Citizens of Eastern Queens are mad as hell!

In a New York Post story, Eric Adams praises Kathy Hochul…..

       He plans to meet with Hochul in the coming days to encourage her to sign a bill that would allow outer borough hotels to be used for mental health and homelessness services.

       “That’s an important piece of legislation and I’m hoping that we can get some of the things that are on his desk signed during the next period of time,” Adams said.

This is the Legislation that Eric Adams was referring to that would allow for hotels to be converted in the outer boroughs to homeless shelters: https://www.6sqft.com/new-york-lawmaker-proposes-converting-empty-offices-and-hotels-into-affordable-housing/

“The legislation suggests that it would be Affordable Housing but in reality this just enriches the hotel owners and puts homeless people in outer borough neighborhoods.   Why is Manhattan exempt????  Based on vacancy rates, nothing is more vacant than Manhattan.  They are using the current overnight homeless shelters as proof of concept for this idea, but how successful has that been to date?” – Curtis Sliwa

We the citizens of Eastern Queens are mad as hell and we want answers!!!

Is Eastern Queens the city’s dumping grounds for the homeless and mentally ill? 
Why are our elected officials selling us out? 

Don’t we have enough homeless vagrants and outpatients from Creedmoor wandering the streets in our community already?

How many illegal immigrants flooding in from the southern border crisis will be secretly resettled in Eastern Queens? Will they be tested for COVID? Will our tax dollars pay for them?

Democrat’s policies are destroying our neighborhoods!

This is why we need Curtis Sliwa for Mayor!

Contact your local elected officials and tell them that when Curtis Sliwa is elected mayor, this will end!!!

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