, I have been fighting to preserve our Constitution and the rights and freedoms that it was designed to protect. Who and what am I fighting against? The “who” is our government, and the “what” is best described as tyranny. You can call it another name if you like. The left likes to use what I call “word salad” to make disgraceful things sound almost pleasant. So of course they won’t use the term tyranny. No, no. Instead they may call it government overreach… or the administrative state… or police power. But, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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