NEW YORK BURNING… A Dire Call to End One-Party Rule

By Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox

For over three years now, basically since March of 2020, I have been fighting to preserve our Constitution and the rights and freedoms that it was designed to protect. Who and what am I fighting against? The “who” is our government, and the “what” is best described as tyranny. You can call it another name if you like. The left likes to use what I call “word salad” to make disgraceful things sound almost pleasant. So of course they won’t use the term tyranny. No, no. Instead they may call it government overreach… or the administrative state… or police power. But, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Here in New York we saw Cuomo and now Hochul doing things they had absolutely no right to do. Making up rules, regulations, edicts and mandates to control your every move. They shut businesses, shuttered houses of worship, forced schools to close and children to “learn” remotely for months on end; forced people to wear masks, to stand six feet apart, and to limit the number of guests at parties; and required businesses to ask for your “papers” to determine whether or not you were allowed to enter their restaurant, store, office building, etc. based purely on your “vaccination status.” All this in direct and flagrant violation of our rights. None of it was constitutional. And yet, here in New York, it went on for the better part of two years!

You must ask yourself, “How is it possible? How did we get to this point that we forewent all of our freedoms and allowed our children to be harmed by the government like that?” This will likely cause some introspection, especially if you blindly followed their edicts. Though introspection is good, that’s not what I’m going for here. What I am after is, how our government could do this to its people? The greatest nation on earth. The shining beacon on the hill. How did we fall so far, and so hard? The answer to that folks, is one-party rule.

Here in New York, the Democrats have a super-majority in our NYS Senate and our NYS Assembly. They have the governorship, and they have the Attorney General’s office. One party rule on steroids. And they’ve had it for FIVE years now. Why is this dangerous? Because when one party has absolute power, they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of what the other party wants or says. There is no dialogue, no debate, no discourse. There is only one side. One party. It doesn’t matter which party it is. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Democrat dominated NYS Legislature is proposing (and in some cases passing) laws that are stripping us of our rights at an astounding rate. I’ve written about some of the bills/laws in prior articles which you can read by clicking on the highlighted bill numbers below. Here’s a short list of just some of the despicable laws the Democrats are pushing…

  • A276/S762 Allows children of any age to get STD shots without parental knowledge or consent.
  • A4604 Requires schools to teach, as an integral part of education in grades kindergarten through twelvecomprehensive sexuality education.
  • A7154/S1531 to create a mandatory adult vaccine database where adults’ vaccination status (all, not just COVID19) would be entered into a statewide database for them to track. Pray tell, despotic Dems, why would you want to track our personal, private, medical information?!
  • A10730  Three days before Christmas whilst nobody was paying attention… the Democrats (no Republicans voted for this) gave themselves an incredible 30% pay raise, from $110,000/year to a whopping $142,000/year for their part-time jobs (the NYS Legislature is only in session for 5 months and 1 week). Just as criminal, the law also forbids legislators from working a job outside being a legislator if that job pays more than $35,000/year. So now, all legislators will be part of an elite class that are above you and me, because they will no longer be citizen-legislators, but instead they will be sheltered from the laws they impose on us. It also makes them 100% dependent on their party bosses and their special interest groups for $ and re-election guarantees. Pathetic.
  • There are soooo many others that directly attack or abolish your rights, and give rights (and your hard earned tax dollars) to illegals who shouldn’t even be in our country, let alone in our state, in the first place. As crime reaches historic highs in New York, the Dems want criminals to be “forgiven” and their records sealed so you can’t see them! It’s called “Clean Slate” and they are getting ready to pass it this week! They already got rid of cash bail, so criminals can commit crimes over and over again instead of being locked up while they await trial. After all, bail is “racist” (according to the Dems). And don’t challenge them on that, or you will be called a white supremecist, even if you aren’t white, as a black friend of mine explained to me. You can find more bills on the NYS website, or go to UnitingNYS.com and read about some there.

The Solution

So how do we stop the insanity and restore our rights and freedoms? Sure I can bring more lawsuits against the tyranny. But lawsuits take time. They take money. They take attorneys willing to put their necks on the line to fight the machine. And ultimately, lawsuits don’t stop the source of the tyranny. We need to do that by breaking the one-party rule!

Here in New York, to end one-party rule, we need to flip the NYS Senate from blue to red. The Republicans need to take control of the NYS Senate. Next year. Period. We need 11 seats to flip. Not impossible, and very doable if the Republican establishment will work together with grassroots organizations to get the job done. Voter registration drives need to happen, and training sessions, and candidate schools, and mentoring programs, and ballot-harvesting, and poll watchers trained, and so much more. The Republican party cannot do it alone. Nor can We the People. It needs to be a joint effort. The balance of power must be restored. One-party rule is toxic. I don’t care which party it is. But right now it happens to be the Dems. Get involved. Sign up for updates and action alerts at UnitingNYS.com today. It’s a start.

Bobbie Anne Cox is the brave NYS Attorney who independently sued the government and defeated Gov. Hochul’s unconstitutional DOH regulation to place people in quarantine camps, in a lawsuit which is now under appeal.  Follow me at AttorneyCox.Substack.com or on Twitter @Attorney_Cox

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