Repelling the Assault on Our American Dreams

by Paul King, Candidate for Congress

America is a land of heroes. Not superheroes with capes, but everyday heroes who build better lives for their families through education, faith, community, and hard work.  They are the living testament to the American Dream. That Dream will become extinct if progressives/socialists continue to have their way.

Throughout my life, I’ve been schooled in the American Dream – one of the great American traditions. My maternal grandfather arrived from Italy as a 10-year-old, was placed in an orphanage, and yet eventually started his own business and bought his own home. My father grew up on Relief during the Depression. After decades of hard work, he moved his family to Rockaway where he bought his own home, sent his three children to college, and became a civic leader. Most of my friends’ parents were working-class or blue-collar people working hard to pursue their American Dream.  They were our heroes.

In the perverse world of today’s progressive socialist, they aren’t heroes – they’re villains. Somehow these men and women who sacrificed so much for their families must have had an unfair advantage.  They must be penalized through taxation or reduced police protection or by undermining their property values.  Progressive socialists aren’t just anti-capitalist; they are anti-American Dream.  In their minds, citizens can’t advance via hard work and fair opportunity. They need guaranteed incomes, free services, and of a variety of programs that disincentivize personal ambition – and create government dependency.

The short-term outcomes of this folly are already apparent: high inflation, low labor participation rates, increased crime, enormous public debt, and stratified property values.  Long-term, the erosion of the American Dream will make Karl Marx’s prediction finally come true. The destruction of our middle class will lead to societal upheaval and the destruction of what our nation has accomplished over the last 246 years.

We cannot –we must not– let this happen to America.

It’s time for Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and yes, even Democrats, to take back our future. That is why I’m running for Congress against Gregory Meeks this November.

Congressman Meeks is a so-called moderate – just like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. Unfortunately, these experienced politicians decided to throw all-in with the extremists on their left. For the likes of Meeks, the motivation was simple. He doesn’t believe a Republican can beat him. To dissuade any challenges from the AOC wing, he is willing to sell out his constituents, as well as our children and our grandchildren.  The burden of $30 trillion in debt will be a boulder on the back of our posterity.  Meeks, Schumer and Biden know it; they just don’t care.

Heck, even after Joe Manchin killed Biden’s Build Back Better, Meeks was still saying, “When we finally pass BBB…”  We are not going to pass BBB. Instead, we will undo the wasteful spending and political payoffs in the “American Rescue Plan.”  We’re going to return America to energy independence, which will lower inflation and strengthen us on the world stage. We will bring back Republican pro-growth strategies that bolster entrepreneurs, homeowners and everyone who is pursuing the American dream.

It is imperative that Republicans take control of the House with this year’s elections. That will help us prevent more damage by Biden, Meeks and Schumer. But we must not stop there. In 2024, we must build a super majority in the Senate so that the next Republican president can undo the damage from the Biden administration and set our country –and our posterity– back on the path of prosperity. Please join me in this fight.

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