For the NYPD, this has been a terrible year


Can New York City be harmful to your health?

By Joseph R. Concannon

Not one year ago, elected officials from all levels of government were flaunting the progressive left’s notion that police officers were not to be trusted. Whether it was President Obama, former Attorney General Holder or Mayor de Blasio, they didn’t miss a beat to bang hard on the drum with great indignation, fueling disrespect for law enforcement in every corner of our nation. Can this type of dangerous rhetoric be harmful to your health? Police officers certainly think so. It’s been a terrible year.

NYPD Vigil

But what about us? The murder rate in the city is now up, and shooting incidents and victims are bountiful. Communities across this city are sick and tired of seeing police funerals. Poor judgment and irresponsible, dangerous rhetoric do matter and elected officials should take heed in all venues and circumstances. And now…they dare to lecture us on political discourse in regard to the Planned Parenthood clinic attack where another police officer was murdered. As Lou Turco, president of the Lieutenant’s Benevolent Association explained, the hypocrisy is just too rich. The progressive left has made it more difficult for police officers to do their job and in the same vein, caused a segment of the public to distrust the very people who are sworn to protect them, thus proving that New York City can in fact be harmful to your health.

The city has never been Shangri-La to those struggling, those seeking to build their way out of poverty. It is up to government officials to provide a path and various methods for all to engage and better their plight in life, uniting our citizens and not dividing them. In unity there is great strength. Police officers provide the security framework which allows those individuals the hope that they too can succeed. Crushing the hope of the poor in our city by alienating them from their protectors is disgraceful and dishonest.

However, elected officials who are sowing the seeds of discontent and disrespect for those who are sworn to protect the public, have only emboldened the criminal element in our society. Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, was sickened by the tone of the rhetoric as he stood shoulder to shoulder with police officers mourning the assassination of Police Officers Liu and Ramos and then Moore and then Holder. Too many deaths lay at the feet of elected officials.

Joseph R. Concannon
Retired NYPD Captain

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