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What is the Republican County Committee and Why Should I Care?

by Eileen Korby 
Candidate for Republican County Committee (AD 25/ED 17)

It’s Election Day in November and you go to the polls to vote. You tick off your choices for the major Republican candidates you want (President, or Governor, or Mayor), then you continue down the column and you see something disturbing. In the election for local judges, there are only Democrat candidates, and they are running unopposed. I am sure that this has aggravated every one of us. But why does it happen? How do those judicial candidates get on the ballot anyway?

The short answer (to a complicated question) is that the County Committee plays a big part in getting candidates for judgeships on the ballot. Every county in New York State has both a Democrat and Republican County Committee. Those who serve on the County Committees are unpaid, elected volunteers. It might surprise you to learn that, in Queens, there are currently over 2,800 empty seats on the Republican County Committee. Perhaps that is part of the explanation for Republicans being underrepresented on the ballot for local elections.

But take heart! Things are changing in Queens. The Queens County Republican Patriots, a non-profit organization, is helping dedicated Republican citizens to fill those empty seats. A number of people, my father and I among them, will be on the Primary ballot on June 28th for the Republican County Committee.

Why are we doing it? Because we can’t stand watching our city devolve into the lawless nightmare it has become any longer. We want to see judges on the ballot who have our safety as their primary objective.

That’s not the only thing Republican County Committee members do. The committee elects party leadership and votes on party policies for the county. On occasion, the County Committee chooses candidates for special elections. This occurs if a state official dies or resigns during his/her term in office. The importance of this cannot be understated. According to a 2017 report by Citizens Union, 33% of the New York State Assembly, and 19% of the New York Senate were chosen in a special election. Many, if not most, of those legislators then go on to win those seats in the general election.

I want to leave you with two thoughts:

First, it is extremely important not to sit out the Republican Primary and wait for November. The Republican County Committee seats are only filled in the Primary election. We need to build the Republican Party in Queens, and we need to build it with people who are true Republicans, dedicated to the conservative values that will save our city, and our country.

Second, I would like to plant a seed in your mind that YOU might like to serve on the Republican County Committee yourself. Don’t just shake your head in anger at the destruction you see. Get involved. Build and strengthen the Republican Party in Queens. The deadline may have passed for this June’s ballot, but there is next year. I will write again, in another issue of the Queens County Beacon, explaining the process. It isn’t hard, so please let that seed take root. In the meantime, you can check out QueensCountyRepublicanPatriots.com and start coming to meetings.

Lastly, I want to ask you to vote on Tuesday, June 28th, in the Primary. And if you live between 188th Street and 199th Street, and between 73rd Avenue and Union Turnpike, please vote for my father and me: Sol Korby and Eileen Korby. Thank you.

Sol Korby is a veteran who proudly served our country.
Eileen Korby is a retired NYC public school teacher.

Democrats are destroying the rule of law in America

There is a nationwide breakdown of law and order. The leaked draft opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Alito overturning Roe v. Wade, came just in time for the Democrats to use as a smokescreen for their base to cover up their failure to address the real problems in America.

Don’t Be a Donkey! 2000 Mules Movie Review

By Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg

No matter where you stand on the election integrity of the 2020 election, many people would agree that the manner in which we voted was highly unusual. Never before were mail-in ballots so consequential, or ballot drop boxes so prevalent. There were states such as New Jersey, which actually prohibited in-person voting.

Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg

As a Queens poll worker in 2020, I witnessed many out-of-state college students, with documentation to vote in more than one state, casting votes in my district. An irate international student from Singapore demanding her “right to vote” claimed that her professor required proof of her voting in order to get a grade. She was given a ballot. My niece, who voted in-person in Brooklyn, was sent three unsolicited mail-in ballots in New York and New Jersey. Many of her young Democrat friends received the same. One neighbor turned up at the polls only to be told that someone else had already voted in his name!  These incidents were all dismissed as anecdotal. There was no way for an individual like myself to know how widespread or consequential the abuse might be, especially since the abuses took so many forms.

Videos of May 5th Club Meeting: Stop Supreme Court Packing, Oust AOC

The May 5th Club Meeting featured Republican candidates and speakers that are transforming the USA and bringing on the Great Red Wave for the 2022 elections! Here are the videos of their stunning presentations.

Repelling the Assault on Our American Dreams

by Paul King, Candidate for Congress

America is a land of heroes. Not superheroes with capes, but everyday heroes who build better lives for their families through education, faith, community, and hard work.  They are the living testament to the American Dream. That Dream will become extinct if progressives/socialists continue to have their way.

Throughout my life, I’ve been schooled in the American Dream – one of the great American traditions. My maternal grandfather arrived from Italy as a 10-year-old, was placed in an orphanage, and yet eventually started his own business and bought his own home. My father grew up on Relief during the Depression. After decades of hard work, he moved his family to Rockaway where he bought his own home, sent his three children to college, and became a civic leader. Most of my friends’ parents were working-class or blue-collar people working hard to pursue their American Dream.  They were our heroes.

Stop the assault of the progressive left of the Democrat Party on our rights

Any elected official or candidate who doesn’t uphold the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, and our Judicial System should be voted out of office.

Review of The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton

By Stephen H. Weiner

Good evening fellow ARRT (American Revolution Round-Table of New York) Members and Guests. It is a pleasure to give a review of The Jewish World of Alexander Hamilton, by Andrew Porwancher.

Andrew Porwancher teaches at the University of Oklahoma.

This book includes 192 pages of text, and 48 pages of Notes. The subject of the book is the author’s remarkable claim that Alexander Hamilton was born and raised as a Jew, and how he, in contrast to other founders of the Republic, had good relations with Jews and was unsullied by antisemitic bias.

It’s an exaggeration to call the Jewish presence in the Western Hemisphere that the author describes as a “Jewish World.” Religious discrimination, and anti-Jewish sentiments and stereotypes were a part of life in the thirteen colonies.  When the Revolution began, there were around 2,000 Jews, of whom 250 lived in the city of New York, where there was one synagogue.1 However, these Jews did something vital to the Jewish future in the United States.   According to the author, a majority of them supported the Revolution.

With respect to the theory of Hamilton’s Jewish origin, here is how the argument goes: Hamilton’s mother was Rachel Faucette, a Christian Englishwoman who grew up on the Island of Nevis in the Caribbean. Rachel moved to the Island of St.

Croix. While on St. Croix, she marries a merchant named Johan Levine, who probably was Jewish. Rachel, according to the author, must have converted to Judaism because they did not have their child Peter baptized.2 Subsequently, their marriage ended badly due to her committing adultery.

Rachel then had two children out of wedlock with James Hamilton, Sr., a Scottish aristocrat. The children were James Hamilton, Jr., and Alexander Hamilton.

According to the author, because Rachel converted when she married Johan, and in Judaism the religion is passed by the mother to her children, that made Alexander Hamilton Jewish.

Subsequently, Rachel moved back to Nevis. While on Nevis, Rachel had a Jewish teacher tutor Alexander. Later in life, Alexander recalled learning the Ten Commandments in Hebrew.

When he was eleven years old, however, Rachel relocated back to St. Croix. Tragically, she died when Alexander was just thirteen. After a difficult few months, he was taken in by an affluent Christian Englishman, Thomas Stevens.

The first problem with the Jewish Origin theory is the absence of a Jewish community on St. Croix to convert Rachel. A woman’s Jewish conversion did not occur automatically by marriage, Under Jewish law, a conversion must be recognized by a panel of several Jewish men. There was no Jewish synagogue or school. The author found records that there were six Jewish men on St. Croix. This is less than the ten man quorum required for traditional Jewish prayer. The claim with no evidence that three of these six men living without a synagogue would sit as a religious panel and determine that Rachel converted is incredible. Anyway, what would be the meaning of a conversion on an island without a Jewish community?3

In contrast to St. Croix, the Nevis Jewish community included seventy persons in a section of Charlestown.  Here, the author goes too far in saying that there is proof that Alexander was accepted by a Jewish school. Rather, the evidence is that a Jewish woman tutored young Alexander on at least one occasion. However that is not evidence that Alexander was Jewish.   She might not have asked too many questions, or she could have acted out of compassion for a mother and a child.

Further, the fact that a Christian Englishman (who was unrelated to him), Thomas Stevens, became the teenager Hamilton’s guardian after his mother’s death, is evidence of the Hamilton’s lack of a connection to Judaism. The last thing a Jewish community would do is to abandon an orphan.

It is interesting that at this point (p.38) the author finally admits the absence of a St. Croix Jewish community. He states as follows:

Any identity as a Jew that Hamilton may have had almost certainly died with his mother. A plucky youth like him would have been disinclined to compound his troubles as an orphan with a second-class religious status. Had Hamilton still resided in Nevis at this point – with its Jewish community and the Jewish School that educated him–perhaps Rachel’s passing would have been less likely to occasion her son’s disaffection from the Jewish faith. But St. Croix was home to far fewer Jews than Nevis. If Hamilton ever laid claim to a Jewish identity, he was now bereft of a family or community that might have kept it alive.

To the author’s credit, he discusses an important piece of contrary evidence. When Hamilton is seventeen years old, he was called by his employer to testify in a financial dispute. To determine if he can testify, the Court questioned Hamilton about his religion, because only Christians could testify under oath. Hamilton said he was brought up in the Anglican Church. Professor Porwancher suggests that Hamilton lied to the Court about his religion.4

Young Hamilton had become friendly with a Reverend Knox, who helped him to get off the island and to get to New Jersey and start his education in an Academy there. Soon thereafter Hamilton attended King’s College, which is now Columbia University, just before the Revolution began.

Finally, in contrast to his treatment of Alexander Hamilton, while it is a subject for another day, I think the author gives too little credit to President George Washington’s enormous and history-making contribution to Jewish civil equality, and he is too critical of founders Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Thank you for the opportunity to present this review.

Stephen H. Weiner
April 5, 2022


  1. (P.56) .In contrast, he says, there were 25,000 Catholics in the colonies.
  2. Johan was probably in control of the decision to not baptize his son as an infant. Subsequently, Peter had an adult baptism.
  3. I want to thank my Rabbi Ron Wittenstein, whom I consulted about the conversion process.
  4. It is odd that this author who praises Hamilton’s for affinity to Jews, here accuses him of lying in Court, and repeatedly attacks Hamilton’s sincerity later in life in publicly professing Christianity.

Anti-Asian Hate Politics

NYC Councilwoman Linda Lee holds up an image of one of the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings. Queens Ledger

On March 16, 2022, New York City Councilwomen Sandra Ung, Linda Lee, and Julie Won, along with Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, held a candlelight vigil in memory of six Asian women who were killed in a shooting spree that targeted spas in the Atlanta area.  While the Atlanta shooting was portrayed in the MSM as an anti-Asian hate crime, the shooter, Robert Aaron Long, claimed that he was not targeting Asian women specifically, but rather sex workers.  For him, their ethnicity was not a factor.

Videos: April 7th GOP Candidates Night

Lawrence Block, performing his new song “Until Old Glory Calls” with violin accompaniment

The sanctuary room of the Bellerose Jewish Center was packed on this rainy night for the April 7th meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club. Many people came to hear guest speaker Congressman Lee Zeldin, who’s flight from DC was cancelled due to the thunderstorms. But this allowed our other candidates, guest speakers and musicians more time to energize the crowd, which was the intent of the club meeting dubbed “Bring on the Great Red Wave.” Absolutely no one was disappointed. Here are the videos of the Republican candidates, speakers, and a moving musical performance.

“Until Old Glory Calls” by Lawrence Block

Rowen Giles on “Democrat Abuse of NYC Property Owners”

Paul King: Republican candidate for Congress – District 5

Tom Zmich: Republican candidate for Congress, 6th District

Danniel Maio: Republican candidate for NYS Senate, 15th District

It’s Time to Get Out-of-Touch Career Politicians OUT!

by Stefano Forte

I grew up in New York’s golden age during the prosperous Giuliani era when crime was low, quality of life was high, and we all felt secure walking the streets of our great city at any hour of the day. Our businesses were thriving. Education was a priority. The city I enjoyed and loved was safe and prosperous. Being raised in an immigrant family of small business owners who worked their way up the socioeconomic ladder with their sweat, blood, and tears, I truly believed that the promise of the American Dream was well within our grasp. 

Now, in a very short time, everything has changed. Disastrous policies have led us to disastrous places: our small businesses are shutting their doors for good, the quality of our education has plummeted, and, most concerningly, non-violent and violent crime alike have shot to record highs. What caused this? Many of us already know the answer, and it’s obvious: electing the same kind of radical (or simply complacent) career politicians over and over again has emboldened them to create policies that are decimating the city we all love. The Bail Elimination Act, passed through the budget in 2019, has allowed all manner of “non-violent” criminals to be freed ahead of their court date without posting bail. This could’ve been a just concept, and it was in theory – rich people and poor people should not have different advantages under the criminal justice system simply because of economic status. But as we all know, this theory became an almost immediate disaster when put into practice. By stripping judges of their discretionary abilities, there is now no way to keep potential re-offenders in custody ahead of their court date. The result has been the categorical catch-and-release of criminals that has led to such tragedies as the recent violent assault of a toddler in Flushing, or the shoving death of Michelle Go in Times Square. Both of those offenders, like many others, had committed prior offenses and should not have been walking the streets of our city. 

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