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Sept 2nd Club Meeting Videos


General Club Meeting on September 2, 2021 at Bellerose Jewish Center in Floral Park, Queens featured Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor and Vickie Paladino for NY City Council. Here are the videos of their inspiring presentations as well as an informative Q&A session.

Curtis Sliwa fires up the crowd at Sept 2nd meeting. “Vote in Curtis Sliwa—what do you have to lose?” The City Council defunded the police; took away the anti-crime unit, got rid of homeless outreach. De Blasio robbed the City of 1.4 billion dollars for his wife’s do-nothing ThriveNYC program. We need to “Save our City” or let it be turned over to Adams and de Blasio’s buddies -“Over my dead body.”


Republican NY City Council candidate Vickie Paladino spoke to members of the Queens Village Republican Club on Sept 2nd after a walking tour of her district in Whitestone and Bayside after the devastation caused by tropical storm Ida. She saw over 50 people who’s homes and basements were flooded, some with as much as 8 feet of water, and who have to pay out of their own pockets for the damage, as our government and local city and state elected officials are helpless and useless.


Q & A with Curtis Sliwa and Vickie Paladino. Questions about Deep State and RINOs impeding Trump, Councilman Eric Ulrich backing Eric Adams. Curtis asserted that “establishment Republicans are our worst enemies.”

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  1. Alice Lemos

    Unfortunately thanks to lack of enthusiasm the gop in Staten Island may be in trouble
    The Conservative party in Staten Island is running a candidate for borough president and may end up handing office to
    The Democrat
    Gop and sane voters must be motivated or things will get worse
    Why is the Conservative party doing this ?? ?
    And same thing in queens

  2. Alice lemos

    The dem party in Astoria has given us the vile zoran mamdani a nasty anti semite as well as pro criminal Tiffany Caban who is running for city council
    Astoria in the past gave us the Vallone’s who were pro law and order and Denise butler
    To what do you attribute this radical change and what can we do to change this ?
    I actually think the dem party should discipline these crazies
    Any thoughts ?

  3. Ibrahim Jalloh

    I really wanted to be there area but because of the flowed I I couldn’t make it but I watch the videos it was wonderful.
    I thank our officials and all the attendants I am with you all the way.
    Thank you.
    Ibrahim S Jalloh.

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