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New York Post: Staten Island Republican Party Endorses Curtis Sliwa for Mayor

New York Post. By Carl Campanile February 21, 2021 

Curtis Sliwa. Photo credit: Matthew McDermott

The Staten Island Republican Party has endorsed Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa for mayor.

The backing of the island GOP’s Saturday night is a coup for the red beret-wearing Sliwa, as the island GOP is the strongest, most organized Republican organization in the otherwise Democratic city.

“The members of the Staten Island Republican Party are concerned with the current trajectory of the City of New York. Today we make the first step to take back our City,” said newly elected island Republican Party chairman Anthony Reinhart.

Other GOP candidates in the running include taxi-bodega advocate Fernando Mateo and financier Sara Tirschwell.

Billionaire business mogul John Catsimatidis is strongly considering a second run for City Hall after losing the GOP primary to Joe Lhota in 2013. Petitioning to get on the ballot is March 2, so he’ll have to decide soon.

“The Staten Island Republican Party interviewed all candidates who responded to our call … Curtis Sliwa was the clear choice to be our candidate, and we are enthusiastic to support him as he brings his vision on how to save our City and protect Staten Island’s quality of life,” Reinhard said when asked about Catsimatidis.

Sliwa, who recently filed paperwork for his candidacy, said he will step aside if Catsimatidis jumps into the race.

Catsimatidis owns 77 WABC Talk Radio and Sliwa has his own radio program on the network — which means Catsimatidis is his boss.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Staten Island Republican Party. This is the body that rescued this city twice, first with Rudy Giuliani and then with Mike Bloomberg,” Sliwa said.

“Right now, with our city facing a crime crisis and the precipice of fiscal calamity, I’m looking forward to working with Republican leaders from all over the city to save it.”

While Democratic candidates have been talking about reining in the NYPD, Sliwa and his Guardian Angels safety patrol group have been visiting and patrolling subway stations and other locations that have seen spikes in crime.

On Saturday, Sliwa stumped outside Bay Ridge train station where an elderly man was mugged on the subway platform.

“The paramount issue is crime and public safety. Without addressing that, nothing else happens,” Sliwa said.

“Public safety is my strength. It’s been my whole life.”

Staten Island has a GOP congresswoman with Rep. Nicole Malliotakis. Other Republican elected office-holders include Borough President James Oddo, state Sen. Andrew Lanza, Council members Joseph Borelli and Steven Matteo, and Assembly members Michael Reilly and Michael Tannousis.

Former President Donald Trump carried the borough over President Biden in last fall’s election.

Strong votes on the island helped elect Rudy Giuliani twice and Michael Bloomberg three times as mayor when they ran under the GOP banner.

Our Children Are Essential

By Phil Orenstein, February 19, 2021

For 150 years New York City Public Schools have remained continuously open and undaunted by all manner of calamities and natural disasters. Throughout our history from the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Great Depression, two World Wars, Cold War panic, civil unrest, the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, 2001, to Hurricane Sandy, the schools have always been open.

Not until 2020 has New York had a governor, a mayor, and a political class during a time of crisis, who have so miserably failed the children of New York. They have put our children in harm’s way physically, emotionally and academically.  We do not know the full scope of the consequences of these failures on the part of our political leadership, but the closing of our schools for 10 months and likely longer can be considered one of the biggest scandals in the history of our country. It has already taken an enormous toll on a generation of our children suffering in remote-learning environments, sequestered on endless video games. The laundry list of physical, emotional and academic maladies affecting our children due to remote-learning include mental illness, suicide, sickness, depression, anxiety, weight gain, isolation, 10 months of squandered learning, and lost opportunities for academic and athletic scholarships.

It has taken an enormous toll on working and middle-class parents and their extended family as well. The balancing act that parents must perform is work, their child’s education, and the financial stability of their families. These challenges that parents face are simply devastating. Never has the pressure been so unevenly placed upon the family unit than it has today by New York politicians. 

The public heaved a big sigh of relief when teachers were classified as essential and went to the front of the line for Phase 1 of the vaccinations. We all thought that within a short span of time, we would see the beginning of the reopening of our schools and the return to normalcy.

Teachers who were in their 20’s went to the head of the line, in front of seniors and people with comorbidities. But the public was ok with it because teachers are essential to the education and development of our greatest asset in America, our children.

The public was willing to let the teachers go to the front of the line and were hopeful to see the light at the end of the remote-learning tunnel. But the hope soon turned to despair as we were conned once again. The bait and switch charade pulled off on the public was from a minor faction of teachers and the union leadership who are still balking about going back into the classroom. While teachers are considered essential in receiving preferential treatment, our children are an afterthought.

For 150 years, New York’s political leadership understood the prime importance and significance of a good education, to ensure successful outcomes for future generations of our children. In 2020, the world changed. Elected officials abdicated their responsibilities in government and leadership roles regarding the education of our children, and left it in the hands of union leaders and a few selfish interests.

The political con job they played on parents and their kids was in promoting their misleading narrative that the classroom environment is unsafe. While the city’s schools closed for 10 months, Catholic and private schools have effectively remained open, and the teachers are safely at work doing in-person learning. The CDC never recommended schools close, and the CDC Director said schools are ‘one of the safest places’ for kids during the pandemic. Catholic schools are already starting up their after-school sports programs to begin on March 1st. Our local and state elected officials have failed our children, our parents, our communities, and our country, and there will be dire consequences for all.

The torturous road of the pandemic is indeed one filled with many heartbreaks.  Our schools are central to a thriving society today and for future generations to come.  We offer some simple guidance for the days that lay ahead.  Vaccinations for teachers and school staff started in January. By the middle of April all personnel of the city’s Department of Education, should have been vaccinated.  The mayor, City Council, and DOE should require all teachers and staff to be back at work by April 15th.  Citywide information portals should clearly communicate the planned reopening so that everyone understands NYC schools are in fact fully opened five days a week with after-school activities.  The consequences for those civil service employees who fail to report to work is the implementation of the Taylor Law to enforce back-to-work orders. This is above and beyond the realm of politics, union contracts, and special interests, and once and for all, decisive action must be taken.

What has been going on since March of last year has been near criminal. Never before in the history of our country, has a government and its political leadership so forsaken our most cherished resource in the present and for the future of our country. Our children are essential.


Phil Orenstein is the president of the Queens Village Republican Club. Established in 1875, it is America’s oldest Republican Club  www.QVGOP.org. Historian, Jerry Matacotta, founder of History Seminar Series at Queensborough Community College was the advisor for this article. He worked 32 years for New York City Public Schools primarily teaching High School American History.



Curtis Sliwa is the only Mayoral candidate fighting subway crime & calls on “Limousine Liberal” candidates to join him riding the trains daily.

Releases flyer telling riders how to stay alive underground.


Rest In Peace Rush

Rush Limbaugh 1951-2021

We are sad today to join the nation in mourning the loss of the most influential conservative voice in America and our greatest talk radio legend, Rush Limbaugh. The Presidential Medal of Freedom he received from President Trump was very well deserved as he said Rush was the “greatest fighter and winner that you will ever meet.”  When I heard the news this morning, I was driving in my car and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I reflected on how Rush carried on his God-given mission to use his voice until the end to be our nation’s foremost influence for excellence not only in broadcasting but in everything we do in our lives. I recall that in my liberal Democrat days in the early 1990’s I would often listen to his program and realized how much of what he shared was plain common sense, wisdom and truth, against a backdrop of an evil leftwing socialist narrative that was engulfing America. His guidance was one of the forces which led me on the path to Republican activism. His legacy will live on in our lives as we continue his work to fight for the country we love and its constitutional principles.

Phil Orenstein
Queens Village Republican Club
America’s Oldest Republican Club – Founded 1875

Impeach Governor Cuomo

State Assemblyman Kieran Lalor launched the petition to Impeach Governor Cuomo which has already reached 18,000 signatures in three days. The petition is in response to leaked audio of a closed door meeting between New York state Senate Democrats and Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa, in which she reportedly admitted that the state hid data involving nursing deaths from former President Donald Trump’s Justice Department in order to avoid a federal investigation.


The Assembly should immediately pass a resolution to establish a bipartisan committee to investigate the Governor’s actions and make recommendations whether or not to impeach.


Sliwa was there for Republicans while Mateo was MIA

Curtis Sliwa was there for Republicans while Mateo was MIA

Guardian Angels

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The Curtis Sliwa Show / M-F 12-3pm

Listen at www.wabcradio.com or 770am

Chinese American Guardian Angels

We are in the beginning stages of the Asian Lunar New Years. It lasts for 15 days. We were honored in Chinatown as we celebrated our Guardian Angels 42nd anniversary Saturday 2/13 in Confucius Plaza. It marked one year since we were invited in to patrol the area because of an increase in bias attacks against Asians. Because some of our fellow Americans believed that the Chinese themselves were carriers of the CoronaVirus there were attacks and abuses directed at Asians in the streets, buses and subways. We immediately came in and recruited Asian Americans to become Guardian Angels. That required a lot of time spent developing relationships with all the different factions that visit and populate the area. We taught the self help concepts of the “Guardian Angels” and the community responded favorably. 

On the political note the Asians were more akin to the values of the Republican Party then they were to the Dems.  When it came to preserving the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) to gain entry into the Specialized Public High Schools. Keeping the Gifted and Talented program in the public schools. Supporting their many small businesses, and most importantly supporting the police and bringing public safety back to our city. You would think that the Republicans would have made headway into their growing communities. That has been limited.

I trace it back to Northern Queens and the races that Peter Koo ran against the Dems as a Republican. In his 1st race he ran a good race against the entrenched State Senator Toby Stavinsky. His next race he ran as a Republican for City Council and won in a close race against the Dem. At that point the Republicans failed to capitalize on that victory and left Koo without the support to build and grow the Republican brand amongst the growing Asian community. The Democrats in the Asian Community often are at odds with the belief systems of their constituents. The community can be converted to the principles of the Republican Party because for the most part they are already living their lives that way.

Even with YANG in the race as a Democrat the community has not been immersed by ethnic politics. As the Republican Mayoral Candidate I will spend the time and resources to develop the permanent relationships not just for the purpose of winning the Mayoral Election but for building a Republican infrastructure for their community.

Guardian Angels

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The Curtis Sliwa Show / M-F 12-3pm

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We have become “FEAR CITY”

Everyday there are slashings, stabbings and victims being pushed into subway tracks.  Murders, shootings and violent crimes are skyrocketing across the 5 boros. 

This Saturday 2/13 marks the 42nd Anniversary of when Curtis Sliwa started the Guardian Angels.  Their goal then as is now is to take back the streets and subways from the criminals.  Nothing else will move forward in NYC until we address the crime issue, public safety and the quality of life in NYC.

There is no candidate running for Mayor from either party who has the background and credibility to once again make our city safe.  Now more than ever, we need a Guardian Angel as Mayor of NYC.


Curtis Sliwa for Mayor 2021 

Guardian Angels

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The Curtis Sliwa Show / M-F 12-3pm

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Rise up, unite, and win elections in 2021

By Danniel Maio on Feb. 9, 2021

Hello!  My name is Danniel Maio, president of the Central Queens Republican Club, https://central.queens.gop. I am running to win the Queens Boro Presidency against the incumbent, Donovan Richards (D).  Citizens of Queens will be better served by Republicans focused on family, community and compassion instead of Democrats touting programs and services that are self-dealing, wasteful and blind to reality.

I was raised in Frederick, Maryland; graduated from American University with a BA in International Studies; and worked for Westinghouse Electric before starting Identity Map Company with my brother in 1990 making maps of New York City.

I have been involved in Manhattan, Kings and Queens County politics since 2001, when I was the Manhattan Boro President candidate the year of 9/11.  I have been on the ballot 8 times, and this race is my 12th attempt.  My mother has told me many times that I should switch my party registration to Democrat if I want to win in New York.

I cannot and would not sacrifice my values and the party that I believe in all my life, however imperfect it is.  Our country is founded on democratic-republican principles, which means the people elect among themselves their representatives, expecting those elected to caretake the welfare of the people.  Pre-COVID, we already knew New York was on the wrong track. 

Now, it is acceleratingly more so. Orders from our Democrat leaders have forced the closing of thousands of businesses in Queens and counting.  Thefts are done openly nowadays with impunity.  We’ve had the worst shooting spike in decades. Teachers have not been laid off, while standardized tests are eliminated, removing incriminating evidence to prove their education failure.  MTA has lost millions in ridership, yet federal handouts are to cover pre-COVID reality.  Eviction moratorium until May 2021 is unfairly one-sided, and will become the next “Bail Reform” debacle when courts reopen.  Where is Chirlane McCray’s $ billion ThriveNYC mental-health program, as increasing numbers of homeless people are left ignored.  Even the election fraud and irregularities President Donald Trump single-handedly elevated to national consciousness, are being swept under the rug.

We already know the Democrats’ agenda.  More rules, more programs, more spending, and more taxes.  Accountability and reality are not their priority. The city and state are losing their income base and trust of their good people.  Who will raise these issues without fear of retribution?  DON’T expect it from the Democrats!

In January 2020, I spoke at the Rockaway Republican Club. The focus was that Republicans and Conservatives should “rise up and unite”.  When it was my turn to speak, I repeated the same mantra. In fact, the name of my political committee is “Maio Unites”.  Should you wish to help fund my campaign, up to $175 is matchable, my website is MAIO.NET.  I will spend your contribution with respect.

Republicans and Conservatives in Queens need to be united.  It is my goal.  It shall be our goal.  Join me.

Petitioning for citywide offices including the candidacy of yours truly starts February 23, 2021.  We will get many good Republican candidates on the ballot including the following City Council candidates:  Alex Amoroso, Martin Hightower, Marvin Jeffcoat, Felicia Kalan, Angelo King, Vickie Paladino and others. 

Together, we will rise up, unite, and win elections in 2021.  When Republicans win, citizens in Queens win.


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Thanks for your support!

As the oldest GOP club in America, it is your duty to carry the torch for the Republican Party and its core principles for the whole nation.

Lt. Col. Allen West: (Texas GOP Chairman and former congressman FL-22)

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