PRESS RELEASE: New Yorkers Head Back to Albany Demanding Lawmakers Respect Medical Freedom!

Save Our Kids, Save our Freedoms, Save Our State!
JAN 22

This Action Day will be on Tuesday, January 23 in Albany, NY

Press Release from Teachers for Choice and Autism Action Network

For the past four years Medical Freedom activists have gone to Albany in January, at the very beginning of the legislative session, to make sure their voices and opinions are heard regarding laws that impact medical mandates, vaccination, and their children.

“This will be the fifth year we’ve held an action day in January, and so far it has worked very well,” said John Gilmore, founder of Autism Action Network, one of more than 30 sponsors for this action at the NY State Capitol. Since these activists have been going to Albany they have been extremely successful at stopping the worst threats to medical freedom in New York.

The activists will be joined by many attorneys including General Counsel for Children’s Health Defense Kim Mack Rosenberg, Bobbie Anne Cox, Sujata Gibson, Tricia Lindsay, and Christina Martinez. These women have all led successful efforts in the courts to stop vaccination of children without parental consent, overturn a controversial isolation and quarantine regulation from Governor Kathy Hochul and her Department of Health, end Governor Hochul’s state-wide vaccine mandate for Healthcare workers, and defend the rights of NYC workers fired for declining COVID vaccination.

“Many New York lawmakers have no idea they are currently sponsoring bills that would violate federal law if they became state law,” said Michael Kane, founder of Teachers for Choice.

The number one priority for the action day is A6761, a bill that would allow children of any age to consent to any medical procedure, including surgery, without parental consent. Other top priorities include preventing bills that will make including all adult vaccine records in a state database mandatory (S1531), which has already passed in the Assembly (A7154). A mandatory adult vaccine database is a necessity to fully and effectively enforce vaccine passports. 

There is also a bill to repeal religious exemptions to vaccine mandates for college and employment (S8113/A2125); and several bills that allow minors to get vaccines or drugs without parental consent (A276b/S762a, S6103).

There are a host of bills that are more favorable to these medical freedom activists. This includes a bill that would restore religious exemptions to vaccine mandates for pre-K-12 school, a bill that would allow people injured by a mandated vaccine to sue the government that mandated the shot, a bill to ban mandatory COVID shots for work and college, as well as a bill that would require a parent to be present when a vaccine is given to a minor, 

This Vaccine and Human Rights Action Day is sponsored by the following organizations:

Autism Action Network, Bravest for Choice, Teachers for Choice, Cafecito Break, Children’s Health Defense, Children’s Health Defense NY Chapter, Cops 4 Freedom, Court Workers for Choice, Do We Need This?, Educators for Freedom, Finest for Choice, Finest Unfiltered, Folding Chairs, Frederick Douglass Foundation, Latinos for Choice, Medical Professionals for Informed Consent, Moms for Liberty Suffolk & Nassau, My Kids My Choice, New Yorkers Against Medical Mandates, NY Alliance for Vaccine Rights, NY Freedom Rally, NY Health Voters, NY Workers for Choice, Progressive Action, Restore Childhood, Rockland Bergen Health Freedom Alliance, Sons & Daughters of Liberty, Strongest for Choice,, Uniting NYS, 

Reach out to www.AutismActionNetwork.org or www.TeachersforChoice.org for any press inquiries or questions.

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