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“Stuffing the Ballot Box” with Mail-in Ballots

By Phil Orenstein, November 21, 2020

More than one million Trump supporters attended the Million MAGA “Stop the Steal” March at Freedom Plaza, Washington DC on November 14th. Marchers headed to a second rally site outside the Supreme Court. Photo Credit: Paul Poris

President Trump won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide of legal votes, and 73 million Trump voters will not allow this election to be stolen by widespread voter fraud. Stealing elections has been the rule rather than the exception in big cities run by Democrats throughout our history, and now it will end.

Democrats and the legacy media report that voter fraud claims are baseless, false, and historically rare and the tech giants censor anyone who disagrees. But history tells us a different story of corrupt machine politics in the big cities Democrats ruled for the past century by rigging elections, and they are still at it today.

The Hague political machine of Jersey City, and other powerful big-city machines served as the likely prototypes for today’s vote-rigging system. Mayor Frank Hague infamously declared “I am the Law” and turned voter fraud into a science to deliver votes for Democrats. Boss Hague’s political machine specializing in graft and corruption, ran Jersey City for decades in the early half of the past century. The Hague machine rigged the elections for Democrat candidates, with some winning by nearly 100% of the vote. Election results were usually reported late after reviewing the vote count to determine how many votes were needed to win. In precincts where they needed more votes, Hague’s army of election workers stuffed the ballot boxes and discarded and erased Republican ballots. Poll Watchers and Republicans seeking an honest and fair election, were shut out of polling places, arrested, bullied and beaten up. Hague’s time-honored practice of keeping dead people and those who moved away on the voter registration lists, is standard practice today.

No political machine was more proficient at stealing elections than Tammany Hall, from the latter half of the nineteenth century and on, buying votes and turning out many more votes than eligible voters. Votes from the deceased, from illegal aliens, hired hands voting multiple times, Republican poll watchers driven off, uncounted ballot boxes tossed in the East River, and voting with pre-marked ballots were some of the techniques employed by vote riggers to guarantee the outcome for Democrat candidates in elections at all levels of government. The ballots never counted, rather the “counters made the result….That was generally done to every ward by the gentleman who had charge of the ward,” Boss Tweed, the infamous Tammany leader admitted, and said, “I don’t think there was ever a fair or honest election in the city of New York.” These statements are just as true today, borne out by the same practices in play in the battleground states.

The big city vote-stealing machines of Pendergast of Kansas City, Huey Long of Louisiana, the Daley machine of Chicago, and many others, used the same methods to rig elections, such as pre-marked ballots and dead people voting. In Chicago, election workers would take names off tombstones to add to the voter rolls. Richard Daley’s powerful machine, still in operation in the 1980’s after his death, staged a massive voter fraud operation involving 100,000 illegal votes cast mostly by illegal aliens, as reported by a federal grand jury. Ongoing fraud is ever present today as the political motto of Chicago attests: “vote early and vote often.”

The nationwide call to restore integrity to the electoral process brought about such reforms as pre-registration of voters and the familiar lever machines, which were equipped with locks and features to prevent fraud and record totals accurately, in order to stop the effortless rigging of elections allowed by paper ballots.

In the 2020 election, the hallowed tradition of “stuffing the ballot box” is back in play with abundant fraud, as President Trump and the Republican Party warned the nation early on. Old school voter-fraudsters jumped at the opportunity imposed by the pandemic, to ply their nefarious trade once again with mail-in ballots to steal the presidential election.

An anonymous Democrat political operative blew the whistle in a recent New York Post article exposing the widespread tricks of the trade using mail-in ballots to rig elections. Tricks such as ballot harvesting, copying and pre-marking ballots, engaging anti-Trump postal workers, dead people voting and many others that are eerily similar to the vote-stealing tactics of the heyday of the Hague, Daley and Boss Tweed political machines.

The return of mail-in paper ballots was a goldmine for big city Democrat operatives to deliver the votes needed for Biden to win the battleground states, with millions of fraudulent ballots.  “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” were the literal words of Joe Biden.

Democrat controlled big cities in the swing states, closed their polling sites, shut out Republican inspectors and observers, and continued counting through the night until Trump’s lead on Election Day was gone.  Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta poll sites were closed down on election night and the required number of votes miraculously appeared overnight to swing the lead to Biden.

Rather than nationwide voter fraud, we witnessed vote rigging operations on a local level in Democrat run cities of swing states to change a national election.  There was little or no fraud, no poll site close downs, no ballot dumps necessary in such Blue cities in Red states, as Nashville, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and others. This was a surgical operation to steal the election mainly in the key swing states, imbued with the history of vote rigging big-city political machines.

President Trump’s legal defense team is presenting mountains of evidence and sworn affidavits of eyewitnesses to fraud, whistleblowers exposing election software designed to rig elections that switched “millions of votes” from Trump to Biden, and more than enough illegal ballots to overturn the election in key swing states. This fraudulent election will not stand. The election is far from over. The only way Trump will not win a second term is if he concedes, and this will never happen! We must stand with President Trump for the sake of America!  


Phil Orenstein is the president of the Queens Village Republican Club. Established in 1875, it is America’s oldest Republican Club.  www.QVGOP.org   Historian, Jerry Matacotta, founder of History Seminar Series at Queensborough Community College was the advisor for this article.

Democrat Mayor Justin Taylor: Why Many Pennsylvanians Now Say “The Road To The White House Runs Through Carbondale”

By Robert Golomb 

Editor’s Note: This is syndicated columnist Robert Golomb’s latest column as published in the news and media outlet, The Published Reporter 

President Donald Trump, left, appears with vice-president Mike Pence, right, during a rally Dec. 10, 2019, at Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. December 10, 2019, Editorial credit: Matt Smith Photographer / Shutterstock.com, licensed.
President Donald Trump, left, appears with vice-president Mike Pence, right, during a rally Dec. 10, 2019, at Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. December 10, 2019, Editorial credit: Matt Smith Photographer / Shutterstock.com, licensed.

CARBONDALE, PA – A mayor’s endorsement of a presidential candidate in an election year is such a common political occurrence that it rarely garners anything other than strictly local press coverage. Such, however, was not the case with Justin Taylor, the mayor of Carbondale, a city located approximately 125 miles west of NYC in Pennsylvania’s Lackawanna County.  

Rather, soon after announcing his support of President Trump in June, 2020, Taylor became a sought after and frequent guest on national radio and television political talk shows, including conservative commentator Steve Bannon’s nationally syndicated radio program, “War Room: Pandemic,’’ and has also been interviewed by a host of major statewide and national newspapers, including the widely circulated The National Pulse.

“At first, I was surprised that my endorsement of President Trump would receive so much media coverage, but maybe I should not have been,” said the mayor during a recent telephone interview.           

Taylor, in fact, should not have been surprised by the wide spread media attention he received. The reason? Taylor is a Democrat, placing him among a very small number of Democratic mayors throughout the nation to support Trump’s reelection bid.

The mayor of Carbondale, Justin Taylor, 43, a married father of three young children with one on the way, explained why he took the unusual step of switching party affiliation to endorse President Trump. Photo credit: Facebook Page of Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor.

Explaining why he took the unusual step of switching party affiliation to endorse Trump, Taylor, 43, who was first elected 18 years ago as the city’s then 25 year-old mayor, told me.

“My decision to support President Trump was not difficult. My love of my country has always come before my party loyalty. From making our economy reach record highs before we were hit by Covid-19, to once again making America’s military the most powerful in the world, to making American energy independent for the first time in history, President Trump has kept his promise to ‘Make America Great Again.”’

“And I also support him,” Taylor added, “because by making America energy independent, he has boosted the economy of the entire oil and natural gas energy producing state of Pennsylvania. Citizens of Carbondale totally understand and appreciate this.”  

“So I’m confident,” Taylor continued, “that voters of Carbondale will vote for the president in such overwhelming numbers that it might well be the margin that turns the battleground state of Pennsylvania in the president’s favor. Which is why many Pennsylvanians now say ‘the road to the White House runs through Carbondale.”’

That last claim might seem hyperbolic, until you take a careful look at the recent political history of Carbondale. While the party voter registration of Carbondale’s approximately 8,500 mainly working-class Catholic citizenry currently favors Democrats by about a 2-1 margin, that number declined from a 4-1 Democratic party advantage just a decade ago. And, even more notably, Trump in 2016 won the city over Hillary Clinton by a 2,132- 1961 count, a small but not insignificant amount in a state which the president won by only 41,000 votes.

With recent polls showing Trump trailing Biden by 4%, in Pennsylvania, a traditional Democratic turned Trump supporting city like Carbondale might, Taylor prognosticated, be able to supply the votes which will enable Trump to overcome that deficit.  

“You see Trump signs everywhere you go in Carbondale, in homes, on the streets and on the roads,” stated Taylor. Then, referring to his earlier statement concerning the pivotal role that Carbondale might play in the election, Taylor added, “This is why I believe the president will hold on to virtually every vote he received four years ago [in Carbondale] and will also win the support of the overwhelming number of the Democrats and independents who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. If my forecast is accurate, which I am convinced it is, if Trump wins a razor thin victory in Pennsylvania, leading to his reelection, he well might have the voters of Carbondale to thank.’’  

Supporters gather to show support as President Donald Trump appears during a rally Dec. 10, 2019, at Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania. December 10, 2019, Editorial credit: Matt Smith Photographer / Shutterstock.com, licensed.

In addition to Carbondale, Taylor elaborated that there are dozens of other small cities in Pennsylvania that, like Carbondale, have more registered Democrats than Republicans, but polls show are leaning to the president by large enough margins to possibly produce a Trump victory in the state.

“Almost every other city in the region, such as Old Forge and Clarks Summit, is as pro-Trump as Carbondale. For these voters, it’s God, family, country and work,” stated Taylor. “Unfortunately, Biden and his every increasingly socialist, anti-American Democratic Party share the opposite values.  

“And hearing Biden,” Taylor elaborated, “admit during the [second] debate that he plans to destroy the oil and natural gas industry will further convince Pennsylvanians that a Biden Presidency would be a disaster for families throughout the state and entire country.”  

Not afraid to make a bold prediction, Taylor, the married father of three young children with one on the way, forecasted, “As more and more Democrats across Pennsylvania and across the nation realize that they and their families have been abandoned by Biden and his Democratic Party, they will turn out in huge numbers for the president, and he will win in a landslide.”

I suspect that President Trump hopes Taylor’s prediction comes true.

Robert Golomb is a nationally and internationally syndicated columnist. His work has appeared in The South Asian Times, The Epoch Times, The Long Island Jewish World group of papers, the Muslim Community Report, the Messenger and more. You can email him at MrBob347@aol.com.

Beyond 2020 Election: Critical Issues for NYC

By Micah Morrison

Micah Morrison, Featured Speaker at QVGOP Columbus Day Dinner Meeting

Presidential races are critically important, but no matter who helms the Oval Office after the 2020 election, New York City will face enormous challenges brought on by Covid-19 and years of mismanagement by Mayor de Blasio. Crime is rising, social disorder is accelerating, the city economy is in tatters, and our schools are in deep trouble.

I’ve seen this up close as a proud resident of Queens, chief investigative reporter for the watchdog group Judicial Watch, and a member of the Queens District 28 Community Education Council. The CECs are part of New York City’s school governance structure, a middle ground between parents and the Department of Education. There is a CEC for every school district in New York. Our D28 CEC supports 40 elementary and middle schools—more than 40,000 kids—in Central Queens.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza discuss DOE Disversity Plan. Photo Credit: Paul Martinka, NY Post.

I recently wrote in the New York Post that during my time at the CEC, I’ve seen a community that is filled with moderate, thoughtful people. But there’s also a contingent of hard-core “progressives” intent on imposing their agenda on the city. They are led by a truly radical schools chancellor, Richard Carranza, and a mayoral administration aiming to ram through a left-wing educational agenda under the banner of “diversity.”

Today, the stakes are rising, because de Blasio and Carranza know they are running out of time.

2021 will bring the most consequential New York City municipal elections in a generation. Open positions include mayor, city comptroller, a majority of City Council seats, and the influential Manhattan DA’s Office.

District 28 is at the center of the radical push on education policy. Last year, Carranza’s DOE introduced a “Diversity Planning Process” that turned out to be no true process at all, and a mockery of diversity. But they did have a plan.

Kids, it appeared, would be moved to different schools to achieve a racial balance. Parents were aghast. Would there be busing? How would moving children fix school-funding issues?  What about the Gifted & Talented programs? What about the SHSAT—the Specialized High School Admission Test for entry to the city’s top schools? It turned out that while G&T and SHSAT were not directly linked to Diversity Planning, Carranza had plans to scrap those too, in the name of “equity.”

Carranza has been open about his agenda. “We see [the Covid-19 crisis] as an opportunity to finally push and move and be very strategic in a very aggressive way what we know is the equity agenda for our kids,” he said in an April 16 address.

In District 28, the community revolted. We slowed down Carranza’s plan. The pandemic led to an additional pause. But my reporting for the Post uncovered big City Hall money behind the diversity push and the apparent intention to impose radical change—enforced diversity, an assault on G&T and SHSAT—in the coming months.

It’s true that fault lines of racism and inequity run beneath the social topography of New York City. But solutions imposed from the top down will not work. Traditional American conservatism recognizes that imperfect as we all are, we can work together to form a more perfect union.

At the CEC, I introduced a resolution to scrap the mayor’s diversity planning process, pausing it for a year, until the pandemic passed, and starting over in a way that celebrates the diversity of Queens. The Left denounced me and my effort failed in a close CEC vote.

In 2021, all New Yorkers will get to vote. Republicans, conservatives, and embattled moderates need to come together to offer compelling alternatives to the programs of the Left that currently dominate New York City politics. In 2021, if we fail to act, those programs will grow much more powerful.

Micah Morrison is chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch and a member of the Queens District 28 Community Education Council. He can be contacted at micah@micahmorrison.com      

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The Stalinist Show Trial of Roger Stone

By Phil Orenstein

Roger Stone reacts outside his Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home after President Trump commuted his federal prison sentence. Photo credit: REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Roger Stone’s trial was a Stone-cold case of abuse of justice and due process at a time when Americans are crying out for justice. Now, after his federal prison sentence was commuted by the president, the feds are coming after him again. They never stop abusing justice to attack President Trump and his loyal Republican allies, in their failed attempts to undo what they couldn’t do at the ballot box in 2016 and now in 2020, as voter enthusiasm mounts for our president.

Roger Stone, senior campaign advisor to Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Trump, gave us a taste of some “Stone Cold Truth” as keynote speaker at one of the past Lincoln Dinners of the Queens Village Republican Club. It was his personal account of the political establishment’s attempt to remove President Trump after he was elected in 2016 in “the largest case of political espionage that makes Watergate look like small potatoes.”

Stone, the loyal defender of our president, was prosecuted as a victim of a political witch hunt. He was arrested and a trial ensued for his “crimes” of standing up for President Trump and not caving in to the threats of his inquisitors of the Mueller investigation aimed at sending him to die in the Gulag.  This was a Stalinist show trial.

How do they justify the pre-dawn raid with more than 20 FBI agents armed with automatic weapons, with CNN, the American Pravda, filming the spectacle on nationwide TV, to arrest Roger Stone as the #1 enemy of the State? They don’t send 20 FBI agents to arrest a murderer! Without evidence of a crime, presumed guilty before the trial, which was fixed, the prosecution, fixed, the court, the judges, the jury, the media all of which were fixed, in an effort to get Stone to turn on the president, to lie, in order to collect evidence for Mueller’s Russia collusion witch hunt. They will do anything to overturn the legitimate election of Trump.

The special court of Salem Massachusetts convened the infamous Salem witch trials, where you could be accused, prosecuted, and hanged for practicing witchcraft whether there was evidence or not. An accusation of being a witch was enough criminal evidence. Accusations of being a communist in the McCarthy era could ruin your reputation and send you to prison. People have no rights in high government commissions and are judged guilty before the trial begins.

Stone’s alleged crimes were prosecuted in a fake government court replete with liberal activist Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Obama and Hillary Clinton operatives acting as prosecutors, and a partisan jury.  It was a bogus government investigation of a political prisoner, in a kangaroo court that found Stone guilty before the trial without evidence of a crime, where he had to prove his innocence by squealing on Trump.

The show trial was based on the false premises that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a Russian asset, that Wikileaks is a Russian front organization, and Stone collaborated with WikiLeaks. This was the core of the failed narrative that the Trump campaign was in collusion with Russia to meddle in the 2016 presidential election, all of which is 100% rubbish. WikiLeaks is a big thorn in the side of our government by publishing deep secrets they don’t want American voters to know. It’s a key part of our government’s ongoing political war against our president, who poses a great threat to the Washington deep state, the globalists, the lobbyists, the special interests, and the Democrat party itself. They don’t care about America, they don’t care about you, they don’t care about our Constitution, they don’t care about justice. All they want is to preserve business as usual to maintain their own power and control.

So they went after Stone to confess to his alleged crimes, and tell his inquisitors what they wanted to hear, that Trump put him up to this. Smear Trump and you’re off the hook. But Roger Stone is an American Patriot, and he would not lie to save his own skin.  So they punished him severely.  They sentenced a 67-year-old with underlying respiratory problems, to rot in a federal prison with coronavirus outbreaks, for 40 months which is a certain death sentence. 

Cop killer Steven Chirse was recently granted early release from prison due to the coronavirus epidemic. Criminals are being released in droves in crime-ridden Democrat run cities. Murderers are being released. But Stone is treated worse than a murderer. They sent him to prison to die, like a political prisoner in Stalin’s Russia. Like the Soviet court system, criminals are let out, and if you don’t fit their narrative, they send you to the Gulag. They’re all Stalinists – the Mueller Special Counsel investigation, the judge, the courts, FBI, CIA, the media – they got rid of the rule of law and people who don’t fit their narrative, to give the state absolute power.

They wanted to destroy a human life to get to Trump. You wouldn’t want your worst enemy to go to jail with Covid. But where is the uproar from the silent majority? Why aren’t more good people demanding justice for Roger Stone, as the DOJ inspector general is now re-investigating his sentencing? Why weren’t more people screaming that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime? Where are all the social justice lawyers, hypocrites that they are? Paging Clarence Darrow who famously said: “You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom?”

Where are the good people of this country standing up for a person, whom they may not like, but still deserves equal justice, because it could be you next. Stone was framed and they sent him out to die.  Stone received no justice, but the greatest threat is coming to all of us. You will not receive justice under the new Stalinist Democrat regime. We must all stand up for Roger Stone and true justice, and vote in the most important election of our lifetime!

Phil Orenstein is the President of the Queens Village Republican Club. Established in 1875, it is America’s oldest Republican Club.  www.QVGOP.org   Historian, Jerry Matacotta, founder of History Seminar Series at Queensborough Community College was the advisor for this article.

Jewish Voters Beware, You Cannot Escape History

Jewish Voters Beware, You Cannot Escape History

By Phil Orenstein

The study of history is the study of human nature. We learn from the past in order to protect ourselves from the present. Voters need to take heed, and looking into our history, American Jews in particular, beware. You cannot escape history.

Jews thought they would be perpetually safe enjoying the high life on top of German society before the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party, just as Jews today enjoy freedom, prosperity, and safety in America. Jews were Germans first and believed in the Fatherland. They were Germany’s bankers, industrialists, soldiers, scientists, factory workers, and teachers. The German Republic was a representative democracy that upheld the rule of law, the courts, police protection, and a Bill of Rights that guaranteed freedom of speech and religion, and equality under the law for every German citizen.

Before the worldwide depression hit Germany in 1929, the Nazis were a minor political party and anti-Semitism was not as prevalent. The Nazis capitalized on the widespread unemployment and severe economic depression that decimated Germany, without which they never would have come to power. The country was bitterly divided, and Hitler seized the opportunity to blame the crisis on the Jewish capitalists and financiers. In three short years Hitler was appointed German chancellor and soon came to control every aspect of German life, the laws, the courts, the police, and before long the Jews were doomed to the death camps.

Political TidBits for October, 2020

Born to be Chad: Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has shown backbone in defending the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, against anarchists (despite threats made against him and his family). The left can find nothing positive about the actions of President Trump. They have been dismissive of Wolf’s appointment by demeaning him as someone “straight out of central casting” due to his movie star good looks. So beware: being handsome is considered disqualifying for getting a job in the Trump administration. The left continually shows how mentally twisted they are.

The rent used to be too damn high: It is said that over 400,000 people have fled Manhattan due to the NYC Mayor’s refusal to put down riots and looting and his undermining of the police. Plus with theaters, dance clubs and restaurants closed, why live in Manhattan? Uh oh. Rent control and rent stabilization law is based on dealing with a housing emergency. The emergency being that too few available apartments leads to unaffordable high rents. Well, there are apartments galore in Manhattan that are going begging, and landlords are reducing rents. That means the rent control and rent stabilization laws can’t be justified. Let’s see how the leftists that run the NYS legislature deal with this. They love controlling everything but they no longer have a legal reason for imposing price controls on apartments.

Restaurants eat Governor Cuomo’s lunch: Although the lawsuit to reopen New York City restaurants is considered bi-partisan, Republicans have been playing an outsized role in its support. The $2 billion lawsuit not only demands that restaurants be reopened, but asks the court to award restaurants reimbursement for financial losses already incurred. As soon as word of the lawsuit hit the newspapers, the Governor announced that NYC restaurants will open at 25% capacity on September 30. It’s obvious by the timing of Cuomo’s edict that the bad publicity was giving him indigestion. But some restaurants complain that at 25% capacity, they would lose more money than if they remain closed. The restaurant lobby is continuing with the lawsuit. They want a full plate (100% utilization).

Take it with a grain of SALT: Dems have been bellyaching that the rich don’t pay their fair share, but in this election year where everything is upside down, the Democrats want to repeal the SALT law that caps the deductibility of state and local taxes (referred to as SALT) on federal tax returns. It impacts high real estate and income tax states like New York and California. High income taxpayers owning fancy homes have to pay more taxes. Well, isn’t that what Democrats have been demanding? Yes. Until now, because Trump is president.

What’s black and white and red all over? We are referring to today’s youth. They don’t just lean Democrat, they lean socialist and communist. Of all Americans below the age of 16, non-whites are now a majority. In two years they begin to vote. Non-whites vote especially for the Democrat party. The GOP needs to get busy making its case before it’s too late. They should follow the lead of the Queens Village Republican Club which years ago began to reach out to non-white and immigrant communities and with much success. The QVRC may now be the most ethnically diverse GOP club in America.

September is National Preparedness Month

By Joseph Concannon

We hope you used your time in September 2020 to get prepared (please review the US Department of Homeland Security website for specific details).  As a political club how do we prepare?  Well, first we never settle back and relax thinking we have control of everything.  As President Ronald Reagan said we are only one day away from anarchy.  Freedom is not free, and we would be better off to never forget it.  Do not get lulled into a sense of complacency.   Voting matters and elections have consequences.

The Queens Village Republican Club is not just the oldest active club, we are a strong club.  Our responsibilities are many because we are known so well.  Specifically, we need to lean in on the younger people in our areas who have yet to understand war and politics.  They have no reference point on the terrorist attacks on our county on 9/11, like many of us who have never experienced World War I or World War II or any other war or invasion the United States has taken part in.  It is our history and it is our responsibility to reflect on it and pass it on to the next generation.  As they say, history – know it, learn from it, or you are doomed to repeat it. 

September is National Preparedness Month.  Are we as a club doing all we can to prepare the young and refresh the minds of those older that freedom is not free?  As we watch anarchy in our streets, crime surges, 134% increase in shooting victims and 166% shooting incidents. We are sliding into chaos, disorder, crime, and fear. For many of us, our better days are behind us.  The fight we are in is for future generations, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

National Preparedness Month is not just about a backpack, bottled water, and a few essentials.  Someone must take up the mantle to move freedom forward.  Someone has to train future generations about the value of civic duty, the satisfaction of instructing people how to register to vote, how to become a citizen.  These tasks are our duty.  Our club has a role.  We should be producing social media instructional videos talking about the importance of our civic duty and voting, and we should be targeting high school and college level students. Our club needs to talk about investment in scholarships and follow students through their school years and support them.

The legacy of our club will depend on how we invest our assets today into future generations.  As some of us pass the torch from one generation to the next, our performance will be measured by our success in reaching out to all communities and especially the youth of our communities. 

Voting matters and elections have consequences.  We are duty-bound to fight back, fight for our future, fight for the future generations, as well as fight for a great legacy.  Tune in to your nation, study her Constitution, Bill of Rights, engage others on the principles for which our nation was founded and never forget the great men and women who died for our nation.  Fly the flag proudly and be determined.

Honor the memory of so many who have given it all.  Register to vote, passionately engage others to also do so and never forget.  Voting matters and elections have consequences.


Joseph Concannon is a former NYPD Captain, Deputy Director of Public Safety in Mayor Giuliani’s administration, Republican candidate for City Council, and 1st Vice President of the Queens Village Republican Club 

Long Island GOP Congressional Candidate Andrew Garbarino: Separating His Opponent’s Resume From Her Leftist Policies

By Robert Golomb

Editor’s Note: This is syndicated columnist Bob Golomb’s latest column as published in the news and media outlet, The Published Reporter 

Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino Officially receives the endorsement of retiring Congressman Pete King. Photo Credit: Garbarino for Congress.

NEW YORK, NY – When this past winter New York State’s four term Suffolk County incumbent Republican Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino, whose 7th District covers the majority of communities in Smithtown and small portions of the towns of Islip and Brookhaven, learned that the 14 term United States GOP Congressman Peter King would not seek reelection to his seat in the Second Congressional District, which spans through southwestern Suffolk County and minor sections of southeastern Nassau County, he knew that he had a difficult choice to make.  

“Whether or not to give up my seat in the assembly and run for Congress was not an easy decision  for me to make… During my 8 years in the assembly, I felt that I have accomplished a great deal on behalf of my constituents,” stated Garbarino. “I have pushed for increased funding for our local school districts, supported our brave and dedicated men and women in law enforcement, worked to protect the environment of Long Island and fought against the tax hikes proposed by the governor.”

“So, my first inclination,” he continued, “was to stay in the assembly to continue this work. However, when I became convinced that I could continue this work, as well as other important work, on a federal level, I made the decision to run for Congress.”

Still, Garbarino, 37, an attorney who has lived in Suffolk County his entire life, had to first earn the Republican nomination to have the chance to win that race. Also seeking the opportunity to replace King was Republican Assemblyman Mike LiPetri, a popular one term incumbent in Suffolk’s Assembly District 9. The contest was settled in the GOP’s June 23rd primary, when Garbarino defeated LiPetri by a 61% to 39% margin. Reflecting on that race and its aftermath, Garbarino stated, “Mike was a tough competitor and ran a hard-fought campaign… I am extremely proud and appreciative that he is now campaigning for me.”

Garbarino added that due to the COVID-19 epidemic he had to run his race against LiPetri in a less voter interactive mode than he had been accustomed to in the past.

“The covid-19 epidemic prevented me from live campaigning… In the past [assembly elections] I enjoyed and learned from the one-on-one personal contact I had with voters. So, [in the Congressional primary] I had to campaign digitally, by mail and TV. My current campaign in the general campaign is being run in a similar, although a bit more flexible manner.”              

Garbarino’s Democratic opponent in that upcoming November 3rd general election is Jackie Gordon, who defeated her primary opponent Patricia Maher by a more than 2-1 margin. A 29-year United States Army Reserve combat veteran who retired from the military in 2014 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and through most of those same years worked as a high school guidance counsellor and also served from 2007 to this year as the councilwoman for the southwestern Suffolk County town of Babylon, Gordon has been said to enjoy the respect of both Democrats and Republicans, including Garbarino himself, for her work in public service.  

“I hold a high degree of respect for Ms. Gordon’s military service and her work as an educator and local public official,” Garbarino stated.

However, he quickly made it clear to me that he separates his respect for his opponent’s impressive background from what he contends are her extreme leftist positions, which Garbarino asserted, she is trying to hide from voters.

“While Ms. Gordon’s resume is quite impressive, it should not be confused with the extreme leftist Democratic Party policies she supports, which she has tried very hard to hide from the voters of our district,” contended Garbarino, who added that Gordon also won the nomination of the hard-left leaning Working Families Party.

“Ms. Gordon,’’ he charged, “has carefully avoided answering questions from voters about her far out of the mainstream policies, which are in total accord with her ideological left controlled Democratic Party, as well as those of the Working Families Party.”             

Citing as his first specific example of policies which he contends Gordon is trying to shield from the voters, Garbarino stated, “Ms. Gordon has tried to hide the fact that she along with her Democratic Party supports anti-law enforcement funding legislation, which if enacted, would result in cutting federal funds to local police departments, including inevitably, our own police departments here in Suffolk and Nassau.”

In addition, Garbarino asserted that his opponent is also attempting to hide her support of federal bail reform policies proposed by leading House Democrats. “Ms. Gordon’s Democratic Party’s bail reform proposals include eliminating cash bail for most defendants charged in federal criminal court cases, such as drug sales, identify theft and even child pornography. It is no wonder why she refuses to respond, when questioned about it,” he charged. 

The GOP’ candidate’s final criticism of Gordon centered on the controversial 2019 Medicare-for-all bill. Currently being debated in the House of Representatives, the bill, which has been opposed by every one of the 199 House Republicans and supported by an overwhelming majority of the 235 House Democrats, would, if it became law, place the federal government in almost total control of all forms of medical care for every American, making it even more expansive than the original plan proposed in the Senate by Bernie Sanders in 2016.

To Garbarino, Gordon’s refusal to publicly state her opposition to the Medicare-for-all legislative proposal is unsettling, but not surprising. “As the experience with similar programs in such countries as England and Canada illustrate, this bill, if passed, would result in Americans waiting several long and dangerous months to have even vital surgery performed,” stated Garbarino. “It would also,” he elaborated, “empower the federal government to, as a cost cutting method, deny treatment to the elderly and seriously ill… It is troubling, but unfortunately predictable, that Ms. Gordon would not break with her own party to oppose this awful bill.”

Garbarino later described his own policy positions, which, if elected, he said, he will bring to Washington. “Just as in the assembly I fought against the bail reform bill which, when it unfortunately became law in 2020 despite unanimous Republican opposition, resulted in a severe rise in crime across the state, I’ll stand up to Speaker PelosiCongresswoman Cortez and the rest of the far-left Democrats to make certain that they do not pass similar dangerous laws in the Congress,” he promised.  

 “I will also,” he continued, “push for legislation that brings additional law-enforcement resources to the country, the state and our district; support legislation which protects the exclusive right of local governments to set and enforce residential zoning laws; and as the COVID-19 health crisis continues, it will be my priority to secure for our district sustained federal financial assistance to families, small business owners and the workers they employ.” 

To accomplish those goals, Garbarino, of course, must first win this highly competitive general election contest, which, as of this writing, a majority of independent polling firms continue to calculate to be a “toss-up’’ race. So, throughout the remaining 6 weeks of the campaign, voters in the 2nd Congressional District might well expect to hear Garbarino even further urging them to separate his opponent’s resume from her polices.   

Robert Golomb

Robert Golomb is a nationally and internationally syndicated columnist. His work has appeared in The South Asian Times, The Epoch Times, The Long Island Jewish World group of papers, the Muslim Community Report, the Messenger and more. You can email him at MrBob347@aol.com.

Steve Bannon

Videos: Steve Bannon, Bevelyn Beatty at Sept 3rd Dinner Meeting

It was a rainy evening on September 3rd but more than 80 guests attended the Dinner Meeting under the Triple Crown Diner Tent in Bellerose filling the venue to capacity. The event featured Steve Bannon video conferenced in live from the War Room Pandemic, and other exciting speakers in person. Enthusiasm was evident as chanting spontaneously broke out—“USA, USA” and “Four More Years” repeatedly. Here are the videos of this energizing event.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon spoke at Queens Village Republican Club Dinner Meeting Sept. 3, 2020, live from the War Room Pandemic via video conferencing. In a 45 min interview with Q & A he explained that this is our toughest fight and the most important election in history. The Democrats are poised to steal the election through all sorts of nefarious tactics, and we must “Flood the Zone” and win on Nov. 3, and then hold the victory until the Inauguration.

Bevelyn Beatty

Bevelyn Beatty was guest speaker at Sept 3, 2020 Dinner Meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club. Bevelyn is an Evangelist and co-founder of At The Well Ministries. In a Facebook video that went viral, Bevelyn spread paint across the BLM mural on 5th Ave. outside Trump Tower and became a national patriotic super-star.

Diane Atkins

Diane Atkins is a great Republican activist and patriot from Brooklyn, NY. She’s working with the Mighty American Strike Force, the driving force behind the victory for President Trump in battleground states in 2016, and we calling for volunteers to do it again in 2020!

Dave Franklin

Dave Franklin, former Port Washington Police Commissioner, is running for State Senate in a very competitive race against Democrat Anna Kaplan. This is a close race and a great opportunity to flip a State Senate seat to Republican.

Giovanni Perna

Giovanni Perna is the Republican candidate running for State Assembly in the Glendale Ridgewood area of Queens.

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