The November General Election is upon us, and the Primary Election is right around the corner, June 24th. The Queens Village Republican Club supports our Republican NYS Assembly candidate Jesus Gonzalez (AD-39) and we are helping him collect petition signatures. If you’ve never done it before, it’s easy and a lot of fun. We will be walking in the Woodside, East Elmhurst area to help Jesus get his name on the ballot ringing the doorbells of fellow Republicans. He needs our help and we will be meeting this Sunday and on other dates throughout the month of June.

PLEASE NOTE: Petitioning for this Sunday June 8th has been cancelled.

Please email maduroman@att.net if you are available even for an hour or two to help with petitioning on other dates. Last Sunday we heard the residents complain that Democrat elected officials have made promises and let them down. They take the people for granted because they assume there is no competition. Everyone has an EBT card and they’re giving away our hard earned tax dollars like water, while we, the working class struggle to make ends meet. Republican, Conservative, Democrat, Independence or blank voters are ready to embrace our message of hard work, lower taxes, free enterprise, individual liberty and limited government. Jesus Gonzalez will deliver the message to the people of his Assembly District and he need our help.

Since Jesus has no Republican opponent, our Club is able support him. He needs our support. For those Republican candidates involved in Primary contests, our Club’s policy is that we can only support the winner. Please feel free to help your favorite Republican congressional candidate who is involved in the Primaries. They are all fine Republican candidates and they all need your help. The Federal Primary Election is June 24th. May the best man win, who will take the fight to his Democrat opponent in November and win. Don’t forget to vote if your district has a Republican Primary.

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  1. This Is your best shot? How about making some noise?

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