The Return of Crime, Disorder and Fear to the Streets of NYC

The Return of Crime, Disorder and Fear to the Streets of NYC

By Joseph Concannon

Joe_019_highresWhat’s surprising is that the NYC Council members don’t want to own the result of their actions in passing the NYC Community Safety Act (CSA) of 2013. In our Queens District, City Council Member Mark Weprin needs to take ownership for a law he personally shepherded through the City Council and into Law in NYC. He and the majority of City Council members have now reintroduced Crime, Disorder and Fear on the streets of NYC. The City Council passed this law against the advice and experience of every level of Law Enforcement in NYC – 500 years of experience. But Mark Weprin and the City Council knew better and now they own the results.

Members of the Police Department have heard him and others in the City Council loud and clear. Because of their CSA, Police Officers in NYC will be sued personally, their families, homes and incomes placed in legal jeopardy should someone “feel” their rights have been violated.

As I and my staff stated in our campaign for City Council, in an election with historic low voter turnout, and we’ll state it again here for the record: the most vulnerable and least capable of protecting themselves would be hurt first, the poorest inhabitants of our city. It pains me greatly to see the crime stats and headlines come true. But it was a predictable reality.

Now the NYC Council needs to take ownership for a VERY BAD law which only pitiless lawyers could draw up under the crafty title of Community Safety Act. Very crafty, very tricky, but it is now a “loss leader” for all who live in NYC.

Stop, Question and Frisk was not a legal problem in NYC. It was very much a management issue. Now the City Council and Mark Weprin own the result. Yes, I’m pushing it because kids just don’t deserve the harshness which City Council members just don’t seem to get. I take no pleasure in being right, I am sick over the headlines and predictable results.

Shame on the NYC Council for failing to do their due diligence in the first place which is to hold NYPD to account for training and discipline in oversight and hearings. For failing to talk it out with borough and precinct level commanders. For failing to properly educate the public on the real issues. For the poorer communities of NYC it’s not about the quality of life, it’s about survival.

The next time you send the kids out to get ice cream remember the little boy in East New York. Think hard about who you vote for. Elections have consequences. The security of the people is job number one of any elected official. Failure to provide that blanket of security notwithstanding all of the problems should be a basis for forfeiture of office.

Sad, very, very sad, I am distressed for the parents who now have to bury their children. Just incredible….and yes very preventable. This isn’t a Police Department problem, it’s a failure of leadership by our elected officials right here in NYC, hell bent on doing anything they can to get re-elected.


Joseph Concannon, former NYPD Captain and Director of Public Safety for Mayor Rudy Giuliani, ran for City Council in District #23 against incumbent City Council Member Mark Weprin in 2013.

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  1. Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

    Dear Joe;

    I agree with you 100%. Keep up the good work. I have just written on this subject myself and have sent it out to our local and regional papers.

    Fred Bedell

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