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Video: Ruth Papazian for Congress Speaks at Feb 6 Meeting

Ruth Papazian is a Republican “working class candidate” who was born and raised in the East Bronx, seeking the Republican nomination in NY Congressional District 14, to run against AOC, the most dangerous Congressmember in America. AOC will be defeated!


The October 3rd General Club Meeting was our annual Columbus Day Dinner held at Nancy’s restaurant. The Queens County Republican Party Reorganization was scheduled for the same night, so our club president and several officers and members could not be present.

SCHERIE MURRAY: Republican candidate seeking the nomination for US Congress in New York 14th Congressional District running against AOC.

PATRICK DELICES: Republican candidate for the South Bronx congressional seat of the departing Rep. Jose Serrano in New York 15th Congressional District.

GEORGE A.D. SANTOS: Republican candidate for NY 3rd Congressional District.

RAGINI SRIVASTAVA: Republican candidate running in the Council Election for District 2 in North Hempstead. QVGOP 2nd VP, Hemant Shah introduces her.

Linda Kabot: Running to Unseat a Powerful Lawmaker

By Robert Golomb   

Editor’s Note: This column, as syndicated columnist’s Bob Golomb’s previous piece published on these pages two weeks ago prove, the leftist Democrats cause as many terrible problems in Suffolk County as they do everywhere else in America, including right here in Queens. Please share this column with your friends in Suffolk County and urge them to vote for John M. Kennedy for County Executive and, if they live in the 2nd Legislative District, to vote for Linda Kabot.

County Legislator Candidate Linda Kabot pictured with County Executive Candidate John Kennedy, June 14, 2019 – Photo Credit: Kennedy Campaign Dean Murray

Most of Long Island’s political media have reported primarily on the battle in this year’s November 5th election for Suffolk County Executive waging between Republican challenger,  County Comptroller John M. Kennedy (whom I interviewed for a column that appeared on these pages 2 weeks ago), and Democrat incumbent Steve Bellone (with whose campaign staff I have been at the time of this writing unsuccessfully attempting to schedule an interview for a column).

This media attention reflects the importance to the county’s 1.5 million residents of the position of Suffolk County Executive, whose authority as the county’s highest elected official includes proposing, seeking legislative approval and enacting the annual budget, managing   the county’s dozens of departments and agencies and representing Suffolk’s interests in its financial and legal dealings with the federal and state governments. 

So far less covered by the media, but collectively of equal importance to the County Executive race, are this fall’s contests between Democrats and Republicans for the 18 seats of the Suffolk County Legislature.  Co-equal to the County Executive, the Suffolk County Legislature is responsible for approving or disapproving the county head’s proposed budget, serving as the official governmental watchdog to prevent wasteful spending, levying taxes and setting county policies, most notably those affecting public health and public safety.       

For the 24 elections held since the Suffolk County Legislator was first established in January 1970 (for 200 years prior a “Board of Supervisors” served as the county’s statutory body), political contests for the 2- year term seats on this legislative branch have been known to be fiercely fought.  However, this year’s contest, the 25th in the county’s history, has been said by several political insiders with whom I have been in contact to be the most harshly fought of any in recent memory.

According to several of these same sources,  the most intensely fought of all 18 seats (11 currently held by Democrats and 7 by the GOP) has been the battle between the Republican challenger Linda Kabot and 2 term Democrat incumbent Bridget Fleming in Suffolk County Legislative District (LD) 2, the county’s 2nd largest geographical district, which spans the entire South Fork of Suffolk, comprising the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, Shelter Island, East Moriches, and portions of the Town of Brookhaven.   

County Legislator Candidate Linda Kabot pictured in the Legislature Meeting Room, March 27, 2019 following testimony at the County’s Spending Task Force Public Hearing. Photo Credit: Kabot Campaign Anthony Piccirillo

However, when I interviewed Kabot in Suffolk County last week, I thought, at first, that my usually reliable sources had misled me. To my surprise, rather than beginning the interview with a strong rebuke of Fleming, Kabot told me that she and her opponent share the same views on several important local environmental issues. Citing their agreement on proposals to upgrade septic systems, create sewer districts in downtown village areas and develop storm abatement systems in low lying areas of East Suffolk, Kabot stated, “Both Ms. Fleming and I agree that these programs are vital to protecting the environment and safeguarding our communities from potential natural disasters.”

 However, Kabot, 52, who has in the past served a combined 14 years in the executive and legislative branches of the Southampton municipality, including 6 years as a councilwoman and 2 years as town supervisor, just moments later made it clear to me that beyond their areas of agreement on these environmental programs, she and Fleming hold polar opposite positions on all other key issues.

“Other than our shared support of several environmental programs, I have extremely strong disagreements with Ms. Fleming concerning every major issue affecting the people of Suffolk”, stated Kabot, the married mother of 3 young adult sons.  

The main area of their disagreement pointed to by Kabot relates to the county’s $2 billion accumulated debt, and its interconnected almost $900 million operating deficit. To pay off the interests on that debt and to fund government operational services, Kabot stated, the county under Bellone’s stewardship and with the approval of Democratic legislators, including Fleming for the past 4 years, has raised property taxes by 22% while increasing by $100 million the fees that residents pay to the county for such matters as recording their mortgages, purchasing burglar alarms, registering their vehicles, and for camping, fishing and holding group events at public parks.

“Mr. Bellone’s across the board tax increases, which were rubber stamped into law by Ms. Fleming and her Democrat colleagues in the legislature, have hit our middle-class residents the hardest… This just proves Mr. Bellone’s and Ms. Fleming’s claim to be ‘protecting the taxpayer’ is an outright lie”, stated Kabot.

“Ms. Fleming and her fellow Democrats in the legislature”, Kabot continued, “have also voted in favor of Bellone’s budget deficits which have led to Suffolk County Bond ratings being downgraded seven times, now standing at a dismal Baa 2 rating, just one level above junk bond status.”

True to what I had originally expected, Kabot’s criticism of Fleming became more acerbic.  Noting a recent report issued by New York State Comptroller, which, comparing Suffolk to the other 61 counties in NYS, described it as the state’s financially “most stressed county”, Kabot added, “this is just further proof that Mr. Bellone and legislators like Ms. Fleming have brought the county to the financial breaking point.”

Kabot, who has worked closely with Kennedy throughout the campaign, told me that if he and she are both elected, they, along with other Republican and some moderate Democratic lawmakers, will introduce policies and establish guidelines to restore the county’s financial viability.   

The first item on their agenda, she stated, will be to repeal a law, supported by Bellone and Fleming, which currently requires the county to use funds acquired from its casinos to be directed to pay for the public financing of political campaigns.

 “Taxpayers should not be forced to help finance any candidate’s political campaign. Casino revenues should be directed into the general fund and be used to help pay off our huge debt”, said Kabot.

The next item on Kennedy’s and her agenda, Kabot said, will be to conduct a formal review of the dozens of the county’s executive departments and agencies, which, she contended, have increased significantly in number under Bellone, adding to the county’s debt without providing any tangible benefit to the public.

“This overblown bureaucracy created by Bellone and his rubber stamp legislators, such as Ms. Fleming, provides no benefits to our overtaxed citizens”, Kabot charged. “To reduce spending, the entire budget will be carefully reviewed {if she and Kennedy are elected} department by department. We will be focused on such reforms as combining agencies that perform redundant jobs and reducing the number of departments in the county’s executive branch.”

The final financial item we discussed, while budget related, touched upon an issue connected to a bitter national debate concerning the rights of illegal immigrants. Kabot noted that Fleming favors wide- ranging entitlements for the thousands of illegal immigrants living in Suffolk. Referring to Fleming’s support for the county’s paying for their health care services, college tuition and legal aid, Kabot stated, “As a child of parents who came here as legal immigrants, I am committed to assisting people who came to America through legal means.  However, I view the status of legal and illegal immigrants to be totally different…. We have funneled millions of dollars from our $700 million public assistance programs to pay for services for illegals. That money must be redirected to help pay off our enormous deficit.”

Our discussion of her and Fleming’s opposing views on illegal immigrants did not end there.  Kabot attacked her opponent for her highly controversial vote against a resolution presented to the Legislature on February 7th, 2019.  The resolution (which was passed with the vote of every legislator other than Fleming) called for the county to accept $ 65,000 in federal funding related to the Suffolk County’s Police Department’s (SCPD) participation in the “ICE EL DORADO TASK FORCE” (IEDTF) program.

 Comprised, among other law enforcement agencies, of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) agents and SCPD detectives, IEDTF was primarily formed, Kabot noted, to target criminal gangs made- up of illegal immigrants, including the notorious MS-13.

“Fleming’s vote against receiving federal money directed to aid law enforcement- which she tellingly  defends by saying she was opposed to ICE’s participation in the task force- proves that she is indifferent to the safety concerns of every person living or even visiting Suffolk County”, stated Kabot.

Come the late evening of November 5th, we will learn whether or not the voters of Suffolk County share that depiction of Ms. Fleming.  

County Legislator Candidate Linda Kabot pictured greeting guests at the VFW Post 5350 in Westhampton Beach, August 11, 2019 – Photo Credit: Kabot Campaign, Deborah Martel

Robert Golomb is a nationally and internationally published columnist. Mail him at and follow him on Twitter@RobertGolomb         

Get out and vote on Election Day

By  Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,  Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council #5911 

November 5th is Election Day, and is a time for all registered voters to get out and vote for a better community. In the last General Election the voter turn out was low. Well in my opinion I find that to be a total disgrace. We live in a free country and we have the right to chose who can better represents us. When we don’t vote the possibility exist that wrong candidate gets elected who doesn’t represents our vital interest.

We need representatives who want to serve the people and are truly concerned with what we the people hold most dear. There are many issues that should concern us and they are: taxes, education, homelessness, affordable housing, health care, crime, and transportation. The issues are endless and need to be address by our elected representatives who hopefully have workable solutions.

When we don’t vote we have no right to complain how bad things are. Added to that when we don’t vote, the quality of life decreases. We all need to express a desire for better communities. To my fellow citizens please get out and vote on election day because it is very important. So wake up and smell the coffee and  get out and vote !

John M. Kennedy: Taking Off the Gloves In His Race to Unseat Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone

By Robert Golomb  

Editor’s note: This column reveals how leftist Democrats fail everywhere, including, in this case in Suffolk County. Please share this column with your friends in Suffolk County and urge them to vote for John M. Kennedy.

Suffolk County Comptroller John M. Kennedy, 62, the Republican Party candidate for County Executive against 2 term Democratic incumbent Steve Bellone in the upcoming November 5th election, has long stood out in the highly contentious world of politics for his well- known practice of de-personalizing his criticism of his opponents. Kennedy’s distaste for mounting personal attacks against his political adversaries has even been said to annoy some Republicans.  

However, it has apparently worked well for Kennedy, an attorney, who has won every one his 7 political contests, going back to his first in November 2004, when he was elected as a Suffolk County legislator, continuing with his 4 successful re-election bids to that 2 year term office and cresting with his first election to the executive position of County Comptroller in 2014 and his re-election to that post 4 years later.

Suffolk County Comptroller John M. Kennedy celebrating German heritage at the Lindenhurst Rotary Octoberfest. Village of Lindenhurst, October, 2018. Photo Facebook

Kennedy, whom I interviewed last week, explained his restraint in attacking past political adversaries.

“I always possessed a personal respect for my {Democratic} opponents”, he stated. “So in every one of my campaigns I never questioned their integrity or sincerity. What I did question was their policies. And I tried my best to explain to voters why my policies would better serve the needs of their families, their communities and the county than would those of my opponent.”  

 While Kennedy told me that as in the past he will focus his current campaign on the issues affecting the county, he added that unlike his former contests, he is running a “gloves off’’ race against Bellone.

“How do I in good conscience give Mr. Bellone a personal free pass when he has so severely damaged the financial stability of Suffolk County while burdening its citizens with out of control taxes”, he charged.       

 Repeating to me what he has been saying to voters on the campaign trail and stating to other media, Kennedy blamed Bellone for the downgrading of the county’s bond rating to Baa2 (a ranking associated with junk bonds), raising property taxes by 22% and increasing the employee payroll cost by more than $100 million, while, paradoxically, eliminating almost 1,000 jobs from the county workforce over the same time span.

“Where do I begin in describing the horrible job Bellone has done the past 7 plus years he’s been in office?” stated Kennedy, who, clearly no longer burdened by his past self-generated dictum to go easy on his opponents, added, “The county’s fiscal mismanagement has resulted in our abysmal bond rating, creating a fiscal crisis so severe that we struggle to meet our weekly and monthly financial obligations.” 

 “The increased property taxes”, continued Kennedy, “have placed a tremendous burden on home owners, and the decrease in the workforce has reduced the quantity and quality of services the county is responsible for providing its citizens. And we have one main person to blame for this man- made mess, Steve Bellone”.   

Kennedy also blamed Bellone for increasing county service fees, which, he noted, Suffolk’s nonpartisan Budget Review Office reported in 2017 had increased by a total of $80 million from the previous year and has  continued to rise since then. This increase, the Republican challenger contended, is the reason why residents reportedly now pay higher amounts for such transactions as recording their mortgages, purchasing burglar alarms and even taking their dogs to the groomer.

 Kennedy also charged that under Bellone’s stewardship the county has upped the fees at public parks for recreational activities ranging from camping, fishing, hunting and group events, as well as raising the amount residents pay for parking on the encompassing public grounds.

“These multiple fees are nothing less than onerous hidden taxes, which hit the working-class residents the hardest. Bellone should be ashamed of himself”, said Kennedy.  

Kennedy, a lifetime resident of Suffolk County who with his wife of 44 years, Leslie, raised now adult children and has 7 grandchildren, imputed these increased taxes and higher fees to the 16,000 population decline the county has suffered during the incumbent’s tenure.

“Thousands of Suffolk County mothers and fathers have seen their children and their children’s children forced to leave the county and the state due to the burden of Bellone’s tax hikes, which, by the way, indirectly increase the cost of other day to day living expenditures”, contended Kennedy.   

Suffolk County Comptroller John M. Kennedy recently joined Republican Suffolk County Legislators to discuss the findings from the NYS Comptroller’s Report showing that Suffolk has been the most fiscally stressed county in the state for the past two years. This was reported by Newsday ” We are approaching municipal collapse and mayhem”, said Kennedy, calling the report “alarming”. Photo: Facebook

Kennedy promised that if he wins in November, he will implement policies which will reverse this trend and restore the county’s fiscal health.  While stating that he plans to save millions of tax payer dollars by merging agencies that perform the same jobs, reducing the number of departments in the county’s executive branch and establishing cost cutting partnerships with town governments, he stressed that the major way he plans to reduce the county deficit will be by bringing new  businesses  into Suffolk,  which, he said, will create many new tax- paying jobs and generate millions of dollars in tax revenue to the county.

“We will save money by reducing wasteful government spending.  Even more importantly, we will raise funds to meet our expenses by adding revenue brought in by new businesses, which will be established in the county”, said Kennedy “This will be accomplished by creating a pro- business climate, which will be the direct opposite of the progressive leftist high taxes, over- regulation anti- business climate created by Bellone, which, sadly, has caused hundreds of businesses to close in Suffolk.”                             

 Kennedy reflected that his current job as comptroller, which involves auditing the finances of both county department and county funded nonprofit agencies, processing county invoices, signing off on county checks and issuing annual county financial reports, but does not include any form of control over taxation and spending, has been both enlightening and frustrating.  

“As comptroller I have gained a very thorough understanding of the complexities of the county’s budget. However, the authority of the comptroller is limited by statute”, explained Kennedy. “So I did not have the legal power to stop Bellone from raising taxes and fees. And I did not have the legal authority to prevent him from overspending to such an extent that the county now faces the ticking time bomb of a $900 million deficit. If I win in November, I pledge to reverse his policies and return fiscal sanity to Suffolk County.”   

After all of the votes are counted in the late evening of November 5th, we will learn whether or not Kennedy will have the chance to make good on that pledge.

Robert Golomb is a nationally and internationally published columnist. Mail him at or follow him on Twitter@RobertGolomb 

Our Club’s Annual Columbus Day Dinner

Columbus Day Dinner
THURSDAY OCT. 3, 2019 at 7:30 PM
Nancy’s Restaurant
255-41 Jericho Tpke, Floral Park, NY

Evangeline Balaskas and Howard Neiman for NY Republican State Committee

We long for a true Republican party in Queens, a party no longer Republican In Name Only, a Republican party that will no longer fail its base, a party unapologetically dedicated to realistic compassionate conservative values, a party that loves and appreciates America as a beacon of social, economic and religious freedom in the world, a party that unapologetically supports President Trump, a Republican party that will restore victory and hopefulness to our long-ignored Queens constituents, a revived Queens Republican presence that will Make Queens Republican Again.



THURSDAY FEB 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Meeting at new venue:
Flavor of India Restaurant
259-17 Hillside Ave. Floral Park, NY


Meet the candidates for Public Advocate. A special election will be held on February 26, 2019 to fill former Public Advocate Letitia James’ vacated seat.  All Public Advocate candidates have been invited. The following are confirmed so far:

Michael Zumbluskas: Over the past 25 years Mike has led voter registration and party enrollment drives throughout New York, and worked as a campaign advisor for numerous Independent, Republican and Democratic candidates, and as a consultant on numerous campaigns from local city council races to presidential campaigns and served as the New York County Chairman of the Independence Party. He has appeared on many television programs as a studio panelist on electoral reform and grassroots activism. Mike currently works as a resource management analyst for the New York City Department of Transportation. Visit website.

Daniel Christmann: AM620 Radio Show Host. “Humanity for ALL of the World starts and ends in NYC! As Public Advocate I will not stand for these thieving politicians, or these inhumane bureaucracies. The Environment. Housing, and our Transportation systems are under duress! The government, bankers, and corporations have exploited our poor and middle-class. They are starting to ramp things up in ways we can barely even imagine! Our Transportation Systems are collapsing, many road closures coming.” Visit website for more. 

Manny Alicandro:  Financial law expert and attorney from Brooklyn, a 2018 Republican candidate who ran for New York State Attorney General. He is running for NYC Public Advocate to clean up City Hall. “As I pass by the many homeless people in the freezing cold weather, I realize that the ban on styrofoam goes into effect today. This is one of the many reasons why I am running for PA – to stop the madness” @Manny_Alicandro  

Tony Herbert:  A Community Leader who has a broad range of corporate, political, community and business leadership experience. Tony is a community activist and media personality who is best known for providing a voice to those who have been disenfranchised. He currently serves as the President/CEO and Chairman of the Multi-Cultural Restaurant & Night Life Chamber of Commerce, as the Founder and President of the Advocates Without Borders Network, executive committee member of the NAACP-NYCHA Branch Chapter. Visit website for more. 

Also guest speaker: 

Carrie Sheffield:  founder of Bold, a digital news network committed to bipartisan dialogue & innovation for people, business & communities, will discuss: 
“How the GOP can improve its messaging with Millennials, minorities and women”
As a Goldman Sachs analyst, Carrie managed municipal credit risk, and at Moody’s Investors Service, she rated healthcare bonds. In foreign affairs, Carrie reported on the 25th anniversary of perestroika in Moscow, North-South Korean relations from Seoul, the Beijing Olympics in China, and Egyptian political reforms in Cairo. She wrote on geopolitical positioning and freedom of speech in Qatar and covered the Israeli parliament for The Jerusalem Post. Carrie covered Congress for The Hill newspaper and served as a founding reporter at POLITICO. See full bio below. 

Additional Public Advocate candidates
to be announced.

President’s Message: America is Worth Fighting For

President’s Message – December 2018

America is Worth Fighting For

By Phil Orenstein

Earlier this year we hosted our glorious 143rd Anniversary Lincoln Dinner where Dr. Kim Holmes, Executive Vice President of the Heritage Foundation eloquently praised the accomplishments of the Queens Village Republican Club as “a red dot in a sea of blue.” Now that red dot is poised to grow bigger and brighter as we continue the righteous mission of America’s oldest Republican Club and proclaim the boundless accomplishments of our President Donald Trump and celebrate the revival of American greatness.

We will continue hosting vibrant and inspiring meetings and events, registering and recruiting loyal Republicans and spreading the word of freedom and the importance of community, here in this sea of blue.  We are the freedom fighters for a great cause against the radical leftist bastion in NYC, battling in the spirit of our founding fathers and George Washington who invoked God’s almighty care and protection. The cause we are fighting for is America, and America is worth fighting for.

Real Representation for our Community


By Vickie Paladino, Republican candidate for State Senate in the 11th District

Our district faces an existential threat in John Liu, and our community must come together on election day to demand better.

There is much talk in politics about a ‘blue wave’ set to crash down on the country this November. Democrats are angry and motivated, fired up with rage at President Trump, and still in shock from Hillary’s surprise defeat almost two years ago. And this, according to the conventional wisdom, will result in a midterm wave of Democrats taking office across the country. Maybe.

But regardless of how much stock you put into this popular narrative, there is no denying that radical left-wing anger has certainly manifested itself in this year’s Democrat primaries here in New York. Names like Zephyr Teachout and Cynthia Nixon are now considered the political mainstream. Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new darling of the party, swept into a surprise primary victory by the young and enraged against stalwart Democrat Congressman Joe Crowley.

A Possible Game Changing Debate: Republican Candidate Chele Farley Vs. Senator Gillibrand      

 A Possible Game Changing Debate: Republican Candidate Chele Farley Vs. Senator Gillibrand        

By Robert Golomb     

“ I am looking forward to my debate with Senator Gillibrand”,  Chele Farley, the Republican, Conservative, and Reform Party candidate running to unseat New York State U.S. Senate incumbent Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand (2009 – present) in this November’s election, told me last week in an interview conducted in Manhattan.  Farley was referring to the recent announcement that Senator Gillibrand has accepted her request to hold a debate. The debate, which will be aired live on Spectrum stations including NY1, will take place at Skidmore College in upstate New York on Sunday evening, October 21st.    

Republican Assembly Candidate David Bressler Ties Democratic Opponent to the Radical Left

Republican Assembly Candidate David Bressler Ties Democratic Opponent to the Radical Left

September 23, 2018  

by Robert Golomb

NEW YORK, NY – David Bressler, the Republican/ Conservative/ Reform Party candidate for the New York State Assembly in the Northern Queens 26th A.D. in this coming November’s election, told me during an interview I conducted with him last week, that while he promises to never mount a personal attack on his opponent, 4-term Democratic incumbent Edward Braunstein, that promise does not apply to Braunstein, the Assemblyman and member of the Democratic Party.

“I have met Assemblyman Ed Braunstein on several occasions and have found him to be pleasant and respectful… I have nothing but good wishes for Ed Braunstein, the man; those same good wishes, though, do not extend to Ed Braunstein, the Assemblyman, because he belongs to and has voted consistently along with the new configuration of the Democratic Party that is pursuing extremist, leftist, progressive policies that are disastrous for the state in general and the 26th A.D. in particular”, Bressler stated.


Corruption and Wasted Taxpayer Money is the Norm in Albany

Corruption and Wasted Taxpayer Money
is the Norm in Albany

by David Bressler 

As published in the Readers Write column of the Bayside Times, Aug. 17-23. 

Press Conference on the
sentencing of Sheldon Silver

As Sheldon Silver, the former NYS Assembly Speaker was sentenced to 7 years for kickbacks, I was appalled by the state that the Albany legislative body is in today. All the corruption and wasted taxpayer dollars seems not to anger the incumbent elected officials. I know there are some that are upset, but not enough politicians are speaking out on the rampant corruption that Albany is faced with.

“Stop de Blasio” Petitioning Campaign

“Stop de Blasio” Petitioning Campaign 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1ST,  7:00 – 9:00 PM
23-58 BELL BLVD., 

The Closing of Movieworld

The Closing of Movieworld

Textbook case of big business and big government conspiring against small business and the people

Videos: June 7th QVGOP Club Meeting Featured Local Republican Candidates


We had a packed house for the June 7th club meeting with a nice sampling of our local Republican candidates from Assembly, State Senate to Congress! Our club doesn’t make endorsements while primaries are going on but we give all candidates the opportunity to present themselves to our membership! Here are the videos below from this exciting meeting. 

Exposing the NYCHA Scandal and Wasteful Government Spending First

David Bressler
New York State Assembly District 26 Candidate

For Immediate Release                                                                     Contact: 646-481-7129
June 18, 2018                                                                   

 Exposing the NYCHA Scandal and Wasteful Government Spending First

David Bressler Vows that Every Taxpayer Dollar Will be Accountable When He’s Elected

Bay Terrace, NY:  For 18 years David Bressler has been the Regional Manager for a national bakery conglomerate representing Entenmanns, America’s most famous brand, as well as past President and Treasurer of the Board of Managers of the Bay Club in Bay Terrace, for nearly a decade. As such, he has been immersed in the world of financial accountability, where every dollar in revenues and expenses is accounted for.

Three Party Endorsements for David Bressler for State Assembly

David Bressler
New York State Assembly District 26 Candidate

For Immediate Release                                                                                     Contact: 646-481-7129
May 29, 2018                                                                


Crossroads in New York City and State Politics

Crossroads in New York City and State Politics

By David Bressler

I am a candidate for State Assembly in District 26, Northeastern Queens, because of my concerns with the state of affairs within our political landscape. We have a Governor who signed an executive order to allow felons to vote, a NYS Assembly that voted to make NYS a Sanctuary state, and a Mayor of NYC who wants to close down Rikers and put prisons in our neighborhoods. Our Mayor also eliminated armed guards in our schools that protected our children. This is not the city or state I so proudly was raised in. These are extreme progressive politicians who are making our city and state less safe and are not following the rule of law. That is why we are at a crossroads in local politics.

Videos: Republican Candidates Speak at May 3rd Club Meeting


David Bressler: Republican candidate running for State Assembly  in  the 26th AD against Assemblyman Ed Braunstein. President of the Bay Club Board of Managers, Regional Manager for Entenmanns, Thomas, and other famous American brands, and our Lincoln Dinner Community Leader of the Year Honoree.

David Bressler Announcement Featured in New York Post Queens Weekly

David Bressler, Republican candidate running for New York State Assembly in the 26th AD, against Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside), was featured in the New York Post’s Queens Weekly on page 2. The same announcement article was prominently featured on the cover page of the Bayside Times. Bressler announced his candidacy when he was honored at the Lincoln Dinner on March 18th. The video of Bressler’s award ceremony and speech is HERE

Concannon aiming to unseat Grodenchik

Concannon aiming to unseat Grodenchik

Republican challenger talks Creedmoor, other issues affecting District 23

Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 10:30 am

Retired NYPD Captain: De Blasio Plan to Close Rikers Bad for NYC Neighborhoods

Concannon leading rally to Support Your Local Police. Photo credit: Joe For NY.

As published in News LI

Retired NYPD Captain: De Blasio Plan to Close Rikers Bad for NYC Neighborhoods, Says NYC Council Candidate

 October 10, 2017 

“The current City Councilman { Barry Grodenchik} has become an automatic rubber stamp in Mayor de Blasio’s war against New York City’s middle class citizens”,  Joe Concannon, the Republican/ Conservative / Stop de Blasio candidate running in this fall’s general election against Democrat incumbent Barry Grodenchik for a seat in this Eastern Queen’s Twenty Third City Council District, stated in a recent interview with me. 




The Black Star News, P.O. Box 1472, New York, N.Y., 10274 

Five months ago I stated my intention to run for City Council in District 27 Queens (St. Albans, parts of Hollis, Cambria Heights, Queens Village, Addisleigh Park, Jamaica, and Springfield Gardens) as a Republican.

Our Republican Citywide and City Council Candidates for 2017

Here is a handy guide to our outstanding line-up of Republican super-star candidates who will restore the lost greatness to our city, with a brief paragraph and the website for each of them: Nicole Malliotakis, Juan Carlos Polanco, Michel Faulkner, William Kregler, Joe Concannon, and Dr. Rupert Green. They have been in the news, at our meetings and rallies and you can meet most of them in person at our club meetings.

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