The Most Powerful Political Office in America

By Philip Orenstein
President, Queens Village Republican Club

Steve Bannon had Dan Schultz on a recent War Room podcast presenting a course on “personal political empowerment,” and exhorted all his subscribers to “pound into Dan Schultz’s information today.” His book “How to Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald Trump Make America Great Again” is available on Amazon, and his website is www.PrecinctStrategy.com. Get the book and check out the website today!

For more than a decade, Daniel Schultz has been pioneering the Precinct Strategy throughout America as a way for conservatives to take over the Republican Party, which has become the party of “fake Republicans,” or RINOs like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Karl Rove and all the rest. He has been urging conservatives to get involved, become active Republicans and to become the Republican Party. You do this simply by becoming Precinct Committeemen, or as it’s known in New York State, County Committee members, which he deems the most powerful political office in America, because they are closest to the voter. 

Thanks to his advocacy, we now have the answer on how to get real about political change. People are saying they need to know what to do. This is “what to do, and it won’t cost you a dime.” Shultz laid it out in such simple terms – something so basic, we learned about it in our social studies and civics classes. There are two major political parties, and conservatives need to take over one of them through the political process. Our party is the Republican Party. The problem is that we’re not in control of it, and the reason is that we’re not “in it.” Being a registered Republican doesn’t mean we are “in” the party. You’re not in the party, unless you’re a Precinct Committeeman. Thanks to his pioneering efforts, it’s no longer a closely-guarded secret of party insiders and incumbent chairmen: Precinct Committeemen are the Republican Party!

Of the 400,000 Precinct Committeeman party positions available nationwide, over 200,000 are vacant. In February 2022, President Trump said “The Precinct Strategy, as explained by Dan Schultz at www.PrecinctStrategy.com, is a great way to restore our Republic by transforming our Party from currently at less than half-strength at the precinct level into a full-strength Get Out The Vote powerhouse–as it should be.”

The powers that be that run our party don’t want you to know this, since it may cost them their seats to be filled by real rock solid “America First” Republicans. The party doesn’t want you, because it may force them to run in a primary for their seats, and that’s why they shrink from primaries. They’d rather have party insiders, the proverbial three men in a room, pick the winners and losers, and keep you in the dark. Nobody in the party talks about this, but Dan Schultz, Steve Bannon, and President Trump talk about it and so do we.

What we have to do to save our Republic is to take over the party and there’s only one way to do it – get involved and become a Precinct Committeeman as your time allows. Precinct Committeemen are the Party and elect the leaders of the Party all the way up to the chairman of the RNC. You’re the top dog in the Party – no one can tell you what to do – you rule! You fill the vacant slots at the grassroots level where our Party needs to be the strongest to help to Get Out The Vote (GOTV). You’ll have real political power and determine the direction of the Republican Party.

In New York State, Precinct Committeemen are called Republican County Committeemen, or Committee members. There are two County Committee members per Election District (ED), and there are two State Committee members per Assembly District (AD), one male, one female. In Queens we have 18 ADs and more than 2850 County Committee seats. Nationwide, half the seats are vacant, but in Queens over 2000 are vacant, and most of those occupied seats are place holders intended as “proxy” votes for the incumbent chairman.

In the rest of the five Counties of NYC, except for Staten Island, it’s worse! That’s the reason for the dismal Republican voter turnout in NYC, and overall voter turnout to boot. In 2021 voter turnout was a pathetic 23% in the General Election, and in 2022 it was 33%. Turnout was even worse in the Primary Elections. A small faction of radical leftist Democrats and Union operatives are generally able to win the vote for their socialist progressive candidates, and in close elections, rig the system and steal the vote.

We can change this by recruiting true conservatives to fill many of these vacant County Committee seats and strengthen the party where we live at the grassroots level. Dan Schultz said that if we don’t get involved and take over the party, we will lose the Republic – because our Party, the GOP, is our organization for electing better people who can bring positive changes to New York. It’s simple, easy to do – just get off the couch and get out to a Republican Club meeting once a month!

Come to the next  meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club and ask any one of our officers or board members about the County Committee and they will be your guide. Our club is America’s oldest Republican club, which has been the true independent grassroots Republican club since its inception in 1875. We are the original club in America, continuously active, fighting for the core conservative principles that made America great. You’ll also find out how to join “Mom’s for Liberty,” the patriotic movement for parental rights in education sweeping the nation. Come to the Lincoln Dinner on March 19th to be energized and encouraged for the battle ahead to take back our country. Our annual Lincoln Anniversary Dinner has been the primary event for the Republican Party in Queens and has come to be one of the biggest grassroots galas in the NYC metro area. Patriotic Americans everywhere are jumping into the process of restoring our Republic as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, by uniting and organizing where we live and becoming the Republican Party! Join us!

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  1. Elaine Quinn

    Keep up the good fight.
    I am a Precinct Committeewoman for 4 years through 2 local admins, no Orientation, massive confusion and still no organization. I am a Precinct Coordinator with little to no interaction with my precinct committeemen and almost none with voters. This is unacceptable. We can Do SO Much Better.
    I’m not finding anywhere an outline for precisely what a committeeman should do. Too much is left to the individual. Many act independently. Our executive committee has rendered itself ineffective. This comes from the state down. It’s just not acceptable.
    Most new Precinct Committeemen have found active organizations and moved on.
    I would like to know success from other districts and actions followed. I personally, not the REC, am working with my local club; a procedure that I would like to replicate throughout the county with other clubs. I will have to do this while fighting what the REC thinks we should or should not do.
    We have some new PCs but the old hangeroners, who do little and the same old thing, comprise 70% and do not make good decisions for a MAGA world. I’m not fighting alone but most are now helping to build other organizations and are making great strides.
    Surely the REC is not intended to be just a figurehead.

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