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An Open Letter from Educators for Freedom

By Tatiana Bonilla and Aura Moody, Educators for Freedom

“We have taken a stance that we are no longer concerned with living comfortably if we are not free, which begins with the defense and preservation of our constitutional rights.”

New York City was one of the most prominently affected cities not only by the COVID-19 pandemic but its subsequent lockdowns, protocols, and mandates. In response, NYC educators, including teachers, paraprofessionals, related service providers, secretaries, and other essential workers, were tasked with efficiently adapting to the changes implemented by the city in order to provide our students with the most successful learning experience. Moving from classroom to remote setting required us to be more than just stationary classroom teachers. We were not only educators, but our interactions were therapeutic to students and families, as we were relied on daily for support to alleviate the stress and anxieties provoked by these citywide changes. While not ideal, the virtual classrooms were safe havens for students who were hardest hit by the physical, social, and emotional impact that mandates and lockdowns brought to our city.

Councilwoman Vickie Paladino Responds to Drag Queen Story Hour Outrage in NYC

2000 Mules – Documenting the Demise of America?

by Eileen Korby

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden, 10/25/20.

So, what is your opinion? Do you believe that the election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was the “most secure election in American history?” That’s what the Democrats, liberals, and a whole lot of Never-Trump Republicans want us to believe.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary, “2000 Mules,” answers this question, with overwhelming evidence. Of the many ways election fraud can be accomplished, this film focuses on the use of drop boxes, and how “mules,” people who carried thousands of ballots from a ballot collection site to multiple drop boxes, were discovered and tracked.

As a big fan of the TV show NCIS, I have often seen the main characters use cell phone data to track and locate perpetrators and victims alike. I never gave it any thought; it’s just TV. But the truth is that intelligence agencies, the military, and law enforcement all use cell phones to track people. How? Each cell phone has a unique identity, as unique as a fingerprint or DNA. Over 300,000 phone apps gather data on each cell phone and sell it to brokers. The data can pinpoint the location of a cell phone by latitude, longitude, and elevation very precisely. And it is time-stamped. If you are on one block one minute, and on another block two minutes later, your movement can be tracked and monitored. Even if your cell phone is turned off! The CDC actually used this to monitor social distancing during Covid. A frightening thought!

The non-profit organization, True the Vote, bought vast amounts of this type of cell phone data for geo-tracking in five cities in the key swing states. They looked specifically at areas surrounding the drop boxes. Wanting the lowest margin of error, the researchers only investigated phones that went to a minimum of 10 drop boxes and five ballot collection sites. In one case, the cell phone traveled across six counties to 27 different drop boxes. Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, working for True the Vote, tracked 2,000 cell phones making such patterns. Not included in their research were cell phones that traveled to fewer than 10 drop boxes, or fewer than five ballot collection sites. Therefore, the data presented in this film actually under-represents the amount of illegal ballot harvesting in the election.

There have been many questions and complaints about the film, mostly by so-called “fact-

checkers” who wanted either to have this documentary banned, or who wanted to discredit the information presented. Here are some:

  • How do you know who had the phone?
  • How do you know they weren’t just dropping off ballots for family members?
  • How do you know they weren’t just walking by the drop box?
  • Why isn’t there surveillance video footage of these people?
  • Geo-tracking of cell phones isn’t valid evidence.

First, a cell phone does not travel from drop box to drop box by itself. It is carried by someone, usually the person who owns the phone. Frequently, these people took selfies of themselves at the drop boxes to verify that they actually did what they were being paid to do – at $10 per ballot.

Were these people, all 2,000 of them, just dropping off ballots for family members? Why would someone have to go to 10 or more drop boxes, between the hours of 1:00AM and 5:00AM, the time all of these phones were tracked, to drop off grandma’s ballot? Remember the case I cited above – 26 drop boxes across six counties? As Dinesh D’Souza asks, “Can you think of even one reasonable and innocent explanation for such behavior?” I can’t.

Furthermore, people were not “just walking by” the drop boxes. The tracking shows people going TO the drop boxes, staying there a few minutes while they stuffed ballots in the boxes, and then leaving away from the boxes. In order to get to the drop boxes, these “mules” had to drive from box to box to box, often crossing county lines, and sometimes even crossing state lines. In the wee small hours of the morning. All of that movement recorded. They were not “walking by.”

As for the all-important question about video footage, there are actually 4 million minutes of video footage. Some of it shows the mules at the drop boxes, and it matches up precisely with the cell phone data. Unfortunately, a lot of the footage is of low quality, or even non-existent – a big problem and a big question mark. In Arizona, the cameras were mysteriously, and conveniently, turned off when these drops were being made. In other places, like Wisconsin, cameras were never installed, even though they were supposed to be. And in other places, the cameras were angled at the ground, or the lenses were cracked, etc. Makes you wonder.

Geo-tracking of cell phones is as irrefutable evidence as fingerprints and DNA. It is used by intelligence, the military, and law enforcement to make arrests. In fact, geo-tracking was used extensively by the FBI in finding people who were at the capitol on January 6th, 2021. In many cases, people were arrested in only a few days which indicates that the FBI had been tracking those people before January 6th, before any alleged “crime.” How scary is that? In any case,

geo-tracking is certainly considered legally valid when the Democrats use it; it’s just not valid when conservatives use it.  A convenient double standard, as always.

No matter which side of the fence you’re on, there is so much evidence here that only someone with a vested interest in being willfully blind would refuse to see it.

Every American should see this film!

Okay. Where? The film had a limited release in 250 movie theaters around the country in early May, and it may be released again in theaters. In the meantime, you can buy the film, rent the film, or buy the DVD at SalemNow.com. You can also watch it on Locals.com (a subsidiary of Rumble.com).

What is important here is that there is evidence that enough ballots were dropped to change the outcome of the election. And this documentary only investigated five swing states. What about the rest of the country?

Might Trump have won NY?

According to RedVoiceMedia.com, on 5/10/22, an organization called NYCA filed 15 petitions against 15 counties in New York State with officials in Albany. They are claiming that there are over 2 million questionable registrations and votes in New York, where Biden won by 1,992,889 votes. NYCA claims that they have evidence of stolen votes, fake registrations, and over 10,000 people who were 170 years old when they voted! Imagine 170-year-olds getting out and voting!

What will come of their petitions? Considering that the NY Attorney General is Letitia James, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The truth is that despite all the evidence presented in “2000 Mules,” if law enforcement refuses to investigate, we can yell and scream ‘til the cows come home, nothing will be done. Already, the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office has said that they saw “nothing illegal” in the film pertaining to Michigan. On the other hand, the Yuma County, AZ Sheriff’s Office has said that they will investigate.

Perhaps the most positive thing I can write is that “2000 Mules” has made over $10 million in just two weeks, which means people are seeing the movie, despite the fact that media is actively trying to suppress news of it. Even Tucker Carlson of Fox News, when interviewing

Catherine Engelbrecht, the main researcher of the cell phone data, forbade her to mention the movie on air. Nevertheless, word is getting out. It is perhaps the biggest trending hashtag on Twitter as I write this in mid-May.

Once again – everyone should see this film. Everyone should know what happened. We must be galvanized to fight for voter integrity laws and we must win. How? By putting people in office who support this fight. If we don’t, we will watch the demise of our beloved country!

Eileen Korby, along with her father, Sol Korby, is a candidate for a seat on the Republican County Committee.

Videos of 2000 Mules Movie Night Club Meeting

Our June 2nd Club Meeting was the Movie Night viewing of 2000 Mules, a documentary film created by Dinesh D’Souza, that exposes widespread, coordinated voter fraud in the 2020 election, sufficient to change the overall outcome, with a special introduction and open discussion after the viewing led by Professor Nicholas Giordano. We heard from a couple of Republican candidates as well. Here are the videos of this incredible night. You can watch 2000 Mules or buy the DVD at SalemNOW.com.

2000 Mules Movie Night intro by Prof Giordano

2000 Mules Movie Night discussion with Prof Giordano

Pura DeJesus-Coniglio, Republican for congress vs AOC

Tom Zmich: Republican for Congress, District 6

Bill Kregler: Republican for State Senate

What is the Republican County Committee and Why Should I Care?

by Eileen Korby 
Candidate for Republican County Committee (AD 25/ED 17)

It’s Election Day in November and you go to the polls to vote. You tick off your choices for the major Republican candidates you want (President, or Governor, or Mayor), then you continue down the column and you see something disturbing. In the election for local judges, there are only Democrat candidates, and they are running unopposed. I am sure that this has aggravated every one of us. But why does it happen? How do those judicial candidates get on the ballot anyway?

The short answer (to a complicated question) is that the County Committee plays a big part in getting candidates for judgeships on the ballot. Every county in New York State has both a Democrat and Republican County Committee. Those who serve on the County Committees are unpaid, elected volunteers. It might surprise you to learn that, in Queens, there are currently over 2,800 empty seats on the Republican County Committee. Perhaps that is part of the explanation for Republicans being underrepresented on the ballot for local elections.

But take heart! Things are changing in Queens. The Queens County Republican Patriots, a non-profit organization, is helping dedicated Republican citizens to fill those empty seats. A number of people, my father and I among them, will be on the Primary ballot on June 28th for the Republican County Committee.

Why are we doing it? Because we can’t stand watching our city devolve into the lawless nightmare it has become any longer. We want to see judges on the ballot who have our safety as their primary objective.

That’s not the only thing Republican County Committee members do. The committee elects party leadership and votes on party policies for the county. On occasion, the County Committee chooses candidates for special elections. This occurs if a state official dies or resigns during his/her term in office. The importance of this cannot be understated. According to a 2017 report by Citizens Union, 33% of the New York State Assembly, and 19% of the New York Senate were chosen in a special election. Many, if not most, of those legislators then go on to win those seats in the general election.

I want to leave you with two thoughts:

First, it is extremely important not to sit out the Republican Primary and wait for November. The Republican County Committee seats are only filled in the Primary election. We need to build the Republican Party in Queens, and we need to build it with people who are true Republicans, dedicated to the conservative values that will save our city, and our country.

Second, I would like to plant a seed in your mind that YOU might like to serve on the Republican County Committee yourself. Don’t just shake your head in anger at the destruction you see. Get involved. Build and strengthen the Republican Party in Queens. The deadline may have passed for this June’s ballot, but there is next year. I will write again, in another issue of the Queens County Beacon, explaining the process. It isn’t hard, so please let that seed take root. In the meantime, you can check out QueensCountyRepublicanPatriots.com and start coming to meetings.

Lastly, I want to ask you to vote on Tuesday, June 28th, in the Primary. And if you live between 188th Street and 199th Street, and between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike, please vote for my father and me: Sol Korby and Eileen Korby. Thank you.

Sol Korby is a veteran who proudly served our country.
Eileen Korby is a retired NYC public school teacher.

Democrats are destroying the rule of law in America

There is a nationwide breakdown of law and order. The leaked draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Alito overturning Roe v. Wade, came just in time for the Democrats to use as a smokescreen for their base to cover up their failure to address the real problems in America.

Don’t Be a Donkey! 2000 Mules Movie Review

By Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg

No matter where you stand on the election integrity of the 2020 election, many people would agree that the manner in which we voted was highly unusual. Never before were mail-in ballots so consequential, or ballot drop boxes so prevalent. There were states such as New Jersey, which actually prohibited in-person voting.

Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg

As a Queens poll worker in 2020, I witnessed many out-of-state college students, with documentation to vote in more than one state, casting votes in my district. An irate international student from Singapore demanding her “right to vote” claimed that her professor required proof of her voting in order to get a grade. She was given a ballot. My niece, who voted in-person in Brooklyn, was sent three unsolicited mail-in ballots in New York and New Jersey. Many of her young Democrat friends received the same. One neighbor turned up at the polls only to be told that someone else had already voted in his name!  These incidents were all dismissed as anecdotal. There was no way for an individual like myself to know how widespread or consequential the abuse might be, especially since the abuses took so many forms.

Videos of May 5th Club Meeting: Stop Supreme Court Packing, Oust AOC

The May 5th Club Meeting featured Republican candidates and speakers that are transforming the USA and bringing on the Great Red Wave for the 2022 elections! Here are the videos of their stunning presentations.

Repelling the Assault on Our American Dreams

by Paul King, Candidate for Congress

America is a land of heroes. Not superheroes with capes, but everyday heroes who build better lives for their families through education, faith, community, and hard work.  They are the living testament to the American Dream. That Dream will become extinct if progressives/socialists continue to have their way.

Throughout my life, I’ve been schooled in the American Dream – one of the great American traditions. My maternal grandfather arrived from Italy as a 10-year-old, was placed in an orphanage, and yet eventually started his own business and bought his own home. My father grew up on Relief during the Depression. After decades of hard work, he moved his family to Rockaway where he bought his own home, sent his three children to college, and became a civic leader. Most of my friends’ parents were working-class or blue-collar people working hard to pursue their American Dream.  They were our heroes.

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