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Family Fun Day BBQ 2023!

It was a beautiful sunny day on July 23rd for the Queens Village Republican Club’s annual patriotic Family Fun Day BBQ. Everyone had an incredible day full of fun and games and love of country! They enjoyed music by DJ Jimmy James, an in-person drone flying demo, singing patriotic songs with Sunny, plus a puppet theater, magician, face-painting, game truck, tug-of-war, races and so much more! Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels were there, as well as Barbara from Harlem, Peter Gong with the Veterans Flag Corps, Bernard Chow, who is running for City Council in District 23, and our Diamond Sponsor, Jessica Moves You. It was a beautiful patriotic day for all!

Family Fun Day is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and donors, including our Diamond Sponsor Jessica Moves You and our Platinum sponsor, Bernard Chow. Full listing is below.

  • Subway Shops: @ Bellerose Commons, The Shops at Atlas Mall, Clear North Plaza
  • A & A Wholesale Beverages
  • Embrace Mortgage Company
  • Gospel Light Baptist Church
  • Taco Bell Floral Park
  • DeZant Signs
  • Nicholas Mosesso
  • Danny Noble
  • Felix Henckel
  • Ira Chazan
  • Susan Erlebacher
  • Enid Goldstein
  • Samuel Benoit
  • David Abraham
  • Violeta Villatoro
  • Petra Kaatz
  • Kent Gomez
  • Hemant Shah
  • Celina Kahn
  • 21st Century Snack Foods
  • Cool Suppliers

Videos: June 1st Club Meeting – Meet the Freedom Fighters!

The Queens Village Republican Club, in keeping with our motto, “Educating and Informing all New Yorkers since 1875” held a dynamic and energizing club meeting on June 1st focusing on parental rights, our children, and our freedoms that are under attack. Here are the videos of the speeches by the NYS Freedom Fighters who gave inspiring presentations on how to fight back.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox: Parental Rights and Freedoms Under Attack!

We welcomed back Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox, our 2023 Lincoln Dinner American Patriot of the Year honoree, who addressed parental rights and our freedoms under attack by the New York State Legislature and Gov. Hochul. Bobbie Anne Cox is the brave NYS Attorney who independently sued the government and defeated Gov. Hochul’s unconstitutional DOH regulation to place people in quarantine camps, in a lawsuit which is now under appeal. She is calling for all concerned citizens to fight for a Republican majority in the State Senate to overcome the Democrat supermajority in the NYS legislature that inflicts this bad legislation on us all.

Kozi: Fighting for Medical Freedom and Parental Rights

Kozi is a health freedom activist, rapper, and former healthcare worker. After 14 years working as a healthcare worker he was fired for refusing the COVID vaccine on religious grounds. Kozi has been fighting against medical tyranny since 2009 and has been a fierce leader in the medical freedom movement, working alongside various organizations. He began rapping last year under the name Kozi-19 in order to spread truth and inspire change through his music.

Edwin De La Cruz: How to Register Republicans and Get Democrats to Exit

Edwin is a Community Leader and former Republican candidate for NY City Council and State Assembly. He is leading a grassroots movement, the Northern Manhattan Republicans, for Democrats to exit the Democrat Party and register with the Republican Party. He spoke about how he is getting Democrats to exit the party of disaster, and getting Hispanics involved in the Republican movement.

Haris Bhatti: Lawsuit to Overturn Marijuana Legalization in NYS

Haris is Executive Director of the new organization, Cannabis Impact Prevention Coalition (CIPC) calling for individuals and groups to sign on as plaintiffs in a lawsuit to overturn marijuana legalization laws. He has been a longtime advocate against marijuana abuse, and discusses his anti-marijuana litigation against New York State.

Q & A Session at QVRC Meeting

There was an uplifting Q & A session at the June 1st general meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club with guest speakers who are NYS Freedom Fighters.

Two Outstanding Republican City Council Candidates

Republican Candidates Daniella May, running for NY City Council in the 31st Councilmanic and Bernard Chow running in the 23rd Councilmanic, spoke at the June 1st Club Meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club.


By  Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,  
Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911

The fourth of July is a day of great importance. In 1776 we fought as a people for the birth of a great new nation founded on the principles of self government and freedom from tyranny. Since then we have fought many wars and many lives were lost for the cause of freedom. My own family has fought for freedom. My great-great grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War, my grand-father fought in the Civil War, my father in WWI and WWII served as a air raid warden and Chaplain and I myself served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam era. Now today I serve as a member of the American Legion Post #103 in Douglaston. In this republic, we have the right to speak our minds, the right of freedom of religion and the right to vote for those who will best represent our rights of freedom and justice for all. So in the next election, please get out and vote. Let not our ancestors, who have died for what most of us hold most dear, and that is freedom, to have not have died in vain. As it says in the Declaration of Independence,” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” So, let freedom ring on the 4th of July. Remember this too: The 4th of July is not just a day off, for store sales and barbecues but a day of Independence from tyranny.

How Obscenity is Infiltrating Our Children’s Schools and Libraries

By Elena Chin

The Supreme Court has ruled that, “transmitting obscenity and child pornography, whether via the internet or other means, is…illegal under federal law for both adults and juveniles.”  

-Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844

Obscenity is not protected under First Amendment rights to free speech. Violating obscenity law is a criminal offense. Distributing obscene material to children under the age of 16 is even more strictly prohibited, and is likewise punishable under federal law. However, in 44 states nationwide, as sexual education curriculum, children in pre-school through grade 12 are being exposed to inappropriate explicit material that fits the legal definition of obscene. The same material, if presented to minors by adults other than educators or librarians, would be deemed obscene, harmful, and treated as a criminal act punishable by federal law.

Sign the Petition to Stop Rezoning our Neighborhood!

Stop the Creedmoor Property Development!

They Are Going To Rezone From Our Present 2 Story Limit To Accommodate 8 Story Building Zoning

Carin Bail

New York
JUN 24, 2023 — 

This change in our zoning will change the landscape of our present entire park suburban neighborhoods.

Why are our civics and residents not being included in the planning?

There are many question that need to be addressed! We as residents, home owners, renters, seniors, veterans, local sports groups and businesses have purposely been excluded from our representatives, Donovans Office, the planning office of this project and all politicians who serve our area.


The Silent Creep of Communism Infecting America

The Silent Creep of Communism Infecting America

By Professor Nicholas Giordano

Over the past decade, communist and Marxist principles have been gaining traction in the United States, as evidenced by the far-left ideologies embraced by the Democratic Party and the destructive policies of the Biden administration. However, these ideologies are fundamentally incompatible with the values and principles that define American society. To prevent their spread, it is crucial that we take immediate steps to halt their encroachment.

This march toward communism can be partly attributed to a failed education system that promotes indoctrination over American values. Too many believe that the United States is inherently evil and corrupted by a capitalist economic system. This view ignores the fact that capitalism has lifted millions of people out of poverty and is responsible for much of the progress that we have made over the past two centuries.

Tired of the policies destroying the fabric of our country? Vote Republican!

On January 6, 2021 President Trump spoke to 100,000 supporters in Washington DC as the U.S. Congress convened to certify the 2020 presidential election results. He asked them  to “peacefully” and “patriotically” march to the Capitol to “make our voices heard” to give “the weak Republicans the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country.”  Although days before, he offered 10,000 federal National Guard troops to guard the Capitol, his offer was rejected by Speaker Pelosi and the Capitol Police. Before his speech was finished a small segment of the crowd broke off, headed down and breached the Capitol, while many entered unhindered by the undermanned Capitol Police.

The Fallen Soldier

The Fallen Soldier

Others have made the ultimate sacrifice so that you could be free. Remember them—today, and always. A moving tribute, written and narrated by former Navy SEAL and author Jocko Willink.

Soft on Crime, Hard on Trump

By Elena Chin

While the number of murders and shootings in New York City has dropped, the number of robberies, burglaries, and other serious crimes has risen by 22% according to sources such as the New York Post and The New York Times.  Despite these statistics, instead of dedicating himself to keeping the streets of New York safe, Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has chosen to squander our tax dollars and weaponize the criminal justice system against former President Trump, to fulfill a campaign promise and increase his chances of getting re-elected.

Videos of May 4th Club Meeting Speakers: Local Control, Not Hochul Control

The Queens Village Republican Club Meeting on May 4th focused on how we can fight back and take back control of our communities! The guest speakers are prominent community leaders who discussed the impact the Creedmoor land redevelopment project and Local Law 97 is having on our communities. Here are the videos of 2 of the three speakers who presented.

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