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Celebrating 245 Years America!

Americans Celebrate 245 Years!

This year marks our 245th year since we declared independence from Great Britain and became a Sovereign Nation, the United States of America!
Let’s celebrate this July 4th as we’ve never celebrated before! Let’s unite in brotherly love, celebrating all the incredible gifts we have received from our resolute founders and the brave men and women who sacrificed, bled, and died to secure our freedoms today. 

Let us stand 1776 STRONG as Americans and restore the American Republic!
Let this 4th of July be our Battle Cry for Freedom across the land!  

As the Left tries to break the hearts and minds of America and America’s children with their Racial Hatred and Divisive Indoctrination….       

Let us stand 1776 STRONG, united in American Values, Culture, and Faith.
Celebrate Independence Day like it’s 1776! 

As the LEFT seeks to silence us at every turn, let’s send the left a clear message.

We love the United States of America!
 We are proud to be called Americans! 

As the LEFT is instituting racism as a tool to gain power over Americans, let us bravely face their racist slurs, used to force our silence and conformity, and let us root this out of American society. 

We must stand 1776 STRONG and end this Racist scheme NOW. 

We define who we are, through our character and our conduct. In 1968, we fought together to abolish all forms of discrimination in race, color, creed, and sex. We must STAND 1776 STRONG against those on the Left who are promoting hateful propaganda designed to fracture the American identity of individuals, families, and the Judeo-Christian faithful, and consequently erasing 53 years of progress. 

Our children are counting on us to STAND 1776 STRONG! 

Seven out of ten children are being shamed and labeled as racists by their teachers, administrators, and their peers because they are light-skinned. Seven out of ten children from Christian (70%) and Jewish (2%) households are being labeled as intolerant and bigoted towards others. 70% of Americans are being labeled as racists because of the color of their skin

We must Stand 1776 Strong;
We must Stand Together as One!

The LEFT has progressively propelled our country further and further away from our founding principles. Our values, and the freedoms they afforded us are being systematically erased by their hateful ideology. It is time to reset and restore America to the original heart and purpose of 1776.

The LEFT wants to erase our history, erase our identity, rewrite the false 1619 narrative, and institute the Marxist lies embedded within Critical Race Theory.

We are in a heated culture war. We are standing at the cliff’s edge and must stand our ground, engaging as a healthy Republic, determined not to compromise one more bit of ground. The LEFT is serious; they are playing for keeps, and they are playing all their cards; Are we ready to stand 1776 STRONG and ACT for America?

It’s time to renew our faith, hope, and courage that come from this great beacon of light, life, and liberty delivered to us 245 years ago, on July 4th 1776! 

Happy Independence Day America!

Stand 1776 STRONG with Us!
Join Our Team! 

Short on time but able to fund the effort? Become a 1776 STRONG Patriot Donor! Help us build dedicated defenses to preserve America’s culture, sovereignty, and security.
 When everyone does a little, together we accomplish a lot!


Copyright © 2021. ACT for America,
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 190, #614
Washington, DC 20004
United States

Are Free and Fair Elections Possible?

Are Free and Fair Elections Possible?

The corruption at 42 Broadway

By Phil Orenstein, April 26, 2021

Editor’s note: The heat is now on the NYC Board of Elections, and we are re-releasing “Are Free and Fair Elections Possible” detailing the inner corruption of the free and fair election system at the NYC Board of Elections.

What follows is detailed and factual account of crucial importance to all Americans regardless of political party affiliation, in understanding local, regional, and national elections and what has been corrupting our political election process.

Today, political candidates are blocked from even appearing on the ballot due to the nefarious machinations of political insiders. 

This is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue, but an American issue involving all political parties. It is about democratic participation in our political system.  It is how potential candidates do not even reach the ballot box and are thwarted by entrenched political insiders in collusion with Board of Elections executives. Thus, the status quo is maintained.  It is the undermining of the foundation of the democratic voting process that we the voters trust, which has been usurped by ten political “commissars” in a room.

The nefarious drama took place, as it always does, at 42 Broadway in Manhattan, in the bleak hearing room of the Board of Elections. In this room, the 31 Republican candidates knew their fate was already determined.  This is the factual account of 31 Republican candidates, running for public and party offices in Queens, who were recently thrown off the ballot for meaningless technicalities, thereby denying 130,000 registered Republican voters in Queens County, NY a choice in the upcoming June 22nd Primary Election.

A former commissioner revealed some of the shocking details of the insider protection racket at the top tiers of the Board of Elections and party organizations. According to the former insider, the commissioners, general counsel, the party bosses all collaborate to pre-determine the approved candidates to get on the ballot and who they want to knock off. These private “horse-trading” sessions occur prior to the public commissioners hearings, which are carefully pre-scripted to make sure the insurgent candidates do not have ballot access in their party’s Primary Election.

This is how the story played out. It began with 31 candidates seeking public and party offices under the Republican Party banner in Queens, but outside the auspices of the County Republican Party organization. The Queens County Republican Patriots (QCRP), a NYS multi-candidate political committee, supported their desire for public service with petitioning and other activities to meet the legal requirements to get on the ballot. Most of the candidates and their teams gathered several times the number of signatures required.

The County Republican Party sought to prevent the 31 candidates from getting on the ballot by filing General Objections against their petitions at the Board of Elections. Specifically, the county party charged that all the petitions should be invalidated, because of a listing of pre-printed Election District (ED) numbers in the blank space on the petition. The listing of ED numbers was not prohibited by NYS Election Law.  Actually, placing the ED numbers on the petition does clarify which signers can legitimately sign the petition.

The Board of Elections General Counsel agreed with the County Republican Party objections and the Board of Elections clerk’s report, issuing a statement declaring the added ED numbers were an attempt to confuse the voters, thereby invalidating the petitions.

The county party also filed a lawsuit in Queens Supreme Court against the 31 candidates. It was an “Order to Show Cause” to invalidate the petitions and disqualify the candidates from appearing on the ballot. All candidates were served with lawsuits to appear in court taped to their doors late at night.   

The commissioners hearing took place on April 14th at the Board of Elections. The Republican Patriots argued to the commissioners that the numbers on the face of the petition were valid and legitimate according to Election Law. The county party argued that the petitions are invalid, and thus the legitimate petition signatures of 3000 registered Queens Republicans were null and void. There was a brief give and take, interrupted abruptly by the Queens Republican Commissioner who accused representatives of the Republican Patriots of intentional deceit and recommended that they “move the clerks report” which they did. All commissioners summarily voted in unison with a 10 to 0 decision to declare the petitions invalid for incorrect markings. All 31 candidates were “removed prima facie because of invalidity of petitions.” You can see this segment of the hearing, which is on the BOE website for public viewing, at: https://vote.nyc/page/commissioners-meetings    April 14, 2021, at 5:08:00.

Most people are unaware of the political process, but it’s vital to understand this well-guarded establishment secret, since it plays a major role in our destiny as a community, city, and a nation. We need to understand the process in order to fulfill our civic duties as citizens, and to restore honesty and integrity to our political system. This is a story of voter suppression that needs to be reported and understood.

The Republican Patriots hired the law firm of Harris Beach PLLC, to file a Petition to Validate, to reverse the flawed determination at the commissioners hearing and restore 18 of the original Republican Patriots candidates to the ballot. Harris Beach filed the lawsuit against the Board of Elections in Queens Supreme Court and the hearing in the Election Part was set for last Wednesday, April 21. After many roadblocks to prevent a hearing on the merits of the case, and a couple of adjournments, the Judge hasn’t as yet rendered a decision.  At the present time of this writing, the county party’s attorney postponed the Petition to Invalidate until after the Judge’s decision. Thus, with the adjournments and requisite appeals, the legal battle continues indefinitely.

The Republican Patriots are determined to keep fighting in the courts to restore their candidates to the ballot, so that the merits of the case are heard.  The system itself is not at fault.  The process for candidates to get on the ballot was designed to reduce fraud, forged and duplicate signatures, in order to ensure honest elections. But it has been corrupted by malevolent people to hold on to power. They have perverted the system so that any scratch or marking can be a fatal defect, invalidating the entire petition, to knock outsiders off the ballot. There must be changes in the system to stop the present corruption.

The integrity of our local elections must be safeguarded. We are writing this so that people are aware of the problem and learn more about our system of democracy and freely participate in it. This issue is about our most urgent civic duty, the right to vote.  People fought and died to preserve our system of voting and free and fair elections.

More people need to run for office, not less. The political process should be set up to advance the best candidates to be on the ballot. The voters should decide who runs for party and political positions, not ten bureaucrats in a closed room.  The rank-and-file Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Democratic Socialists of America must be free to express their views in the open marketplace of ideas and policies in America. In the greatest and freest country in the world, let the people choose who will represent their best interests.  Stop the party insiders from abolishing the primary. Let the candidates run.  Let the people choose! 


Phil Orenstein is the president of the Queens Village Republican Club. Established in 1875, it is America’s oldest Republican Club  www.QVGOP.org. Historian, Jerry Matacotta, founder of History Seminar Series at Queensborough Community College and High School American History teacher, was the advisor for this article.

The Remarkable Life, Tumultuous Times and Famous Acquaintances Of Renowned Historian and Author Ross Terrill

By Robert Golomb

Editor’s Note: This is syndicated columnist Robert Golomb’s latest column as published in the news and media outlet, The Published Reporter

Photo of famed China historian, award-winning author and essayist, frequent broadcast media commentator and correspondent and Harvard PhD and professor, Ross Terrill, 82, at a Chinese Base, early 2000’s. Photo credit Ross Terrill.

NEW YORK, NY – The famed China historian, award-winning author and essayist, frequent broadcast media commentator and correspondent and Harvard PhD and professor, Ross Terrill, 82, received his first taste of living history when he was still a very young boy in his native Australia during the Second World War (1941-1945). “During World War II, America sent GI’s to Australia to defend her from what was feared to be a possible Japanese attack…. I was a toddler then, but I can still recall the soldiers tossing me candies wrapped in foil of brilliant colors,” Terrill told me during a recent telephone interview. 

The attack never occurred. And, of course, America and her British, Russian and Canadian major allies defeated Germany by April 1945, and America, by then, mostly fighting on her own, overcame Japan five months, more than 100,000 American servicemen killed in action and two atomic bombs later.  

The post war period in which he grew from childhood into young adulthood was a productive, though an uneven time, for Terrill. Between 1956-1957, he spent his freshmen year at Wesley College, but by the fall term, rather than going on to his sophomore year at the school, Terrill enlisted in the Australian Army where he served until the end of 1958.

“Putting my studies aside for a short period of time was no big matter to me…. I felt is was my honor and duty to serve my nation,” stated Terrill.                              

Upon his discharge from the army, Terrill, transferring from Wesley, enrolled in the University of Melbourne, and by his graduating senior year in 1961, applied his academic studies to a grave moral crisis facing his nation, as he became an outspoken political activist for the civil rights of the Chinese minority, who had been the victims of racism in Australia since their ancestors began their immigration to the nation during the 1851 gold rush.       

“To be anti- Chinese was as Australian as the eucalyptus tree. Rumors ran that opium was fed to Australian children [by the Chinese]. Were the Chinese chefs not cooking lovely Australian cats for their dumpling,” asked Terrill sardonically.

To fight that bigotry, Terrill joined an anti-racism student group. He also wrote a letter published in a national newspaper, denouncing this anti-Chinese prejudice and expressing his hope that this bigotry was on the decline. As Terrill recalled, “My letter began [with the sentence], ‘Finally the attitude of superiority towards Chinese and other non-whites is losing ground in Australia.”’                  

Shortly after the letter was published, Terrill was faced with the harsh reality of hatred that his missive had spawned. “I got a surprise at the front gate of my family’s house in Melbourne,” Terrill recollected. “Fetching the bottles of milk, as I did each morning, I found large white-paint letters with the arrow pointing from the words in our gateway. ‘TRAITOR’ it said. ‘ROSS TERRILL IS A NATIONAL PERIL,’’’     

Terrill proudly told me that he did not give in to that threat and continued fighting on behalf of the Chinese immigrants for many years to come. And that crucial anecdote was just one of many Terrill related to me at my request during our 60-minute interview. There were many other incredible stories to follow- all of which, including the latter, I had already learned about from having recently read his latest and 11th book, Australian Bush to Tiananmen Square.   

But as I have learned from past interviews with other celebrated authors, you can gain a very special insight when you hear a great author talk about the great words he has written in his tome, and in the case of Terrill here, when he also shares his own very special auto-biography along the way.      

“You want to know what I consider the highlights of Australian Bush to Tiananmen Square, let me begin by going   back to my first visit to China in 1964,” said Terrill.               

“I had taken time off from my graduate studies [at the University of Melbourne},” Terrill explained, “to have a first- hand understanding of the government, its view of other countries and also to learn about the people of that communist nation.’’  

It was at a photo exhibition held in the city of Beijing, the nation’s capital, where, Terrill explained, he gained his first-hand understanding of how China’s communist regime viewed the most important of the “other countries,” America.   

There was a photo exhibit called ‘Four Wicked Men,’ stated Terrill. “And the either taken out of context and, or, doctored photos showed [former presidents] Truman with a clenched fist, Eisenhower looking moronic, Kennedy [appearing] old and bewildered and [then current President] Johnson leering into microphones that resembled guns.”   

When he told a China government official assigned to monitor the exhibit that he objected to the demeaning portrayal of these four American presidents, Terrill recalled that the official retorted, ‘These men are enemies of China. Consider their deeds. Their deeds are a caption of the pictures.”’   

In Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s living room in Canberra Australia in 1986. Photo credit Ross Terrill.

The next event (probably better described as an edifying anecdote) contained in the book which Terrill referred to during the interview occurred in war-torn South Vietnam in 1965, the second full year of America’s war against the North Vietnamese Communist regime.

“During a respite from my graduate studies, I visited Saigon [the capital city of South Vietnam]. There I met a South Vietnamese official named Tien, with whom I had discussion which I have never forgotten,” Terrill stated.         

“Tien, who had an aunt and uncle in Hanoi [the capital city of North Vietnam], told me,” Terrill elaborated, ‘If the allied forces had lost World War II to the fascists, it would be the fascists not the Communists, who would be ruling in China and East Europe.            

“That intriguing speculation,” Terrill added, “led me to ask him a question which produced a very telling answer for a citizen of a country fighting a civil-war against the communists. When I asked Tien, ‘which was worse, fascism or communism,’ “he replied passionately in broken English, ‘both are worse. [But] if I had to choose I suppose I would choose fascism- it’s a dictatorship by an upper class; communism is dictatorship by lower class.”’

We last discussed Terrill’s visit back to China in July, 1971- at the time his approximately 12th visit to that nation, which he has visited about 80 times since. “I was a guest lecturer in government at Harvard back then, but I was able to find time to take a journey to Changsha, home city of [Chairman] Mao,” noted Terrill.   

Explaining that his visit coincided with President Nixon’s historic diplomatic breakthrough with Chairman Mao and his Chinese Communist Party Government, Terrill stated, “I received a cable from the Washington Post, requesting articles on Nixon’s break through… My article, cabled from Changsha, appeared on the Washington’s Post’s front page on July 22nd.

“One of the points I made in the article,” Terrill elaborated, “was that the Chinese preferred to deal with Republicans rather than Democrats, because it was the Democrats  (Truman and Acheson) who backed Chiang Kai-shek [the then leader of Nationalist China] to the end and who fought China in Korea. In addition, I wrote in the piece that according to Chinese officials I had met with, the Democrats were too ready for ‘collusion with Moscow.”’         

A week later, after a long plane ride from South Vietnam to Boston, Terrill, who was to become an American citizen in 1979, was back in his apartment located near Harvard. However, whatever deserved rest he might have been enjoying was interrupted by a phone call he received from a high-level American government official who called to praise his Washington Post article.  

“I picked up the phone and heard the voice of Henry Kissinger [then the U.S. National Security Advisor] himself on the other line,” Terrill recollected. “He told me that he liked what I had written in the piece… We spoke for a while and before he got off, I told Henry, ‘Beijing takes the change from President Johnson’s expansionism to Nixon’s prudence very seriously.”’

With that, our sixty-minute talk came to an end. However, there were so many additional historical events and anecdotes I had read in Australian Bush to Tiananmen Square, about which, had time permitted, I would have asked him to elaborate upon.   

Ranging from his conversations in 1971 with Chinese Communist Premier Zhou Enlai about China’s history, economy, culture and political system; to his 1982 very candid  talk with journalist Tang Na concerning his then former wife Jiang Qing, the future Madame Mao; to his 1988-1992  discussions with then President George H.W. Bush focusing upon America’s China policy; and, perhaps most importantly, to his first-hand account of the savagery that he witnessed in Tiananmen Square throughout the spring and in the early summer of 1989, I would have welcomed Terrill offering still further commentary about those, as well as the many other historical events he brilliantly chronicled in his must read memoir.

Curtis Sliwa for Mayor Motorcade Barnstorms through Queens

Curtis Sliwa for Mayor made several stops from morning to night on his barnstorming tour of Queens on Saturday June 19th. Here are some photos of the days action from Breezy Point and Floral Park, Queens.

Breezy Point photos with Steve Sirgiovanni for City Council and Rich Valdes, WABC Talk Show Host

Floral Park photos with Alex Amoroso, Republican candidate for City Council in District #23

Civics Education and the Saving of America

By Dr. Sandra Alfonsi

It is my opinion that Civics textbooks today are carefully skewed toward the “New Globalist World Order”. They undermine our Constitution and eat away at the fabric of our Constitutional Republic. This must be addressed as quickly as possible. The only way to do this is to examine K-12 Civics Standards, State by State.  

I believe that we will definitely find that the K-12 Standards of many States do not have as their purpose to create good American citizens or strengthen American citizenship. Their language will be globalist. We have wrongly assumed that the Publishers have “their own agenda,” have created the subversive textbooks and then sold them to naïve States, unaware of the content. The truth is that persons in the Departments of Education and State Boards of Education have created the new anti-American roadmap in their State Civic Standards, which are then given to the Publishers.

K-5 Standards often fail to identify that we are a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. They do not teach the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag, the National Anthem, the names of the first Presidents and their contributions to the founding and early development of this country.  They omit the Hebrew Bible as one of the sources for the principles of the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian Tradition upon which our Nation was founded.

6-8 Standards often fail to provide the steps needed to develop young people who support the Constitution of the United States and who are strong advocates for our Nation and for the Judeo-Christian Tradition upon which it was founded. There is a failure to use or include the terminology Constitutional Republic and to teach why our Founding Fathers created America as such. The fact that Standards acknowledge and teach the role of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations in the shaping of the Constitution but fail to identify that of the Hebrew Bible leads to the question if they promote anti-Semitism in and by our educational system. There is no indication that students use Original Documents/Sources. Finally, there is a peculiar disdain for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Founding Fathers, found in their spelling with lower case letters.

9-12 Standards fail our students who are finishing public school.  9th -12th grades are the final opportunity to prepare them to live, vote, make and abide by certain political and behavioral choices, according to the Law of the Land, which they appear not to have studied and therefore cannot respect.  Again, these Standards fail to teach what it means to be a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. They once again omit the Hebrew Bible as a source for the principles of the Constitution and also the Declaration of Independence. There is no insistence upon use of Original Sources/Documents. There is the same peculiarity of using lower case letters when referring to the Constitution, the Amendments to the Constitution, Rule of Law, etc. Some Standards do not use the Amendments to the Constitution to teach the students their roles in society and how to effect change legally and without violence.

Many Standards do not teach the difference between such forms of government as Monarchy, Democracy, Theocracy, Republic, Oligarchy, Marxism, Capitalism, Totalitarianism.  Therefore, they do not protect our students from indoctrination and prepare them to defend our Constitutional Republic against all enemies, at home and abroad.

Without a correct, accurate and pro-American Civics education, there will be no way to “take back” America. We have taken our first successful step in this battle for establishing viable Civics Education. The K-12 Civics Standards, which we have submitted to the State of Florida, contain all of the missing items described above and return our Constitutional Republic, our Constitution and our Rule of Law to their proper place.

Dr. Sandra Alfonsi is Senior Academic Fellow for Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and Truth in Textbooks. She was featured speaker at our May 6, 2021 club meeting on Saving America’s Schools, and you can view the video on our website here: https://qvgop.org/video-may-qvgop-club-meeting-on-saving-americas-schools/

Fly the American Flag on Monday June 14th Flag Day

By  Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,  Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911

The American Flag was originally adopted by a resolution of the Continental Congress on June 14th, 1777. Flag Day wasn’t officially recognized until proposed by Congress and signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1949. The week of June 14th is designated as, National Flag Week.

As a member of the American Legion Post # 103 in Douglaston and as Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council # 5911 also in Douglaston, I therefore urge that the American Flag be displayed outside homes, apartments, offices, businesses and stores throughout the United States. We do this to honor all that our great nation represents, which is freedom, equality, and justice for all. These principles and ideas are embodied in the American Flag. We should do this also to show honor and respect for all our brave men and women who are serving our nation today.  And also all those over the years who gave their lives to preserve our cherished freedoms.

Our American Flag is the fabric of our country and by flying the American Flag we can be reminded that we can prevail against all adversity. So please fly the American Flag on Monday, June 14th and remember this too: These colors of red, white and blue don’t run. Now God bless America!

Curtis Sliwa endorses Steve Sirgiovanni for City Council

Opponent Ariola uses political tricknology to ride on Sliwa’s soaring popularity toward the June 22nd Republican primary

Although the Queens County GOP is supporting Fernando for Mayor, it looks like Chairwoman Joann Ariola prefers to associate herself with Curtis Sliwa to give the impression they are running as a team.

Curtis said: “Last night I had a fundraiser at Prima Pasta on Cross Bay Blvd. in Howard Beach. In the window was a small sign for Ariola. I asked them to take it down and instead walked across the street to the largest political banner of this political cycle for our Patriot City Council candidate Steve Sirgiovanni. I let everyone know that I was supporting Steve and not Ariola. Ariola is putting up signs wherever there are Sliwa signs and is trying to attach herself to My candidacy.”

We can understand Ariola’s shunning of Mateo, who has no signs in Howard Beach, and her use of political tricknology to attach herself to Sliwa especially after Mateo’s abysmal performance in last Thursday’s PIX11 Republican mayoral debate, and the ensuing PIX11 Mayor’s Race Poll showing Curtis crushing Mateo 74% to 15%.

Going National: The Legal Battle Over The New Florida Election Law

By Robert Golomb, June 9 2021

Editor’s Note: This is syndicated columnist Robert Golomb’s latest column as published in the news and media outlet, The Published Reporter

Florida Senate Bill 90 contains three key provisions. The first strengthens ID requirements for absentee voters – a requirement that Republicans view as securing voting integrity, and the Democrats have denounced as a form of voter suppression. Photo credit: Fox News / YouTube.

TALLAHASSEE, FL – When on Thursday, May 6th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law Florida Senate Bill 90 (FSB 90), a controversial voting security bill pushed through by GOP state senators on straight partisan lines, he was met throughout the state and nation with harsh criticism by Democrats and strong praise by Republicans.

The contentious law contains three key provisions. The first strengthens ID requirements for absentee voters – a requirement that Republicans view as securing voting integrity, and the Democrats have denounced as a form of voter suppression.

The second provision provides strict limitations on the use of voter harvesting – the practice of using unsupervised political operatives to collect absentee ballots from private homes or multifamily residences to be dropped off and counted at polling facilities. While Democrats view this practice as expanding voting rights, Republicans have countered that Democrats have used voter harvesting as a tool to illicitly increase their voter tally, leading to them allegedly stealing elections.

The third and most controversial portion of the new law calls for the banning of large sums of money sent by wealthy non-Floridians, for the purpose of influencing how the state runs and administers its elections. Known to be the main reason why this provision was seen as so vital by DeSantis and his fellow Republicans was the 2020 election cycle machinations of Facebook founder multi- billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Chan. Together, they funneled more than $16 million to Florida localities primarily run by Democrats, who reportedly used the money to assist the Democrats “get out the vote” programs.

While Trump’s win in Florida might have made the matter appear mute, Republicans claimed that the out of state money was underhanded “Zuckerbucks,” intended to steal statewide and local victories for Democrats, who countered that such outside funds make elections more “inclusive.’’

When Governor DeSantis signed the bill into law, it appeared that Republicans had won that argument. However, any celebration of that victory would have been premature.

Within days of the bill’s passing, Democrats called upon their allies in the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) along with several other left-wing pressure groups to assist them to wage both a public relations and court battle to overturn the law.

So, over the past four weeks Floridians have learned from their newspapers and local broadcast media that according to spokespeople from the NAACP the new law is racist and according to the spokespeople from NOW the bill is sexist.

And, at the same time, Florida courts have been overrun by a barrage of lawsuits filed by attorneys representing the NAACP, NOW and other leftist interest groups.

Republicans, however, have had allies of their own. Among the several conservative think tanks that have provided legal and other forms of support to Florida, as well as other states including Iowa, Texas and Georgia which have instituted similar election safeguards, has been the nationally known, non-profit organization, Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA).

When I spoke by phone two days ago from my NY office with Marco Island, Florida based FGA Research Analyst Hayden Dublois, I learned why and how FGA has so strongly supported FSB 90.

“We believe, as do most Americans, that the integrity of the election process is vital to our democratic system,” said Dublois. “That’s why FSB 90 is so important. From restricting the use of ballot harvesting, to requiring the most basic and easy to obtain identification for mail- in voters, to banning the large infusion of out of state political donations into election offices, {FSB 90} will make it easier to vote, but harder to cheat.”

Describing the research support that FGA had provided as FSB 90 successfully made it through the Florida legislative process, Dublois explained, “FGA has a team of election integrity experts, who provide accurate and vital research on election issues to lawmakers in Florida and their counterparts in other states.”

“This research we believe,” he elaborated, “helped legislators in Florida secure the passage of FSB 90, and has also been critical in over a dozen other states to help advance common- sense election reforms over the past several months.”

Still, as Dublois and I further discussed, and as earlier noted, with teams of attorneys from the NAACP, NOW and several other leftwing organizations presently preparing a series of lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of FSB 90 in Florida courts, the law- or at least major portions of it- if the latter prevail over the attorneys representing Governor DeSantis and Florida Republican legislators, would be declared unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, Dublois told me that he remains optimistic that the FSB 90 will be upheld in the courts. “We [at FGA] are confident that the Florida’s election integrity law [FSB 90] is consistent with the U.S. Constitution, and all applicable federal and state laws,” Dublois stated. “The attempts,” he added, “by some groups to invalidate the law are unfounded, and hopefully the courts will concur with that assessment.”

Whether or not Dublois’ hope is realized, however, might take a very long time to be determined. As it stands today, of the many lawsuits filed to overturn FSB 90, Florida courts have not yet placed even one on the judicial calendar, and, as is not uncommon with pending lawsuits, the courts have remained totally silent pertaining to the anticipated length of time each individual case could take to litigate.

Making an informed prediction concerning a time frame for the multitude of judicial appeals of FSB 90 even more unfeasible is still another legal quagmire: each ruling on each of the many probable lawsuits, whether upholding or overturning FSB 90, could result in a future appeal, resulting in a seemingly endless series of further litigations.

This certainty of interminable appeals in Florida coupled with the enormous impact that the final court ruling will have on the election process in Florida as well as at least a dozen other states might eventually result, as has been suggested by several leading legal scholars, in the question of the constitutionality of FSB 90 being submitted to, heard and ultimately decided by the United States Supreme Court.

Stay tuned – probably for a very long time.

Curtis Sliwa in Kew Gardens Hills: Sharing, Caring, and Uniting the People!


Kew Gardens Hills, NY.  June 9, 2021 – Republican Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, who is familiar with every inch of NYC, is mobbed by supporters, as he came back to Kew Gardens Hills to discover Chazaq, and meet it’s founder and manager, Yaniv Meirov. 

Curtis with Yaniv Meirov, founder of Chazaq

As he handed out food packages at the Grand Opening of the Lev Aharon Community Food Pantry, run by Chazaq, Curtis praised their humanitarian operation, and remarked that he would broadcast their amazing work far and wide, of sharing, caring, and uniting people of all backgrounds. 

Curtis handing out food at Lev Aharon Food Pantry Grand Opening

Curtis is a uniter, not a divider, and he particularly appreciates the great work Chazaq is doing uniting the entire community with love and fellowship. This is the real NYC! 

Curtis with supporters

Also campaigning with Curtis were Republican Patriots candidates, including Danny Noble for Republican State Committee 27AD, Phil Orenstein for Republican State Committee 24AD, and Angelo King for City Council in District 24. Angelo works as an Electrician and is a uniter of the people as well.

Curtis with David Abraham (right) and Angelo King (2nd from right) with the Mets jersey

Also present was Republican Patriot State Committee 28AD candidate David Abraham who presented Curtis with a letter from a loyal supporter, Christine Healy, with four handwritten pages of the names and phone numbers of voters for Curtis.  Christine, an 80 year old disabled woman, is dedicating her heart and soul to getting Curtis elected mayor of NYC.  

Curtis displaying the letter and name list from loyal supporter Christine Healy

Curtis visited several shops along Main Street, including Bagel Boss on Jewel Avenue, where he met the owners and enjoyed one of their famous bagels with a schmear. 

Curtis with Bagel Boss owners

The Queens County Republican Patriots is a New York State registered multi-candidate committee dedicated to building a strong grassroots Republican Party organization in Queens.

For more information, including candidate info, visit the website: https://queenscountyrepublicanpatriots.com


Video: Sara Tirschwell speaks at June 3rd QVGOP Meeting plus Queens County Republican Patriots candidates

Sara Tirschwell, who was a Republican NYC mayoral candidate, was knocked off the primary ballot by Republican mayoral candidate Fernando Mateo and the Republican political establishment, and she will not be appearing on the primary ballot, which Curtis Sliwa said was a sad day for NYC and the Republican Party. The Republican establishment is busy suppressing talented and capable Republicans, rather than fighting Democrats and their destructive agenda for NYC. We give a voice to Sara, this talented and capable leader with over 30 years in the city’s financial services industry, at the Queens Village Republican Club, where it all begins. We also hear from several of the Queens County Republican Patriots candidates, who were likewise knocked off the ballot but fought back and won in state appeals court, and who are now officially on the ballot.

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