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President’s Message: America is Worth Fighting For

President’s Message – December 2018

America is Worth Fighting For

By Phil Orenstein

Earlier this year we hosted our glorious 143rd Anniversary Lincoln Dinner where Dr. Kim Holmes, Executive Vice President of the Heritage Foundation eloquently praised the accomplishments of the Queens Village Republican Club as “a red dot in a sea of blue.” Now that red dot is poised to grow bigger and brighter as we continue the righteous mission of America’s oldest Republican Club and proclaim the boundless accomplishments of our President Donald Trump and celebrate the revival of American greatness.

We will continue hosting vibrant and inspiring meetings and events, registering and recruiting loyal Republicans and spreading the word of freedom and the importance of community, here in this sea of blue.  We are the freedom fighters for a great cause against the radical leftist bastion in NYC, battling in the spirit of our founding fathers and George Washington who invoked God’s almighty care and protection. The cause we are fighting for is America, and America is worth fighting for.

Republican Assembly Candidate David Bressler Ties Democratic Opponent to the Radical Left

Republican Assembly Candidate David Bressler Ties Democratic Opponent to the Radical Left

September 23, 2018  

by Robert Golomb

NEW YORK, NY – David Bressler, the Republican/ Conservative/ Reform Party candidate for the New York State Assembly in the Northern Queens 26th A.D. in this coming November’s election, told me during an interview I conducted with him last week, that while he promises to never mount a personal attack on his opponent, 4-term Democratic incumbent Edward Braunstein, that promise does not apply to Braunstein, the Assemblyman and member of the Democratic Party.

“I have met Assemblyman Ed Braunstein on several occasions and have found him to be pleasant and respectful… I have nothing but good wishes for Ed Braunstein, the man; those same good wishes, though, do not extend to Ed Braunstein, the Assemblyman, because he belongs to and has voted consistently along with the new configuration of the Democratic Party that is pursuing extremist, leftist, progressive policies that are disastrous for the state in general and the 26th A.D. in particular”, Bressler stated.


Corruption and Wasted Taxpayer Money is the Norm in Albany

Corruption and Wasted Taxpayer Money
is the Norm in Albany

by David Bressler 

As published in the Readers Write column of the Bayside Times, Aug. 17-23. 

Press Conference on the
sentencing of Sheldon Silver

As Sheldon Silver, the former NYS Assembly Speaker was sentenced to 7 years for kickbacks, I was appalled by the state that the Albany legislative body is in today. All the corruption and wasted taxpayer dollars seems not to anger the incumbent elected officials. I know there are some that are upset, but not enough politicians are speaking out on the rampant corruption that Albany is faced with.

“Stop de Blasio” Petitioning Campaign

“Stop de Blasio” Petitioning Campaign 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1ST,  7:00 – 9:00 PM
23-58 BELL BLVD., 

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