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Videos: Nov. 3rd Pre-Election Club Meeting

Congressman-Elect George Santos who flipped NY-3 Congressional Seat, long held by Democrats, rallied supporters at the Club’s Nov 3rd Pre-Election Victory Rally

Tony Nunziato, Queens GOP Chairman

Queens GOP Chairman, Tony Nunziato addressed the members of the Queens Village Republican Club on November 3, 2022. He discussed the Republican Party slate of 20 qualified candidates running for public office in Queens.

Danielle C. NY Citizens Audit

Danielle from NY Citizens Audit, presented an overview of the work of NY Citizens Audit fighting for the integrity of our elections in New York. Use the Citizens Election Integrity Report form to report any violations or election irregularities. Report at: AuditNY.com

November 8, 2022: the Day New York Fired Nancy Pelosi

By Phil Orenstein

I’d like to dispute the claim that the widely ballyhooed red wave was a mirage, at least in New York State where we saw Republicans win almost every closely contested congressional race. Four congressional seats flipped from blue to red, including the seat of Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney the formerly powerful chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). In deep blue New York, Republican candidates won 11 critical House races securing the advantage for the Republican majority to retake Congress. New York’s great victory of 2022 is the firing of Nancy Pelosi. The greater victory is that in an overwhelmingly blue state, where Democrats conspired to win by any means necessary, the integrity of our elections was protected, and New York State became the shining light of democracy in America and won a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

Please Remember our Veterans on Veterans Day

Veterans to Remember and honor today: Presenting the Veteran of the Year Award, to World War II Veteran Sampson Lester Friedman, at a past Lincoln Dinner by Congressman Lee Zeldin, a Veteran himself, with World War II Veterans Lt. Col. John Peterkin and Jason Kaatz. Lester Friedman is 99 years young and still active today!

By  Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,  Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911

Dear Clergy, brothers, friends, and family:

This letter/article I wrote about Veterans Day next week is now published in the Queens Gazette, Queens Courier, Bayside Times and the Queens Chronicle.

Please remember November 11th is Veterans Day-a day to honor all who have served our country and sacrificed their lives for the greater good. Americans really should take a pause on that day to honor our brave men and women. For more than 246 years, many have fought and died for all those freedoms we all hold most dear. I myself have served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam era and was proud to have done so. Now to honor our veterans today I am a member of the American Legion Post #103 in Douglaston, which is dedicated to helping fellow veterans. I am also a member of The Catholic War Veterans & Auxiliary in Glen Oaks Village which also helped fellow veterans. We should salute our brave men and women who are now serving this great nation, and who are now serving in the most dangerous parts of the world. Those who served have done so at a great personal sacrifice, many having to leave family, friends, and jobs for the greater good. I hope and pray this Veterans Day that anyone who is able to will fly the American Flag of this great nation in their honor. Also, if you can, call a veteran you might know and thank them for a job well done and thanking them for their service. May God bless these brave Americans and may God bless America this Veterans Day.

Sincerely Yours,
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Bellerose, N.Y.

NY Citizens Audit:
“Citizens Election Integrity Report”

NY Citizens Audit: “Citizens Election Integrity Report”

Become a Poll Watcher for your local Republican candidate on Election Day and report any election irregularities you witness or voter fraud to NY Citizens Audit on the report form: “Citizens Election Integrity Report” 

Link: https://forms.auditny.com/apps/forms/a8MGRj5zgGGR6Fkp

We’ve heard way too many reports of fraud and violations every Election Day and Primary Day for years. Registered voters who find they are not listed, voters denied a ballot, candidates and volunteers electioneering inside the poll site, Poll Workers and Interpreters telling voters who to vote for, someone who already voted in your name, Poll Sites not open on time, Republicans given Democrat ballots in Primaries, operatives voting at multiple sites, sample ballots on display with pre-selected candidates, registered voters given an affidavit ballot, and many more irregularities reported. Now we have a place to report these violations, a statewide team that is making a difference to secure the integrity of our elections. NY Citizens Audit is collecting these reports to mount legal challenges in every County of NYS. They are working to expose the truth and stop the rigging of our elections. If you see any election irregularities, please fill out the Citizens Election Integrity Report form.  NY Citizens Audit: https://auditny.com/


By Aura Moody
A concerned citizen who loves the USA

The USA is being destroyed from within. Many Americans are afraid to talk about politics and conservative values for fear of being silenced, censored, canceled, or called White Supremacists and ULTRA MAGA terrorists by the left. IT IS TIME FOR US TO PUT AMERICA FIRST OR AMERICA WILL END! The survival of civilization and the USA is on the ballot.

Vote NO on the Four Ballot Proposals

New Yorkers who care about the future of our city and state need to turn over their ballots and VOTE NO on all four Ballot Proposals on Election Day, November 8, 2022. Three of these four ballot measures are the work of former mayor, Bill de Blasio and a small minion of leftists obsessed with racism in America who propose to radically overhaul the NYC Charter.  

The Rise of the Mama Bears 

You’ve heard the expression “don’t mess with Mama Bear.” Mama Bear is endowed with the most powerful instinctive protective force in nature to protect her cubs. Today we are witnessing the rise of Mama Bears standing up in the political arena throughout America to protect their kids, families, and neighbors from the destructive power of Democrat run government with the ensuing rise of crime and inflation, open borders, woke indoctrination in our schools, lockdowns and vaccine mandates, censorship and trashing of our Constitutional rights.

Videos of Oct. 6 Club Meeting: The Rise of the Mama Bears

The Games Hochul Plays

By Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg

Game of Thrones:

King Hochul dictatorially subverts the legislature, constitutional restraints, and ethics with decrees of never-ending emergency states. The real emergency is Hochul herself! Failing to solve legitimate underlying issues, these declarations are all set ups for another game- Pay Day. Without competing bids or comptroller oversight, “Kickback Kathy” purchased $638 million of overpriced Covid tests from Charles Tebele, whose family gave her $300,000.

Honoring Queens: The Person and the Place

By Maureen Grey

Queens have often fascinated Americans. Despite America’s fight for independence starting in 1775, Americans have been fascinated with the British monarchy as is evident by the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June, and sadly the mournful tributes in September 2022 for Elizabeth II Regina – a monarch who executed her duties faithfully with grace, seriousness of purpose, diplomacy, and with great wit, but never took a complete tour of Queens, NY.

Although Elizabeth II served as the lead ambassador of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, ironically, she did not tour Queens except for a brief visit to catch the plane at Idlewild Airport, present day JFK airport. One would think that someone on the NYC Tourist Board or the Queens Chamber of Commerce would have suggested that the Queen visit Queens, after all, Queens County was named for Queen Consort Catherine of Braganza (1638-1705), wife of Charles II. However, it is that lack of respect for Queens, NY that these articles are being written. Unlike Queen Elizabeth, Queens, NY is being ignored and trampled upon by overzealous developers.

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