NY Citizens Audit:
“Citizens Election Integrity Report”

NY Citizens Audit: “Citizens Election Integrity Report”

Become a Poll Watcher for your local Republican candidate on Election Day and report any election irregularities you witness or voter fraud to NY Citizens Audit on the report form: “Citizens Election Integrity Report” 

Link: https://forms.auditny.com/apps/forms/a8MGRj5zgGGR6Fkp

We’ve heard way too many reports of fraud and violations every Election Day and Primary Day for years. Registered voters who find they are not listed, voters denied a ballot, candidates and volunteers electioneering inside the poll site, Poll Workers and Interpreters telling voters who to vote for, someone who already voted in your name, Poll Sites not open on time, Republicans given Democrat ballots in Primaries, operatives voting at multiple sites, sample ballots on display with pre-selected candidates, registered voters given an affidavit ballot, and many more irregularities reported. Now we have a place to report these violations, a statewide team that is making a difference to secure the integrity of our elections. NY Citizens Audit is collecting these reports to mount legal challenges in every County of NYS. They are working to expose the truth and stop the rigging of our elections. If you see any election irregularities, please fill out the Citizens Election Integrity Report form.  NY Citizens Audit: https://auditny.com/

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