Councilwoman Vickie Paladino: Big Issues and Promises Kept

Councilwoman Vickie Paladino represents District 19 of Northeast Queens. Elected in 2021, she has kept her campaign promises to be our voice, hold our leaders accountable, and protect the interests of her constituents. We applaud her outstanding accomplishments in such a brief period of time, as a model for all Republican elected officials. Here are just a few of her big issues and promises kept, to depict how Councilwoman Palladino and her staff are working hard every day and delivering for her constituents and all New Yorkers.   

She is the voice of medical freedom for the voiceless city’s workforce who were unjustly victimized by the obsolete and unnecessary vaccine mandates. She will not be silent until Mayor Adams reinstates and compensates workers who lost their jobs due to the mandates and has introduced a Legislative package that will end some of these useless and unlawful mandates once and for all. https://qns.com/2022/03/paladino-vaccine-mandate-removal-civil-servants/

Assailed by threats and condemnations, even from her City Council colleagues, she has been unapologetically standing up against drag queen story hours which have no place in our schools, programs that our taxpayers should not be funding. Councilwoman Palladino said: “I was elected to the New York City Council to represent the voices of my constituents. This is exactly what I have done, and I refuse to apologize for it.” Read more: https://qvgop.org/council-member-paladino-stands-her-ground-drag-queen-story-hour/

The Hotel Du Point in College Point was very close to becoming home to 115 migrant families, a big problem stemming from Biden’s open border policies, until Councilwoman Paladino stopped the housing of illegal migrants in her district.  https://nypost.com/2022/09/03/councilwoman-vickie-paladino-scraps-plan-to-place-migrants-in-her-district/

“Today I was proud to stand in solidarity with hard-working bodega owners in support of Jose Alba, unjustly prosecuted for defending himself by our failure of a DA Alvin Bragg. NOBODY should face a murder charge for exercising their God-given right to self-defense. We demand that Mr. Alba have his charges dropped immediately, and that DA Bragg either resigns or is removed from his position by the governor. The people of this city have had enough of his lawlessness.” – CM Paladino

Doing everything from getting trees trimmed, to installing stop signs, meeting with small business owners, removing squatters and illegal renters, and fighting other criminal activities in the district, she and her staff are hard at work for the community each and every day. She never stops. Councilwoman Paladino has delivered on her campaign promises earning her the everlasting love and respect of her constituents. 

New York City Council Member Paladino Big Issues (list compiled by staff member Alie Ziraschi)

Drag Queen Story Hour

  • Not against the LBGTQ+ community
  • Against bringing in inappropriate and sexualized content to school aged children
  • Taxpayers should not be funding these programs
  • They have no place in our schools
  • Parents are not always made aware of these events and that is wrong
  • Kids have lost so much during the pandemic and the focus should be to get them on grade level in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • American students have seen the biggest drop in math and reading scores in decades (since 1990)


  • Not against vaccines- not an anti-vaxxer
  • Against forced Covid vaccinations in order to keep a job
  • City workers who worked throughout the pandemic, should not have to choose between an shot or their jobs
  • At this point, it is ridiculous to even debate this issue
  • Experienced and seasoned workers are being pushed out and replaced with inexperienced workers
  • NYC is losing taxpayers and people are moving out of NYC in large numbers
  • Children should not have been forced to wear masks or test in order to attend school
  • CM Paladino held a press conference in March calling on Mayor Adams to reinstate and compensate workers who lost their jobs due to the mandates.
  • CM Paladino has introduced a Legislative package that will end some of these useless and unlawful mandates once and for all


  • The Hotel Du Point was very close to becoming home to 115 migrant families.
  • The communities throughout NYC cannot handle the influx of asylum seekers.
  • The infrastructure of College Point (in District 19) could not handle it.
  • Sanitation, NYPD, FDNY, schools, etc. are short staffed and it would not be feasible to have 115 more families in an already dense community that is in dire need of help as it is
  • The root of the problem stems from Biden’s open border policies.
  • The border should be closed!
  • Asylum seekers should be going through a legal process that many of us have been through to get to the USA
  • Fentanyl, cartels, and child trafficking are huge concerns for Americans.
  • American students have seen the biggest drop in reading and math scores, so adding tens of thousands of asylum seeking students will further strain the education system

Constituent Services in D19

  • Each and every day, staff is hard at work for the community.
  • Whether a tree needs trimming or a four way stop sign is needed, the job of the City Council is to serve the local community.
  • Meeting small business owners to discuss their concerns and bring solutions to the table is vital.
  • Engaging with the constituents in the community personalizes the job
  • The office has closed over 750 constituent cases thus far
  • Building close relationships with city agencies allows us to better serve the community

Read more on Councilwoman Paladino’s activities working hard and fighting every day for her constituents:  



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