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Behind The Power Politic in NYS: The County Committee Member

Changing the tide of one-party rule starts with understanding your own party.

By Joseph R. Concannon

Both the Republican and Democratic Parties seek to be in the majority (“in power”), this should come as no surprise to anyone walking on planet earth today. The party “in power” gets to make the laws, enjoy all the privileges that the party in power is entitled to AND with enormous power comes equally enormous responsibility. We have observed more than our fair share of political corruption in New York and in the United States of America. Each party is elected by its leadership every two years. Understanding how the leadership gets elected and the political party organizational structure in New York State is a secret we will expose here.

Mr. Mayor, Tear Down this Tent City!

We are Americans. We are problem solvers, and we will solve this problem and remove the tents and migrants. But we have leadership on a local, state, and federal level that do not want to solve the problem. That’s the message we got from Mayor Adams. It’s time for the mayor to wake up and tear down this tent city!

How the states can save America

By Mary Ellen Probanski

We are living through an extremely politically divisive time in the history of our country. U.S. citizens of every political persuasion are at odds with each other and are taking sides. We all firmly believe in our own point of view, and very little or nothing can sway one side or the other.

What if I told you that there is a middle ground, a truly nonpartisan solution for everyday citizens to remedy the current ills? There actually is a solution that is bigger than the problem. It is a bipartisan solution that will return the power in this country back to the states, whether they be liberal, conservative, or in the middle.

NEW YORK BURNING… A Dire Call to End One-Party Rule

By Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

For over three years now, basically since March of 2020, I have been fighting to preserve our Constitution and the rights and freedoms that it was designed to protect. Who and what am I fighting against? The “who” is our government, and the “what” is best described as tyranny. You can call it another name if you like. The left likes to use what I call “word salad” to make disgraceful things sound almost pleasant. So of course they won’t use the term tyranny. No, no. Instead they may call it government overreach… or the administrative state… or police power. But, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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