Council Member Paladino Stands Her Ground: Drag Queen Story Hour

By Council Member Vickie Paladino

Recently, there have been attempts to “cancel” me for standing up against Drag Queen Story Hour in our schools. I made my view clear that I do not support adult entertainment, and especially without parental knowledge or consent, being implemented in schools with young children. This is not about the LGBTQIA+ community; this is about adult entertainment and parental choice. 

I am appalled by the reaction I have received from some of my colleagues in the City Council in the aftermath of my speaking out against Drag Queen Story Hour in schools. New Yorkers are facing street violence every single day. There is a food shortage, there is a housing crisis, and we have a big mental health crisis to deal with. Homeless individuals, veterans, senior citizens, and our youth are all struggling. Instead of addressing these issues in any serious manner, many members of the City Council have chosen to direct their attention at a single member who spoke against Drag Queen Story Hour in elementary schools. There is something very wrong with this picture, and it points to a serious dysfunction in our priorities as a legislative body. Some of my colleagues are now actively and happily passing legislation to put criminals back on our streets, endangering ALL of the groups and communities which they say they “care about” and “advocate for,” and yet, there is outrage over the fact that I refuse to accept extremist ideologies and policies that endanger small children.

There are more creative and child-friendly ways to approach reading to our children. I am thrilled to announce that my office will be launching an alternative to Drag Queen Story Hour for District 19. Please stay tuned for more information.

My office encourages civil discourse and open dialogue at all times. I was elected to the New York City Council to represent the voices of my constituents. This is exactly what I have done and I refuse to apologize for it.

Council Member Vickie Paladino represents District 19 of Northeast Queens, which includes Whitestone, College Point, Bayside, Little Neck, Douglaston, and parts of North Flushing

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