Marilyn Miller: Running to Restore Law and Order

I am a former NYPD Officer and 9-11 First Responder Survivor. I was born in Brooklyn and raised in East New York, a mixed diverse community of all races. I attended and graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School in the top 10% of my class.  I was also on the cheerleaders squad and to this day have a passion for sports by playing tennis.  

I have always had a passion for law and justice and attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  After the birth of my beautiful daughter Krystal, I took time off from school and worked in the U.S. District Court serving in Jury selection and Immigration.  I eventually took the police exam because I had a desire to serve and protect my community. I was sworn in as a NYPD Police Officer January 25th, 1982 and it was indeed a proud moment of accomplishment for me at the young age of 23. I was assigned after graduating from the Police Academy to patrol duties and specialized assignments. In the eighties I was assigned to Queens Narcotics South as an undercover cop to clean up South Jamaica of its drug infestation which led to violent crimes, low quality of life, and home value depreciation. 

Now I find myself back in Jamaica, Queens running for State Assembly in District 32.  I have always had the passion like my mother Georgia to serve my community. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I ventured into politics and worked on many campaigns local and statewide.   New York City known as “The Big Apple” is in total disarray by the corrupt syndicate politicians who are destroying our communities and quality of life with disastrous policies. It is time to put them on notice that “We the People” are fed up with high crime, homelessness, dirty streets, high taxes, inflation, attacks on small businesses, and the infringement on our constitutional rights. 

I am running to restore Law and Order. Catch & No Bail Release MUST be REPEALED!! We cannot have a revolving door which allows repeat violent offenders back into our communities to terrorize and jeopardize our safety.  As your leader, I will fight to bring an end to this socialist globalist agenda that does not serve the needs of our communities.  We need leaders that lead with action not just empty rhetoric. I recently marched with Lee Zeldin at the West Indian Day Parade and had an opportunity to speak with the people who came out to celebrate. I felt their pain and suffering and they’re looking for change in leadership and direction. The two most important things they were concerned about is crime and the economy which is a total disaster under this current administration. I told them help is on the way and they must vote the current corrupt dictators out of office.  I am asking you, your family, and friends to join this journey to freedom and prosperity and vote Marilyn Miller for Assembly and all Republican candidates that stand up for The Constitution. November 8th is right around the corner. Go to marilynforassembly.com to donate and volunteer. CHANGE IS COMING TO QUEENS AND NEW YORK.  CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE.  VOTE FOR FREEDOM!   https://www.marilynforassembly.com/

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