Vote NO on the Four Ballot Proposals

New Yorkers who care about the future of our city and state need to turn over their ballots and VOTE NO on all four Ballot Proposals on Election Day, November 8, 2022. Three of these four ballot measures are the work of former mayor, Bill de Blasio and a small minion of leftists obsessed with racism in America who propose to radically overhaul the NYC Charter.  

Last year, the Democrat state legislators pushed three vote-rigging constitutional amendments onto the ballot in the name of “reform” hoping that no one was paying attention. But after a vigorous voter education effort, New Yorkers took notice and voted down the three ballot proposals intended to secure Democrats’ political advantage.  This year’s brazen attempt to exploit voter apathy, is a much more insidious power grab to change New York City’s Constitution and hand over absolute power to an elite leftwing cabal, while voters are asleep. Voters of all political parties must wake up and vote NO on these radical ballot props!

After the death of George Floyd and the ensuing BLM and Antifa riots branding America a racist nation, de Blasio set up a charter-revision commission, called the Racial Justice Commission (RJC), charged with the mission to propose changes to the city’s Charter to “advance racial justice and equity and begin to dismantle racism” in New York City.

The outcome of the commission’s work are three ballot proposals for NYC, to codify racial division and “equity” i.e., ensuring equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity for everyone. It sets the stage for racial division, paying reparations, creating big government socialism, and stealing billions of taxpayer dollars for leftwing pet causes and pocket-lining.

Now, just weeks before the election, the commission is unlawfully telling city workers how to vote on the three city ballot props and recruiting volunteers under the official seal of New York City to spread the word. Official government emails were sent to city workers telling them they had better vote “YES” on the ballot props, with a call-to-action campaign sign-up form to join RJC’s army of activists. We are countering the illegal deceptions of government operatives with the truth about these dangerous propositions on the ballot. Here are the four ballot proposals.

Ballot Proposal 1: Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022

This is a statewide proposal that would authorize the sale of up to $4.2 billion in New York State “green” bonds to fund supposed environmental projects. The problem with this Orwellian green-speak is that it is not specific about how the billions in state debt will be spent, to be repaid by NY taxpayers. It’s a boondoggle that gives the government free rein to spend more money which it doesn’t have in a time of inflation and looming recession. It’s about spending our money without spelling out where it’s going, which ends up in the Albany swamp, to be raided for pet projects and pocket-lining by state legislators and the governor. Democrat politicians who already gave New Yorkers the biggest tax burden in the nation are now trying to add billions more in borrowing, taxing, and spending proposals to appease their green activist friends.  Vote NO on Ballot Proposal 1.

Ballot Proposal 2: Add a Statement of Values to Guide Government

This proposal for New York City voters, would amend the City Charter to add an introductory statement of values as a preamble to the city’s constitution requiring city government to remedy “past and continuing harms” and to “reconstruct, revise and reimagine our foundations…to promote justice and equity.” The trouble is that we don’t need another statement of values to guide government.  We already have our values statement set forth 250 years ago that “all men are created equal”, and “that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights…” as stated in our founding documents. This proposal would serve as license for radicals in the grievance industry to sue for damages from police misconduct, by landlords, small business owners, and to discard merit admissions at top city schools, augment the criminal-coddling revolving door justice system, and demand reparation payments to remedy “past and continuing harms.” Vote NO on Ballot Proposal 2.

Ballot Proposal 3: Establish a Racial Equity Office, Plan, and Commission

This proposal would also amend the New York City Charter to implement the race-based objectives of the statement of values in the preamble by setting up an all-powerful Racial Equity Office. Such a bureaucratic behemoth costing billions of tax dollars would divide the city by race and increase discrimination against unfavored races. Throughout our history, immigrants legally came to New York City from every corner of the world, from every race, religion, and national origin.  Through merit, hard work, good education, and strong families, they moved up, succeeded, and overcame racial inequities.  Many fled Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Soviet Communism, the Irish Potato Famine, Communist China, Castro’s Cuba, and more, to pursue freedom from tyranny and a better life in America. They encountered discrimination, anti-Semitism, and “No Irish Need Apply” signs, but overcame injustices, assimilated, and many rose to prominence, achieving wealth and status. They put their nose to the grindstone and refused to cry “victim” or look back at past inequities. The RJC is trashing our proud history and heritage to foist a government Racial Equity Office upon us, to broadcast America’s injustices, invent victims, and determine winners and losers. It’s in fact a smoke screen to cover up the utter collapse and failure of New York City’s school system, which was once deemed the shining light, that prepared New Yorkers of all races and creeds to learn, earn and get ahead. Now the school system is in total chaos, failing to educate and graduate a huge portion of its student body, leaving them unprepared to succeed in life, or earn a living.  Instead, they blame past injustices, a red herring which sows the seeds of racial division and creates victims of imagined oppressors, with a Racial Equity Office on the ballot. Vote NO on Ballot Proposal 3.

Ballot Proposal 4: Measure the True Cost of Living

This proposal would amend the New York City Charter, to set up another superfluous government bureaucracy at taxpayer expense.  Everyone knows the cost of living in NYC is perhaps the highest in the nation, which is one of the main reasons so many people are leaving town. It’s a fool’s errand. It’s the left’s way to bring more socialism into NYC government. This race-based proposal to determine the so-called “true cost of living” would mean assessing jobs, regulations, prices, wages, and everything in society, through the prism of race, creed, and gender, to codify the victimization of “oppressed” people and redistribute wealth accordingly. Socialism is the fixing of prices and wages, determining who works, who is essential and who is not. Sound familiar? Socialism has been an abject failure everywhere and we don’t need to pursue it further in NYC with a costly tax-funded office to measure our cost of living. Vote NO on Ballot Proposal 4.

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  1. Mariela Colon

    Thank you for this. I wasn’t sure how to vote on these proposals because they use a lot of fancy waffle language. Thank you for breaking it down to basic English for us.

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