The Rise of the Mama Bears 

You’ve heard the expression “don’t mess with Mama Bear.” Mama Bear is endowed with the most powerful instinctive protective force in nature to protect her cubs. Today we are witnessing the rise of Mama Bears standing up in the political arena throughout America to protect their kids, families, and neighbors from the destructive power of Democrat run government with the ensuing rise of crime and inflation, open borders, woke indoctrination in our schools, lockdowns and vaccine mandates, censorship and trashing of our Constitutional rights.

Mama Bears are the women who run their households, pay the bills, run businesses, cook, clean, take their kids to baseball practice, and educated their kids during the shutdowns while their teachers were sunbathing on the beach in Florida conducting remote learning on their laptops. Absentee politicians never lifted a finger for them, and now they have had enough, they are fighting mad and on the march. Nothing can compete with the fury of an angry mom protecting her cubs.  They are speaking out at school board meetings, fighting against Covid mandates and lockdowns, organizing their blocks against crime and drugs, and taking political action to get out the vote and running for office themselves.

Last year, it was the Mama Bear movement that swept Republican Glenn Youngkin into office in the Virginia governor’s race. It all began when brave Asian moms calling themselves “Mama Bears” organized to fight for merit-based education and struggled against the discriminatory school admissions policies aimed at favoring certain racial groups over others. Concerned parents, demonized as “domestic terrorists,” mobilized against critical race theory in the curriculum and pushed for more control over what their children learn in school. Meanwhile AG Merrick Garland turned the FBI on these parents for “threats of violence” against school board members.  Glenn Youngkin met with infuriated moms and dads, and championed parental rights in education. Mama Bears mobilized and organized the largest voter turnout in the state’s history and sunk the woke agenda of the Democrats at the ballot box by electing Youngkin governor of Virginia.

Can it happen here in New York? That is the question now as we get closer to the November 8th General Election. We believe it can happen here, and we are seeing a resurgent Republican Party driven by warrior moms who were recently elected and currently running for office. In fact, it’s already happening with the Queens Republican Party leading the charge starting with two fierce Republican City Councilwomen Vickie Paladino and Joann Ariola.  When Gov. Hochul told Republican New Yorkers “just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, okay?” …. Get out of town, because you don’t represent our values. You are not New Yorkers,” Councilwomen Paladino and Ariola were hearing none of it. They love our city dearly and are fighting to save its very life. They are the unstoppable voices in the City Council for us all, and especially for the voiceless city’s workforce who were unjustly victimized by the obsolete and unnecessary vaccine mandates. They will not be silent until Mayor Adams ends the mandates and reinstates and compensates workers who lost their jobs due to the mandates.

Councilwoman Paladino continues to speak out and fulfill her promises amid condemnations from progressive City Council colleagues and leftists. She has been unapologetically standing up against drag queen story hours which have no place in our schools, programs that our taxpayers should not be funding, and recently stopped the planned housing of illegal migrants in College Point. Read more on her major accomplishments and promises kept: https://qvgop.org/councilwoman-vickie-paladino-big-issues-and-promises-kept/

Councilwoman Ariola is standing up for all the moms. The NY City Council chambers have gone hopelessly woke insisting that mothers should be referred to as “birthing people.”  But Councilwoman Ariola, who has three sons, will not let mothers be cancelled by leftist City Council leaders who have no children. Kudos to this mom who is making her voice heard, and is having no part of the anti-mother agenda.   https://council.nyc.gov/joann-ariola/

The Mama Bear movement has given us such remarkable Republican candidates as Tina Forte, the Republican nominee running for U.S. Congress, District 14 in Queens and the Bronx, who is set to square off against AOC on November 8th. Tina was one of the original Mama Bears working with thousands of “Stop Common Core” mothers years ago, whom she encouraged to find their voices and not be afraid, and turned them into Warrior Mama Bears, now on the front lines fighting for our school children to end the unconstitutional mandates, masking, and shutdowns. America needs Tina because she’s fearless and strong, as the name “Forte” implies, she’s an America-First patriot, and tells it like it is. Read her Warrior Mama Bear story on page 5 in the October issue of the Queens County Beacon. https://tinaforteforcongress.com/

Cara Castronuova is the GOP and Conservative Party endorsed candidate for New York State Assembly District 22, which encompasses Floral Park down to Valley Stream on the Nassau County side. She is a Boxing Champion and was born and bred in the district. She is the individual you want in your corner in distressed times, and she has a lifetime body of work to prove that. Currently she is a fearless activist and an investigative journalist who has fought tirelessly for personal liberty, medical freedom, the political prisoners of January 6th and at-risk youth in lower income communities. https://caraforassembly.com/

Marilyn Miller, the Republican Party candidate for State Assembly in District 32, Jamaica, Queens, is a former NYPD Officer and 9-11 First Responder Survivor. She declares that our city is in total disarray by the actions of corrupt politicians who are destroying our communities and quality of life with disastrous policies.  It is time to put them on notice that “We the People” are fed up with high crime, homelessness, dirty streets, high taxes, inflation, attacks on small businesses and the infringement on our constitutional rights.  Marilyn is running to restore Law and Order in New York. Read her story here. https://www.marilynforassembly.com/

In answer to the question “can it happen here?” the answer is clear, and the proof is these above-mentioned women of valor, and many more.  The Mama Bear uprising is bringing on the Red Wave for Republican candidates in the midterm elections throughout America, and right here in New York. Make sure to get out to vote for our Mama Bear candidates on November 8th in this historic election, the uprising that marks the revival of the Grand Old Party in New York.  

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