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They’re Cutting Bone

By Senator Jack M. Martins, 7th Senate District, Op-ed

My wife and I know a successful, young couple that live in a spacious Manhattan apartment. They have lots of dining and entertainment options, a doorman and great views of a park. Best of all, they roll out of bed, hop on a subway and they’re at the office in a matter of minutes. They’ve got it made, yet everyone’s debating how long before they move to the suburbs.  

You guessed it. This dynamic duo now has a newborn and as with many young families, conversations turn to where best to raise a family. Of course, they’re dutifully fighting it. Hoboken has a “hip little downtown.” Williamsburg has a “good vibe” but ultimately, the conclusion is always the same: growing families need room to grow in safe communities with good schools.

Video: Paul Graziano’s Presentation on the City of Yes

The April 4th meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club featured Land Use and Zoning Expert, Paul Graziano who presented a comprehensive analysis of the “City of Yes,” the citywide zoning proposal by Mayor Adams. This insidious proposal could subject our residential communities to massive overdevelopment and commercial expansion. The “City of Yes” threatens to destroy single-family and two-family zoning and transform our peaceful residential communities into busy commercial zones, escalating noise, traffic, crime, and congestion. This proposal is not about affordable housing. It will destroy residential communities and put an end to private property ownership. We must say NO to the City of Yes!

Thank you to Michael Ferrara and James Doukas our videographers!

Featured Presentation on the “City of Yes” by Paul Graziano

What’s Going on in Albany!

By Dr. Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg, QVRC 3rd Vice President

February 5th was Lobby Day at our State Capital in Albany. Elena Chin, Queens County Chapter Chair of Mom’s for Liberty (M4L), fellow QVRC Board Member James Coppola, and I joined M4L members from across our state to voice concerns about consequential imminent legislation, not mentioned in the mainstream media. Our group assembled a table in the main corridor to lobby all those passing through. Elena, James, and I headed to each legislator’s office, hitting every floor. Note to self- wear sneakers next year!

The first set of bills deals with the hijacking of parental rights. Bills A00276B, S00762A and A06761 give children of any age the right to consent to medical treatment and care without parental consent or knowledge. Some versions mention homeless or runaway, but don’t define terms.  Any angry child who doesn’t like hearing “no” can slam the door behind them and claim to be a runaway. Homeless doesn’t mean orphan. Existing legislation already allows for the treatment of children in emergencies, by licensed physicians without parental consent. Noteworthy, throughout the new legislation “licensed physician” is replaced by PA’s and numerous ancillary healthcare workers with less rigorous educational certification and training. While simultaneously omitting a child’s most fervent protector, the parent, it allows the clueless minor to make life altering decisions in consultation with someone who didn’t even go to medical school!  This substitution and license creep wasn’t made to protect children. It’s there to increase the number and types of people who can override a parent’s will.

 Curiously, the word “care” was newly inserted adjacent to every existing word “treatment.” It isn’t there to make you feel warm and cozy. Treatment is to cure, heal, make better. Medically speaking, “care” has an opposite intention. Canada’s assisted suicide laws are medical care. They are not intended to make you better; they are intended to make you dead. When assisted suicide laws pass here, this law will be situated to allow non-terminally ill children, possibly suffering depression, to end their lives.  Meanwhile, “care” gives legal cover for gender transitioning interventions and procedures not meant to heal. Medical research does not confirm that transitioning a child is healthy for them. Technically, it is not a treatment. These are healthy children. This is “care.”

A parent’s right to know is also blocked! What about adverse reactions, drug interactions, duplication of medications? Shouldn’t parents have input to provide family histories and comorbidities absent from electronic medical records?

We opposed A04576 and S01532, transgender policy allowing biological males to compete with girls in competitive sports. Title 9 invested separately in women’s sports, acknowledging biology. It didn’t promote co-ed sports to achieve equality.  Feelings have no effect on the chromosomal programing of every cell since conception, which gives one sex a competitive physical advantage over another. Additionally, girls should have the right to privacy and safety in bathrooms and locker rooms. We groom girls to become victims when we teach them to ignore their gut feelings and be ashamed when they feel unsafe.  

We achieved bipartisan support for bills A00423 and S01037 protecting children from data mining.

Some questioned our opposition to the proposed state ERA bill. “What is a woman?” I asked. If you can’t define a woman as a biological female, ERA becomes an oxymoron. A feminist would be a moron to approve. It strips women of rights, bestowing them upon biological males. Attempting to protect elderly, this ERA encompasses “all ages.”  Tell your child to go to bed and get the retort, “No, I have rights!” Does this reiterate a child’s right to medical treatment and “care?”

I’m not surprised that many of these bills are poorly written or loosely read.  When we got to the 6th floor, the back offices all reeked of pot!  My parenting impulses exploded. I opened their doors as I knocked, scolding them like I would any stupid teenager caught doing the same! “You have one day a year to meet here with constituents and you have the audacity to disrespect us like this! Can’t you refrain one day and pretend you are doing the job we’re paying you to do!  You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Our day brightened as we spoke with some stellar common-sense representatives. The standouts among these are Lester Chang AD49 Brooklyn, Doug Smith AD5 Suffolk County, and Anil Beephan AD105 Duchess County. These three are astute, steadfast, and brave. They understand what is at stake. Preserving parental rights is key to protecting children. Unfortunately, they are the minority. They stressed the importance of flipping 2 to 3 seats. They need help and we need more like them!


What do I stand for? America First. Protecting the Constitution at all costs – that includes free speech to the point of the most offensive kind. The Second Amendment, which was created to PROTECT US AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, is a God-given right and must be protected at all costs. We must close our borders and take care of our own men and women who have been abandoned.

Videos of the March 7th Club Meeting

The March 7, 2024 meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club in the Banquet Hall of the celebrated Marbella restaurant, hosted a jam packed program of fascinating speakers and Republican candidates. Each one of the speakers made a request to do something, to help them petition for signatures for ballot access, to get involved in their patriotic cause, to save our city and our country. The word is action – don’t be a spectator, be a gladiator!  

Thank you to James Doukas for videotaping the speakers!

Cara Castronuova running for US Senate in NYS against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Cara Castronuova is a former Republican candidate for State Assembly, freedom fighter, founder of Citizens against Political Persecution, investigative journalist, and two time Golden Gloves boxing champion. Last year, she was the Republican Woman of the Year at our Lincoln Dinner. She is a fighter, and this year, she will win the title of US Senator of New York!

Yiatin Chu for State Senate in District 11 vs. Sen. Toby Stavisky

Yiatin Chu is a New York City public-school parent turned education activist, president of Asian Wave Alliance and cofounder of PLACE NYC, the premier organization fighting for merit in our school system. Many Asian voters have shifted to voting for Republicans and Yiatin is largely responsible for that demographic change by educating Asian voters.

Dwayne Moore Republican Candidate for State Assembly in District 29

We welcome back Dwayne for a full presentation on his race for State Assembly, his vision and plan. Dwayne Moore is the Republican candidate for State Assembly, in District 29. With experience as a 9th-grade English teacher, college counselor, professional actor, model, and music artist, this talented and capable leader aims to do nothing less than contribute to making America great again for everyone. America needs Moore!

Vote NO on the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

Greg Garvey, Campaign Manager for The Coalition to Protect Kids-NY, is working to fight the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) or the Parent Replacement Act as it should be called, which is on the ballot in New York in November. Greg explains the hidden dangers which will obliterate parental rights and says to vote NO on the ERA ballot proposal.

Maria Lynn speaks about Tactical Civics and Switch 2 USA

Maria Lynn is CEO and Sr. Director at the Patriot Wellness Company, speaking about Tactical Civics and Switch 2 USA at the March 7th QVRC Club meeting. Tactical Civics is a responsible new way of life, with a plan to take back America. Switch 2 USA helps Americans break up with mega-corporations, that own the vast majority of consumer brands, and move their shopping to an American Made, Family Owned Manufacturer.

Stephanie Lucia Introduces us to Project Civica

Project Civica is inspiring people to run for office, hold voter registration drives, carry petitions for our candidates, and more. Principally, each of our individual efforts combined will yield a thriving nation firmly established in liberty for future generations. projectcivica.org

Vote NO on New York’s so-called ERA on Tuesday Nov 5th!

149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner Videos

The 149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner, on March 3, 2024 at Antun’s of Queens Village, was a spectacular patriotic gala with the theme “Make America Great Again in 2024.” We’ll see you all at our milestone 150th next year! Here are the videos of the outstanding speakers and honorees from beginning to the end of the dinner program.

Thank you to James Doukas our Lincoln Dinner videographer!

Trump: Friend Extraordinaire to Israel and the Jewish People

(Book Chapter Highlights)
By Elizabeth Berney, Esq.
ZOA Director of Research & Special Projects
Note: This article is not an endorsement of any party or candidate for office.

In 2021, the University of Southern California Casden Institute asked Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) National President Morton Klein and I to co-author a chapter for a book entitled “The Impact of President Trump’s Presidency on American Jews and Israel.”  Our book chapter, “Trump: Friend Extraordinaire to Israel and the Jewish People,” is reprinted on the ZOA.org website.

Here are some highlights (and Biden’s efforts to undo Trump’s accomplishments):  

• Trump’s “Executive Order on Combating Antisemitism” helped defend Jewish and pro-Israel students from harassment on college campuses.  ZOA previously led a successful battle to reinterpret the 1964 Civil Rights Act to protect Jewish students.  Trump’s order enshrined, strengthened and required vigorous enforcement of these rights.  

• Trump combated antisemitism in numerous other ways: (i) He brokered a groundbreaking MOU with Bahrain to eradicate antisemitism (in addition to the Abraham Accords).  (ii) Trump deported the last known Nazi war criminal from the United States.  Multiple previous administrations failed to do so.  (iii) Trump condemned Congressional squad members’ antisemitism.  (iv) Trump’s State of the Union address and many speeches denounced “the vile poison of antisemitism, or those who spread its venomous creed . . . anywhere and everywhere it occurs.”  

• Regarding Charlottesville, Trump initiated a priority civil rights investigation; brought Heyer’s murderer to justice; and supported the Congressional resolution against “white nationalists, white supremacists, the KKK, neo-Nazis and other hate groups.” He did not call neo-Nazis “fine people.”  In the very same breath as “fine people”, Trump said: “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally.”  

Biden’s combating antisemitism strategy downgraded the widely-accepted helpful IRHA definition of antisemitism; welcomed alternate definitions which protect antisemitism masquerading as anti-Zionism; and ignored antisemitism from sources other than white supremacy.

• Trump relocated the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s eternal capital Jerusalem.  Biden tried to undermine this by pressuring to open a US consulate for Palestinian Arabs in western Jerusalem. 

• Trump recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. (The Golan was part of the original Mandate held in trust for the Jewish people and has a long Jewish history.). Biden’s Secretary of State refused to acknowledge Israeli soereignty. 

• Trump correctly recognized that Jewish communities in Judea/Samaria are legal.  The Biden administration maligns and pressures Israel to stop these lawful Jewish communities and refused to visit them.   

• Trump resigned from the so-called United Nations Human Rights Council because the UNHRC focuses on falsely attacking Israel.  Biden rejoined the UNHRC.

• Trump sanctioned International Criminal Court (ICC) personnel for their unlawful investigation of Israel, and closed the PLO Washington DC office for prompting the illegal ICC investigation.  Biden lifted the ICC sanctions.  

• Trump appointed great friends of Israel to important posts.  Biden appointed numerous Israel-haters, boycott supporters and antisemites.  See the Biden Appointments Watch page on ZOA’s website.

• Trump was the first U.S. president to pray at the holy Western Wall in Jerusalem.  Biden removed the Israeli flag from his limo when traveling in the Jewish quarter where the Western Wall is located.

• Trump respected Israel’s sovereign rights, keeping his campaign promise: “When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one.”  

Biden undermined Israeli sovereignty.  Biden calls for a Palestinian Arab state in Gaza and on the indefensible pre-1967 lines with imaginary mutually agreed swaps.  This would reward Hamas’ and PA terrorism, divide Jerusalem, leave 800,000 Jews homeless, and be an Iranian-proxy terror state in Israel’s lawful heartland.  Abba Eban called these indefensible lines “Auschwitz lines” because they would cause Israel’s destruction.  Lyndon Johnson correctly stated that retreating to the pre-’67 lines “is not a prescription for peace, but for renewed hostilities.”  

• Trump policies saved Israeli and American lives.  Trump signed the Taylor Force Act; stopped sending U.S. tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority regime because the PA incites and pays Arab terrorists $400 million per year of “pay-to-slay” rewards to murder Jews; stopped funding the UN Relief and Works Agency because UNRWA stores Hamas rockets and teaches Arab children to hate and kill Jews; ended the dangerous Iran deal; killed IRGC terror leader Qasem Soleimani, and imposed maximum sanctions on Iran, which significantly reduced Iran’s funding of terror proxies Hezbollah and Hamas.  

Unfortunately, upon taking office, Biden immediately restarted funding the Palestinian Arabs and UNRWA, and gave them more even after Hamas launched 4,500 rockets at Israel in May 2021 (a total of $1.5 billion of our U.S. tax dollars).   This  enabled more anti-Jewish terror.  Biden also failed to enforce Iran sanctions, and even allowed $10-$16 Billion to be released to Iran – the funder and trainer of Hamas – after Hamas’ October 7thatrocities.   

• Biden pressured Israel to enter into a terrible 2022 deal to give rightful Israeli maritime territory and gas fields to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, enriching Iranian proxy Hezbollah with billions of dollars.  Hezbollah is  now launching rockets at Israel every day.  Yet Biden is promoting another bad deal, for Israel to give Israel’s vital lookout lands to Lebanon, in exchange for Hezbollah’s empty promise to do some of what Hezbollah is already required to do under UN Resoluton 1701, passed in 2006 (disarm, stop launching rockets at Israel and withdraw to north of the Litani River).

• Trump negotiated the Abraham Accords, establishing peace between Israel and four Arab countries.  Biden is undermining the accords by trying to use them to promote a Palestinian Arab state.  

• Trump signed U.S.-Israeli scientific, industrial and agricultural research cooperation agreements, enabling joint projects in Judea/Samaria and the Golan Heights.  Biden issued guidance ending this joint research.  This is a boycott against Jewish researchers in Judea-Samaria.

• Trump reversed discriminatory labeling regulations that had facilitated antisemitic boycotts against Israeli products made in Judea-Samaria. 

• Trump allowed Americans born in Jerusalem to list “Israel” on their passports.

  When Trump was President-elect, Trump tried to stop the lame duck Obama-Biden administration from orchestrating the passage of horrendously anti-Israel UN Security Council resolutions.  Biden recently refused to veto, and thus allowed the UNSC to adopt two harmful-to-Israel resolutions regarding Gaza.  

Really, This Time It Is THE Most Important Election

By Paul King
Candidate for U.S. Congress, NY5

For years, I cringed when newscasters and politicians declared, “This year’s election is the most important election in the history of the republic.” That’s why I was a little uncomfortable two years ago when I said the 2022 elections were a stepping stone to 2024… which will be the most important election since 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected.

Well, that has proven to be an understatement.

This year’s elections are far more important. If the Democrats hold onto the White House and retake the House of Representative, they will drag America into an abyss. The damage will last for decades.

Think I am exaggerating? Consider these five long-term tumors:

Migrant Crisis – Things are bad now. Imagine if another 8 million people enter illegally during Biden-Harris 2? Consider the strain from the hundreds of thousands in NY that came because of our sanctuary city status and at the behest of Mayor Adams, who now admits “will destroy” the city and cost NYC $12 billion by mid-2025.

$34 Trillion in Debt – This is an enormous weight on future generations and the American Dream. Biden, Meeks and Jeffries just want to borrow, borrow, borrow so they can spend, spend, spend. Economies cannot long survive when debt is far in excess of 100% of GDP. NY public authorities hold $329 billion in public debt – 97% of the state’s total according to Reinvent Albany.

Military Wokeness/Weakness – America has a shortage of soldiers, sailors and ships. Four more years of a DEI focus at the DoD will only further embolden our enemies. Speaking of which…

China’s Ascension – The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is working on many fronts toward supplanting America as the world leader this century. Four more years of Biden pussyfooting with China (and Iran) will leave America weak and at risk of a kinetic war. NY has been home to “police stations” run by Chinese nationals. Thousands of military age men, many identified as members of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) the armed wing of the CCP, are entering the U.S. open borders.

Green Obsession – The irrational progressive dash to an all-electric world will create an enormous economic burden for everyday citizens and leave America extremely vulnerable to a debilitating attack on a singular source of energy. Gov. Hochul doubled down on former Gov. Cuomo’s Climate Action Plan with her expanded zero-emissions plan that would force New Yorkers at minimum to replace their gas stoves with electric ones and pay exorbitant utilities bills.

So, how do we win this most important election of our lives?

Coalesce to Create a Real Red Wave – In 2022, New York delivered the House to Republicans. The Democrats want to steal those seats back through any means necessary (i.e., gerrymandering). We need to hold serve, and flip more blue seats by sending people like Alison Esposito, Tom Zmich and me to Congress. That starts with keeping the George Santos seat in the red column. Some people are understandably uncertain about Mazi Pilip. Well, we need to put aside the intramural fighting this year. Next year, we can get back to arguing about the future of our party after we save our country.

Overcome Cheating – The most shocking lesson from my 2022 run is that Democrat cheating is not just pervasive, it’s blatant. People can rightfully point to how Tom Sullivan had his victory taken away or the dirty voter rolls, but while good people combat those structural issues, we need to take our fight to the point of attack. By that, I mean we need hundreds of Republicans to step up and be poll workers or poll watchers. Democrats managed to win about 100% of the votes in nursing homes. They distribute materials for Democratic candidates inside polling places! They instruct immigrants and first-time voters that since they are registered as Democrats, they should fill in all the circles in Column A. They get away with it –brazenly– because no one is watching. YOU can stop them. Commit now to being a poll worker or poll watcher.

Turnout – Every election is about turnout, but in the post-COVID world –where the Democrat ballot harvesting machine works on steroids– the old rules of turnout do not apply. Republicans need to:

1) Get many of our most reliable Republicans to vote early. (Check out ny.bankyourvote.com.) If our most loyal citizens put their votes “in the bank” in October, then candidates can focus GOTV on occasional Republican voters in the home stretch.

2) Start working NOW to educate and motivate citizens who usually stay on the sidelines in November. We all have friends and family members who say things like, “Why vote? It does not change anything.” Or “I only have one vote. I can’t make a difference.” We need to get those Americans in the game. It’s not going to happen by dropping off campaign material in the fall. It’s not going to happen because candidates like me (or even Donald Trump) give a great speech. It will happen because of YOU! Start educating your fellow citizens now so they do the right thing in November

This year, I will spend months deep inside the darkest blue areas of Southeast Queens, explaining to fellow citizens that Republicans are not their enemy, that their values are actually the same as our conservative values, and that they should give us a chance rather than supporting the same old, same old Democratic Party failures.

It is hard work, but I’m happy to do it – not because I want to be a congressman, but because we Republicans are going to save America. Please join me in that fight throughout 2024. If we all go all-in over the next 10 months then we will preserve the last best hope of man on earth. Our children and grandchildren will be forever grateful.

Letter to Club Members and Friends

Dear Club Members and Friends,

As Sunday, March 3rd approaches, we are excited to present our 149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner. Our dinner committee is hard at work to make this our greatest patriotic gala in this crucial year 2024, the year we will Make America Great Again, and to fill our hearts with hope and optimism for the future of America!

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