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PRESS RELEASE: New Yorkers Head Back to Albany Demanding Lawmakers Respect Medical Freedom!

Save Our Kids, Save our Freedoms, Save Our State!
JAN 22

This Action Day will be on Tuesday, January 23 in Albany, NY

Press Release from Teachers for Choice and Autism Action Network

For the past four years Medical Freedom activists have gone to Albany in January, at the very beginning of the legislative session, to make sure their voices and opinions are heard regarding laws that impact medical mandates, vaccination, and their children.

Next General Club Meeting: Meet the Freedom Fighters

Next General Club Meeting:

Thurs. June 1, 2023 at 7:30 pm

Meeting at: Bellerose Jewish Center

254-14 Union Tpk. Floral Park, NY 11004


Educating and Informing all New Yorkers since 1875

Parental Rights, our Children, and
our Freedoms are under attack.
Meet the freedom fighters!

Attorney Bobbie Anne Flower Cox

We welcome back Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox, our 2023 Lincoln Dinner American Patriot of the Year honoree, who will address parental rights and our freedoms under attack by the New York State Legislature and Gov. Hochul. Bobbie Anne Cox is the brave NYS Attorney who independently sued the government and defeated Gov. Hochul’s unconstitutional DOH regulation to place people in quarantine camps, in a lawsuit which is now under appeal. Read more on Attorney Cox. 


Kozi is a health freedom activist, rapper, and former healthcare worker. After 14 years working as a healthcare worker he was fired for refusing the COVID vaccine on religious grounds. Kozi has been fighting against medical tyranny since 2009 and has been a fierce leader in the medical freedom movement, working alongside various organizations. He began rapping last year under the name Kozi-19 in order to spread truth and inspire change through his music.

Edwin De La Cruz

Edwin is a Community Leader and former Republican candidate for NY City Council and State Assembly.  He is leading  a grassroots movement, the Northern Manhattan Republicans,  for Democrats to exit the Democrat Party and register with the Republican Party. He will speak about how he is getting Hispanics involved. 

Haris Bhatti

Haris is Executive Director of the new organization, Citizens Caring about Safety and Health Impact of Cannabis (CCASHIC) calling for individuals and groups to sign on as plaintiffs in a lawsuit to overturn marijuana legalization laws.  He has been a longtime advocate against marijuana abuse, and will discuss his anti-marijuana litigation against New York State.  See Haris Bhatti’s bio below. 


Creedmoor Update: Is Adams planning to send migrants to Bellerose?  

Additional  speakers  to  be  announced

PLEASE SIGN IN!  We request that you sign in clearly when arriving at meeting place, and show your ID card. Due to security concerns, our club meetings will be monitored.

Coffee and refreshments will be served

Please visit for more info


GIFT FOR CLUB MEMBERS:  “Radio’s Greatest of All Time – Rush Limbaugh, ” a special gift for all Queens Village Republican Club members from the Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh Family Foundation, will be available at the June 1st club meeting to all members who have not yet received it. This book is Rush’s life’s work completed by Kathryn and David Limbaugh.



Haris Bhatti Bio

Haris is a recipient of the E. Virgil Conway Dr. Howard A Stark Pre-med Scholar award, which was determined by the 100 Year Association of New York and handed to Haris by Mayor Mr. Bloomberg at One Police Plaza. Haris has completed a B.S. in Human Biology with Honors from Cornell University, and has taken a leave of absence from the graduate program at Cornell University.  In 2016, Haris became an independent candidate for Representative of the House in Congressional District 6, NY in the General Election. In 2016 and 2017, Haris worked with members of the New York State Assembly and Senate to create legislation (A10419, later assembly Bill A3422 / Senate Bill S1421) improving the Election Law. 

Currently Haris works as an independent contractor affiliated with the non profit Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana. Haris is the executive director of Citizens Caring about Safety and Health Impact of Cannabis inc.  Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana is a 501(c)3 non profit, whose mission is the education of Americans against legalizing marijuana. Cannabis Industry Victims Educating Litigators (CIVEL) goals include getting justice for victims of the marijuana industry.

Next General Club Meeting: Faith, Family & Freedom & Holding our Public “Servants” Accountable

Next General Club Meeting:

Thurs. Apr. 13, 2023 at 7:30 pm*

at Bellerose Jewish Center 254-14 Union Tpk.

Floral Park, NY 11004


Faith, Family & Freedom & Holding our Public “Servants” Accountable

We proudly present the following distinguished guest speakers:

Pastor Gwen Joseph

Pastor Joseph of New Life House of Prayer & Deliverance in Jamaica, NY whose motto is God, Family and Country, will be speaking on the topic: “Seeing Patriots Through The Lens Of Love.” She is an accomplished poet, author, and an anointed teacher and preacher used by God to facilitate monthly “Prayer Explosions” throughout America.


Diane Sare

2022 candidate for U.S. Senate who recently announced her candidacy for 2024, will address the topic: “Rage Against the War Machine.” Diane is a  political organizer and founder of the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus, who worked with former U.S. presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche for 32 years.



Dion Powell, MPA

Dion is a County Committeeman, a NYC political operative, a community activist, former teacher in both NYC Public and Charter Schools, and founder of, a not-for-profit that support candidates for NY City Council fired due to the mandates. The theme is “You took our Jobs! Now we take Yours!” Dion will discuss “The Red Pill Effect,” providing access to GOP power structure, running for office, and empowering Black men. 

Jeannie Vega

President of New York de jure Assembly. Jeannie will discuss the function and brief history of the New York de jure Assembly and Queens County Committee of Safety. New York de jure Assembly is the fourth arm of the government with the authority to monitor New York’s public servants to ensure that they act on behalf of the People, remain compliant to the Constitution and their Oaths. She will discuss what they do to hold public servants accountable, and will speak about providing the necessary lawful accountability that is currently lacking in order to rid our state of corruption. She will also speak about their Supreme Court filing against Mayor Eric Adams and DA Alvin Bragg.


Additional  speakers  to  be  announced!

Coffee and refreshments will be served

*Due to the Passover and Easter Holidays falling on and around the first Thursday of the month, our April club meeting has been moved to the 2nd Thursday, April 13th.  

A Modern Day Lesser Magistrate

By Tricia Lindsay, Esq.
The People’s Advocate
148th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner recipient of the Medical Freedom award

I have always been a champion for justice and a voice for those who are often overlooked and ignored in our society.  Ever since I can remember, I have always taken a stand against injustice in any form, no matter how slight, and have spoken up for the marginalized members of our society.  This is evident in my life’s work as I have consistently worked in a position of service and advocacy, seeking to effectuate positive change in the lives of others, be it through my former career as an educator in the New York City and Yonkers school districts, or as a community advocate through work in my church and within the community of Harlem, New York, or during my time as the Chairperson of the Scribe’s Institute serving the children and families in Hartford, Connecticut and the surrounding communities. Service to others is how I believe one should live their lives and if you have been blessed with God given attributes which naturally lend themselves to this life work, then it is your duty, and my duty, to do just that, serve others.  It is my obligation to do that which I have not only been called, but also chosen to do.  

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