Letter to Club Members and Friends

Dear Club Members and Friends,

As Sunday, March 3rd approaches, we are excited to present our 149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner. Our dinner committee is hard at work to make this our greatest patriotic gala in this crucial year 2024, the year we will Make America Great Again, and to fill our hearts with hope and optimism for the future of America!

We host our annual Lincoln Dinner celebration to recall the great history of the Grand Old Party, the party of freedom, human dignity, and true equality of opportunity. During our country’s darkest hours, torn asunder by a Civil War, God Almighty blessed our nation with the valiant leadership of President Abraham Lincoln, who saved our country from ruin, and abolished the evil institution of slavery. We recall his lofty oratory dedicated to completing the “unfinished work” of the brave soldiers of the Battle of Gettysburg, “…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The keynote speech will be delivered by the preeminent pro-Israel activist, Morton Klein, president of ZOA, who will also be the recipient of the “Light Unto the Nations” award, for his tireless work for the survival of Israel, America, and Western Civilization. The New York Republican rock star, Andrew Giuliani will be kicking off the dinner program with the “Lincoln Address.” The highlight of the dinner program will be bestowing high honors on the quintessential New York heroes, Curtis and Nancy Sliwa, who will be recipients of the “Guardians of New York” award.  Long deserving recognition and honors will be Professor Nicholas Giordano, who as “Educator of the Year” honoree, has been an inspiring patriotic teacher of contemporary politics to all of us, who are his rightful students.  The Sanctity of Life awards will be going to two organizations dedicated to life-giving work saving unborn and newly born unwanted children, Bridge to Life, with its president Catherine Donohoe receiving the award, and Timothy Jaccard, president and founder of AMT Children of Hope Baby Safe Haven Foundation. The Master of Ceremonies will be the eloquent and incisive Newsmax host and reporter, John Tabacco. We are thrilled to add to the roster of honorees, an extraordinary individual, a positive force for change in America’s culture wars, Phil Cuza, recipient of the “Conservative Artist of the Year” award.

The gala commences at 3:00 pm with a lavish cocktail hour, and full course sit-down dinner, starting at 4:00 pm, with open bar all evening, Viennese table of incredible desserts, awards ceremonies, and inspiring presentations. It is held at the famous Antun’s of Queens Village, 96-43 Springfield Blvd., Queens Village NY, where nearly every New York Governor, New York City Mayor, and President of the United States have been in attendance since the 1950s.

Many of you have attended our past Lincoln Dinner celebrations and have left filled with inspiration to carry the torch for our ideals and to save our blessed country.

You may have received this letter in the mail with a handy return envelope to send in your ticket payment for the dinner. You may also buy tickets by credit card online or pay with Zelle at www.qvgop.org. Seating is limited and tickets are selling fast, so make sure to buy your tickets today. Please make a contribution toward the Lincoln Dinner scholarship fund to help a young person attend.  We look forward to seeing you on March 3rd!

Phil Orenstein
Queens Village Republican Club
America’s Oldest Republican Club – Founded 1875

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