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The Long Island Loud Majority Movement: No Longer Silent

By Robert Golomb, March 31, 2021

Editor’s Note: This is syndicated columnist Robert Golomb’s latest column as published in the news and media outlet, The Published Reporter
Shawn Farash will be one of our featured speakers at our April 1st General Club Meeting: What’s happening to America’s schools and what we can do about it

Loud Majority founder Shawn Farash speaking in a  parking lot filled with followers in Farmingdale, NY on October 25th, 2020, before their caravan  journeyed to Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY.

LONG ISLAND, NY – “I wasn’t going to sit quietly back and have my conservative beliefs censored,” Shawn Farash, one of the three co-founders of the conservative Facebook group “Long Island Loud Majority” (LILM) told me during a recent interview. Farash, 28, was not talking about the awful censorship he and his two co-founders, Kevin Smith and Heather Liebman, had endured since starting their organization in September, 2020.

We agreed to discuss that later in the 60-minute interview. Rather, he was referring to an attack upon his Constitutional right to free speech occurring back in the fall of 2012, when he was a junior majoring in Radio Communication at Hofstra University in Nassau County, NY.  

“My assignment for the class called “Radio Feature Production” was to produce a 10-minute radio feature which would later be shown and discussed in class,” recalled Farash. “As I discussed with my professor,” Farash continued, “the segment would be based on short interviews with 3 [Hofstra] university political science professors, covering America’s tax policy, regarding the ‘fiscal cliff’ financial crisis America was facing at the time.”     

Farash told me he purposely chose one liberal, one moderate and one of Hofstra’s few conservative professors for the segment explaining, “I wanted my classmates to be exposed to different viewpoints and ideas. That is what a university should be all about.”  

However, Farash recollected, that was where, according to the professor, he had made a terrible mistake. “The professor looked shocked as he previewed my production in his office. He told me that he had no idea that I would include the opinions of a conservative in my project,” Farash stated.    

“And he warned me,” Farash added, “that he would take points off my grade unless I deleted my interview with the conservative, because he claimed it was biased.”

Before their meeting ended, however, the professor was to discover that he had found a student he couldn’t intimidate. “I wasn’t going to put up with that bullying,” said Farash, who quickly noted that he found a way to reverse roles with his professor.   

“He was lecturing me. So I lectured him back,” Farash recalled. “I told him that a professor should never serve as a censor. Rather, if he did his job correctly, he would encourage opposing views, while, of course, requiring his students to be able to describe and defend their opinions.” 

Explaining why his “lecture” to his professor did not end with those final arguably convincing words, Farash continued, “I was still concerned that he would make good on his threat to reduce my grade on my project. So I let him know that if he did what he had threatened to do, I would make a formal complaint to the department chair and try my best to have him fired.”

Farash told me that while he assumed that the department chair, a well-known left leaning academic, would not have punished, let alone fired, the professor for suppressing the opinion of a conservative, the threat still worked.  

“I don’t think any student had challenged this bully before, so the poor guy looked frightened,” recalled Farash. “He told me to go ahead with the segment as it was. And he wound up giving me an “A” on the presentation and later an “A” in the course. I felt I had done my small part in winning a victory for free speech.”

For Farash, who by then had been transformed from a self-identified independent to a conservative Republican, it was also a victory for his new party.

“The conservative professor explained during his segment how Republican supported   lower tax rates result in higher wages for workers and lower prices for consumers, and conversely, how Democratic supported higher tax rates have historically had the opposite effect,’’ Farash stated. “And it was he who received the most [of the three] positive comments from the class. So in a very small way, I also felt that I had done my part to support the conservative economic policies of the Republican Party.”     

However, it was to take Farash, who after graduating from Hofstra in June, 2013 found a sales job in a marketing firm (which still currently employs him), six more years after the confrontation with the professor to resume his political activities.     

“With work, friends and family, I was not focused on politics for several years. But by the end of 2018, after two years of watching the media, the Democratic Party and the egregious Mueller Commission attempt to destroy President Trump, I was disgusted and felt driven to fight back on behalf of our president and our nation,” Farash recalled.       

Farash found a way to do just that. That same year he became involved in pro-Trump social media, gaining thousands of followers. His name and his pro-Trump crusade becoming known throughout the year in conservative circles, Farash was given the life-changing opportunity to serve as the MC of a pro-Trump, pro-America First rally on March 23, 2019. Held just one block from Trump Tower, the rally was attended by nearly 1,000 New York Trump supporters and featured a host of guest speakers.    

“What an honor and privilege it was for me to stand and speak at the mike, as I watched almost 1,000 pro-Trump New Yorkers rally to support our great president,” exclaimed Farash. “It was great,’’Farash continued, “to introduce and hear the words of our guest speakers who documented President Trump’s unprecedented accomplishments with the economy and foreign affairs, while exposing the dishonesty of the leftist elite controlling the media and the Democratic Party, which spread total lies and falsehoods to try to destroy his presidency.”

Farash wasn’t done emceeing political rallies. On September 28th, 2019 he served as the MC at a pro-Constitution and pro-Second Amendment event held in Southington, Connecticut. And on June 6th, 2020 in Hartford, the Capital of Connecticut, he emceed his third rally, this one intended to support the First Amendment and oppose what he described as the “arbitrary and unscientific” COVID related restrictions.

“Thousands of people at both rallies were there to express their deep concerns about the left’s attempt to empower the federal government to limit our First and Second Amendment rights and to use the COVID epidemic as an excuse to limit our freedom to even leave our own homes,’’ Farash contended.     

Noting that the rally in Connecticut’s capital featured among its guest speakers Brandon Straka, the founder of the conservative #Walk Away movement and Shelley Luther, the Dallas, Texas salon owner who had been arrested and jailed for serving customers in violation of COVID restrictions, Farash added, “Brandon explained why he left the Democrat Party and became a Republican, and Shelley explained why she decided to risk imprisonment by refusing to shut down her hair salon business during COVID 19 lockdown. The crowd loved them.”                      

By the fall of 2020, however, Farash decided to change the mode, but not the message of his rallies. “I decided to have caravan rallies. I felt this would draw the public’s and the media’s attention to our pro-Trump, pro-Constitution, America first message,” he remembered.             

Farash’s first caravan rally, which was held on September 6th and spanned 40 miles from Suffolk County’s village of Copiague to the town of Shirley turned out to be a seminal event for him and his cause.                   

“I was expecting only about 50 drivers to attend. But amazingly there were more than 300. So I decided to hold future events the same way,” Farash explained.                                                        

The rally also provided an even greater benefit to Farash. “At the end of the rally I had the good fortune of meeting Kevin Smith and Heather Liebman,” he recalled. “We learned that we shared the same conservative political philosophy and the same passion and commitment to conservatism and loyalty to President Trump.”  

Farash and his two new cohorts soon put that passion and commitment into action. Within a week after their meeting at the rally, they co-founded the aforementioned “Long Island Loud Majority,” which within two months had more than 40,000 members.  

Actor Kevin Sorbo (center left), with cofounders Kevin Smith (left), Heather Liebman (center right), and Shawn Farash (right).

“Our message was getting through loud and clear to a growing number of Americans,” Farash stated. It was. Starting on September 20th as the presidential campaign geared into full swing Farash, by then joined by Smith and Liebman, held four pro-Trump LILM sponsored caravan rallies- three on Long Island and one in Connecticut. The rallies, which in total drew more than 30,000 participants, were covered by Long Island print and broadcast reporters, Fox News and Donald Trump’s You Tube channel.  

“It was a great pleasure for me to hear thousands of people at each event cheer and applaud even the mention of the name President Donald Trump,” Farash enthused. In addition to the tremendous similar enthusiasm of Trump supporters across the nation that I watched and heard every evening on tv, I was convinced Trump would be re-elected.”   

Trump, of course did not ultimately win re-election. But, on November 5th, two days after the general election, with its final outcome then still being hotly disputed, under the banner of their organization Farash, Smith and Liebman spearheaded a  broadcast media widely reported, pro-Trump rally attended by several hundred people at the Bellmore Train Station in Nassau County, Long Island. Describing the event, Farash stated, “Thousands of people came to support President Trump and to protest what we believed was a dishonest election.”

Shortly after the rally, however, Farash, Smith and Liebman experienced an unpleasant surprise. “Facebook cancelled Long Island Loud Majority. And they also cancelled the personal pages of all three of us,” Farash lamented.   

Even before the day ended, though, the three crusaders found a way to partially recover. “When we realized what Facebook had done, that same day we created a new ‘Long Island Loud Majority’ site. And 10,000 members joined overnight,” Farash proudly noted.              

LILM, Farash informed me, has since grown to 20,000 members. That sounded encouraging except, as I pointed out to him, for the very real possibility that Facebook could cancel LILM again.  

“Don’t worry about that,’’ Farash replied. “We have already made contingency plans to have several other internet platforms run the website. The message would then ring loud and clear that the Long Island Loud Majority will never be defeated by censors.”        

The same, I might add, could be said of Shawn Farash himself, as a certain Hofstra University Professor probably learned eight years ago.

Rebuilding America’s Public Educational System

Next General Club Meeting: What’s happening to America’s schools
and what we can do about it
April 1, 2021 at 7:30 pm

Rebuilding America’s Public Educational System

By Nicholas Giordano and Jerry Matacotta

Do you as parents, grandparents, other caregivers, or even concerned citizens realize that you have the legal right to sit in on a classroom lesson being given to your youngster? Do you realize the powerful platform this gives you in reporting back the incorrect, non-factual, even nonsensical information and disinformation being fed to these young minds, by some teachers, in order to socially engineer society?  

Today, many of us feel helpless that if we “complain” both the child and parents will be ostracized and stigmatized. However, we as individuals, deciding together to sit in on these classroom lessons can become a real force. While our politicians chew their fingernails, cowering in fear of the woke mobs, we can foster the change so desperately needed.

There are many who do not realize that as parents and caregivers, we have the power and the control. It is time we utilize that power and take the public education system back from the fringe voices controlling what our children are learning. We can no longer sit on the sidelines wrongly outsourcing our children’s education. It is time to get engaged and play an active role in what is happening in the classroom and foster change to restore sanity and a sense of civic purpose.

Parents need to go through the homework and the textbooks to understand the radical message our children are being brainwashed with. The strongest advocates to change the public education system are the parents, yet many parents are absent. Sure, we may complain to family or friends. We may put out a social media post, but that is not going to change the system. It is time we organize and coordinate with other parents. It is time we become active in the PTA. It is time we force the school boards to change, and if the school board does not listen, then it is time for the parents to become the school board.

The Founding Fathers understood the importance of an educated populace. That a public education system is the true guardian of liberty. They were cognizant of demagogues and ideologies which could undermine the democratic system that they established.

For 150 years of public education, schools taught the underlying principles: freedom, liberty, rights and responsibilities of citizens and the understanding that wherever someone came from and who they were, they had the opportunity to better themselves in a nation which shared these core values. As John Adams stated, “Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.” 

Teachers of the past understood this concept. They may have discussed politics in the teachers’ lounge; but in the classroom, they were trained not to give their opinions. They understood the importance of having students think critically and discovering for themselves what the conclusions are. Teachers would have command over the material through the vast knowledge they acquired in their subject field.

Unfortunately, this changed amongst a new generation of teachers who were not properly trained on core educational concepts. Many wrongly believe their opinions should be imposed on the student body. Even worse are the teacher’s overreliance on far-left textbooks and materials provided by the textbook manufacturers, rather than using primary source material and allowing students to draw their own conclusions. We have created a system where students depend on secondhand sources, therefore relying on someone else’s opinions, and unbeknownst to students, the author’s biases.

Often, these teachers see only the negatives of American history, and not the greatness of our founding documents and our shared history, which has made the United States the last great hope of the world.


Nicholas Giordano is Professor of Political Science at Suffolk Community College and host of The P.A.S. Report Podcast. Historian, Jerry Matacotta, is the founder of the History Seminar Series at Queensborough Community College and worked 32 years for New York City Public Schools primarily teaching High School American History.

Republican Curtis Sliwa to officially launch campaign for NYC mayor

Republican Curtis Sliwa to officially launch campaign for NYC mayor

By David Meyer. As seen in New York Post March 15, 2021

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa will officially launch his long-anticipated bid for the Republican nomination for mayor on Monday morning, his campaign said.

Sliwa plans to use the appearance outside Penn Station on Monday to call on all other mayoral candidates to sign onto a letter demanding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s immediate resignation.

Sliwa, who registered as a mayoral candidate on Feb. 17, plans to run on a slogan of “Save our City,” the campaign said.

His platform will include the reversal of budget cuts enacted against the NYPD in the aftermath of anti-cop protests last year.

Other campaign priorities include “cleaning up the subway, and bringing businesses and tourism back to New York,” a release said.

Sliwa launched the crime-fighting Guardian Angels group 40 years ago to patrol the subways and the streets in the days when Gotham was overrun by crime.

He told The Post last year that he worries those dark days are rearing back.

“It took us a long time to crawl out of the belly of the beast of the 1970s through 1990s. Bill de Blasio and the Democrats are bringing us back in,” he said at the time.

The longtime New York City fixture and WABC talk-radio host has the backing of the Staten Island Republican Party and Brooklyn GOP, but won’t face an easy primary: The Queens, Bronx and Manhattan GOP committees have all endorsed opponent Fernando Mateo, an advocate for taxis and bodegas.

Financier Sara Tirschwell is also competing for the GOP nod.

2021 Is Our Last Chance

By Vickie Paladino

The title of this article may sound dramatic, but it’s sadly and terrifyingly accurate. The fact is that New York City is now at a point where we’re either going to make some kind of change in how our government is run, or we’re going to continue our rapid slide into bankruptcy, lawlessness, and despair. This is a hard truth everyone needs to come to terms with.

The de Blasio era has been catastrophic for NYC, there’s no denying that. We have seen our economy destroyed, skyrocketing homelessness, open hostility to small business and homeowners, and a crime rate that has spun completely out of control. And all these trends were firmly in place before COVID hit.

Post-COVID, our single-party government took a difficult situation and turned it into a generational tragedy. The incompetence, ignorance, and naked malevolence of de Blasio, Cuomo, and our ruling party was on full display. They immediately and enthusiastically used the excuse of COVID to claim extraordinary dictatorial powers over our lives, and then used those powers to make everything worse. We’ve seen riots, looting, murder, and the total unplugging of our economy. Meanwhile ordinary citizens who resisted these destructive policies were targeted for prosecution, even as the doors of our prisons were swung open to release violent criminals back onto our streets scot-free.

New York is now hemorrhaging jobs, money, and taxpayers as citizens wake up to the fact that red states like Florida and Texas could be better options for people seeking a life of prosperity, security, and liberty. Needless to say, this is unsustainable for our city and our community.

We have one final chance to begin the hard work of turning things around. Our local elections in 2021 will quite literally determine whether our city returns to its former glory, or if we become another Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco — a once great city, now wracked with nightly riots, homelessness and drugs, and utterly paralyzed with corrupt single-party authoritarian rule by a bizarre quasi-religious progressive cult too obsessed with malignant identity politics and hatred of western civilization to solve even the most basic of municipal issues.

This is not an exaggeration. This is the choice we face. That’s where we’re headed. And I’m running for City Council along with other great candidates like Curtis Sliwa for Mayor to help bring about the change we all so desperately need.

It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight. We have a lot of work to do, and we expect a fight every step of the way.

The GOP may not ever be a majority party in New York City — at least not anytime soon — but even relatively modest success in 2021 will be massively significant in the direction this city takes, in terms of desperately needed police funding, crime prevention, economic development, and tax relief for small businesses and homeowners. We must break the monopoly. I hope you’ll join me in our fight.


Vickie Paladino is a Republican candidate for New York City Council, CD #19, and President of the Whitestone Republican Club.

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