A Modern Day Lesser Magistrate

By Tricia Lindsay, Esq.
The People’s Advocate
148th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner recipient of the Medical Freedom award

I have always been a champion for justice and a voice for those who are often overlooked and ignored in our society.  Ever since I can remember, I have always taken a stand against injustice in any form, no matter how slight, and have spoken up for the marginalized members of our society.  This is evident in my life’s work as I have consistently worked in a position of service and advocacy, seeking to effectuate positive change in the lives of others, be it through my former career as an educator in the New York City and Yonkers school districts, or as a community advocate through work in my church and within the community of Harlem, New York, or during my time as the Chairperson of the Scribe’s Institute serving the children and families in Hartford, Connecticut and the surrounding communities. Service to others is how I believe one should live their lives and if you have been blessed with God given attributes which naturally lend themselves to this life work, then it is your duty, and my duty, to do just that, serve others.  It is my obligation to do that which I have not only been called, but also chosen to do.  

This call to service, to stand against injustice for the sake of others, has become even more manifest in the past 3 years through the unfortunate and diabolical onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic which was imposed on the world, and on the citizens of our great country through a small group of people who wish to create a totalitarian system whereby every aspect of our lives are controlled by “government”,  including who they deem as deserving of life itself.  However, what the  progenitors of Covid-19 did not realize was, their plan would awaken and unleash the Lesser Magistrates who have been sitting quietly among us.

To digress a little, my call into the field of law was a long time coming and grew out of my years as an educator.  During this time, I witnessed the inequities in education which I came to realize were intentionally employed to fuel what many members of our society mistakenly thought was a “conspiracy theory”, but now know to be true.  I speak of the school to prison pipeline.  This realization ignited my desire to tackle education and the criminal justice system, which in my opinion, were working together for a common cause.  

While I was fully aware of this conspiracy to marginalize at risk and black and brown children, I had no idea that my work would lead me to discover the conspiracy that was launched against humanity.   However, it did not take much for me to realize there was something more sinister going on when Covid-19 was announced to the world.   With the implementation of lockdowns and mandates, my intuition, scientific analysis and historical knowledge of civics and government, immediately caused me to question everything the media was reporting, and I immediately began to speak out about the impending erosion of our freedoms and the eventual eradication of the Constitution of the United States which was  wholly dependent on our compliance.   

As the great Martin Luther King once said “injustice anywhere, is a threat to injustice everywhere”.  As a Lesser Magistrate, it my duty to step between a tyrannical government and my fellow citizens.  It is also equally my duty to educate, motivate, empower and raise up other Lesser Magistrates, for to be silent is to be complicit, and we cannot afford to do that!

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