Dr. Devi’s Message to the Queens Village Republican Club

Dr. Devi, who will be speaking at our October 7th Club Meeting, wrote the following letter to our club members and friends:

Dear Queens Village Republican Club members: 

I am aggressively pursuing my goal of having a televised debate with Jumaane Williams. To force him to a debate, I must raise $115,000 by September 27th. As a candidate, I cannot contribute more than $6000 of my own money. My friends cannot contribute more than $250 for matching funds. If we have a TV debate, 4 million New Yorkers can see us side by side and vote. Without a debate, people generally vote by party, which is why Democrats traditionally win.
I have already raised more money than any Republican in the history of the Public Advocate position. The irony is that most of this money is coming from Democrats. I’m a lifelong Republican (26 years) but– perhaps because of our party’s infrastructure– it has been very difficult accessing Republicans to ask for support. I hope that this letter will help me reach our fellow Republicans.  
I am scheduled to speak at the Queens Village Republican Club on October 7th, but to qualify for a debate on CBS, NBC, or ABC, I must reach the fundraising threshold by September 27th. 

I am a lifelong Republican running for NYC Public Advocate because I believe the City’s policies will further damage our economic recovery, our public safety, and our quality of life. I am trying to help regular people and families– advocating for healthier lives, safer streets, better jobs, and a brighter future for our children. My platform rests on three pillars: transparency, fairness, and predictability. You can read more on my website: www.DrDeviForNYC.com

And you can see some highlights from my national news clips here:

I have been intimidated, threatened, cursed, heckled, jeered, spit at, shoved, flashed and shadowboxed over the past year—as I rode the subways to treat sick patients during the worst of the pandemic, and even now, by violent agitators and careless bureaucrats as I speak up for the vulnerable patients I treat and for the people of this city who I am fighting for. I am not deterred.

Over the past couple of decades, my focus was on treating combat veterans and other patients with severe pain. You may have seen me on Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC talking about medical news. After working every day of the COVID pandemic—even when I was in labor and just hours after I gave birth—I too “woke” up. I will fight for what we believe in—lower taxes on the middle class, less bureaucracy and regulation, increased manpower and training for the police, decreased noise pollution, clean streets, school choice, education free of political ideology, freedom of assembly for religious peoples, long-term solutions to the affordable housing crisis, improving people’s attachment to and investment in their communities, and solutions to the health crises plaguing this city: worsening medical problems, caregiver fatigue, mental health concerns, the opioid crisis, alcohol and substance abuse, the rising suicide rate, and the staffing shortages compounded by the vaccine mandate. I am a doctor and a scientist.
I want to debate my opponent on his policies and to explain how COVID has been used to further polarize the city—but I need to raise funds to force a televised debate on a major network. A televised debate on a major network can win us this election.
Let’s revitalize New York City together!!


Devi Elizabeth Nampiaparampil, MD, MS
Republican Nominee for NYC Public Advocate
Physician and Owner, Metropolis Pain Medicine
Associate Professor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine


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