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By Aura Moody
A concerned citizen who loves the USA

The USA is being destroyed from within. Many Americans are afraid to talk about politics and conservative values for fear of being silenced, censored, canceled, or called White Supremacists and ULTRA MAGA terrorists by the left. IT IS TIME FOR US TO PUT AMERICA FIRST OR AMERICA WILL END! The survival of civilization and the USA is on the ballot.

Vote NO on the Four Ballot Proposals

New Yorkers who care about the future of our city and state need to turn over their ballots and VOTE NO on all four Ballot Proposals on Election Day, November 8, 2022. Three of these four ballot measures are the work of former mayor, Bill de Blasio and a small minion of leftists obsessed with racism in America who propose to radically overhaul the NYC Charter.  

The Rise of the Mama Bears 

You’ve heard the expression “don’t mess with Mama Bear.” Mama Bear is endowed with the most powerful instinctive protective force in nature to protect her cubs. Today we are witnessing the rise of Mama Bears standing up in the political arena throughout America to protect their kids, families, and neighbors from the destructive power of Democrat run government with the ensuing rise of crime and inflation, open borders, woke indoctrination in our schools, lockdowns and vaccine mandates, censorship and trashing of our Constitutional rights.

Videos of Oct. 6 Club Meeting: The Rise of the Mama Bears

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