By Aura Moody
A concerned citizen who loves the USA

The USA is being destroyed from within. Many Americans are afraid to talk about politics and conservative values for fear of being silenced, censored, canceled, or called White Supremacists and ULTRA MAGA terrorists by the left. IT IS TIME FOR US TO PUT AMERICA FIRST OR AMERICA WILL END! The survival of civilization and the USA is on the ballot.

What are you going to vote for? Are you voting for good and against evil? Are you voting to preserve your constitutional rights and freedoms? Are you voting for the American dream? Are you voting for family security and prosperity? Are you voting for the rule of law? Are you voting for the right to voice your opinion without being censored? Are you voting for the right to praise your God without fear? Are you voting for secured borders? If you are an immigrant, are you voting for the country that embraced you and gave you the opportunity to thrive and succeed? Immigrants worldwide come to America to be free. We enjoy our God-given rights and freedoms because they are granted by the Constitution. 

If we continue to surrender these rights to the radical left, oligarchs and globalists, the Constitution will be rendered meaningless, and America will no longer be free. Where will you go if the USA as we know it is destroyed? Are you willing to move to another country? Let’s stand together as Americans in the spirit of faith, family, freedom, and country. Patriotism unites! BE WISE, BE AWARE AND SAVE THE USA, the greatest and most generous nation on earth! MAKE SURE YOU CAST YOUR VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8, 2022! In the words of Taylor Swift: “It’s not enough just to want change…You have to go and make the change by voting.” YOUR VOTE MATTERS!

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