Local Elections Have Major Consequences


Elect Curtis Sliwa, Tony Herbert, Vickie Paladino

By Scherie Murray

Scherie Murray
Photo Credit: Shaun Walsh

The world is a dangerous place and that will never change unless we vote.  New York City General Election candidates, Curtis Sliwa, Anthony ‘Tony’ Herbert and Vickie Paladino are the ones to watch this cycle. While some may act as if the elections are over after the June 2021 Primary, there is an upcoming General Election on November 2, 2021.

As a matter of reality, the Biden Administration is doing business with the Taliban. And today, America is less safe than it was just one year ago. The current Administration should have ended the war and pulled out of Afghanistan, but America shouldn’t have left entirely. On the ground, in person presence in Afghanistan is crucial to America’s ongoing safety. Instead, America’s population is left to contemplate the unknown. To add insult to injury, and without adequate vetting, tens of thousands of Afghan refugees will resettle in the U.S. at the taxpayer’s expense, in addition to over one million illegal migrants that have already crossed the U.S. Southern Border. It’s pretty clear that the war against America is not over, internationally or domestically.

It is also clear that the $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Spending Bill is a step in the wrong direction. Vaccine and mask mandates are similarly bad health policies. The federal government is trying to move the needle on vaccinations, however this is an un-American GOVERNMENT OVERREACH. Vaccine mandates have precedence; notwithstanding, the coronavirus vaccine is losing constitutional ground. Individual liberty has to be balanced with public health policies. 

A federal mandate creates a continued separation among people, in an effort to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. If the coronavirus vaccine truly works, how can the unvaccinated pose a risk to the vaccinated? The answer is simple; it’s a power grab. Federal, state and city lawmakers are ignoring the real problems happening across our local streets – the degradation and the division of people.

Republicans, Conservatives and Independents have a holistic, fact and faith based approach to keeping America safe. Support for law enforcement and providing superior education for our children. They are the next generation of leaders. There is plenty of data that shows students who perform very poorly in schools are likely to turn to drugs, alcohol, and crime when they get older. The evidence-based approach to improving safety also includes strong families having difficult conversations at home.

Criminals don’t need a pat on the back, they need cuffs, and they need a prison sentence, adjudicated expeditiously. Non-violent offenders need to learn technical, vocational and/or training skills to prepare them for reentry and their second chance at life. The socialist Democrat, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is a clear example of a consequential election. She is soft on crime and continues to encourage lawlessness while advocating for the government to coddle violent criminals. Her poor leadership in district, which also includes Rikers Island, bears a lot of responsibility for the unprecedented rise in suicides, crime and inhumane conditions at Rikers against officers and inmates.

The aforementioned are some of the reasons why local elections are important and have major consequences. Citywide seats are up for grabs this November and the following are serious reasons to get out and vote in the upcoming general election. After thirty-five years in public service, Democratic nominee Eric Adams wants to lead New York City as the next Mayor. While the Mayor manages our city government, proposes the city’s budget, signs or vetoes bills passed by the City Council, it’s time for career politicians like Adams to retire.

It’s time to drain the swamp in New York City Hall and elect Curtis Sliwa for Mayor. He will be tough on crime, yet compassionate toward the mentally ill. He will appoint effective leaders and set policy for city agencies, manage city land, which impacts affordable housing, public parks and street cleaning; unlike the One-Party Democratic rule that has left New Yorkers short-changed for decades.

The NYC Public Advocate provides oversight for city agencies and investigates citizens’ complaints about city services. Interestingly, if the mayor leaves office, the Public Advocate will act as Mayor until a special election is held. Public Advocate candidate Tony Herbert is a public safety and unification candidate with a clear path to victory this November against Jumaane Williams. He recently garnered over 173,000 votes in the Democratic Primary and will appear on the Conservative and Independent Party lines.

The City Council is the legislative branch of New York City’s government. City Council members introduce and vote on bills, negotiate and approve the city’s budget, monitor city agencies and make decisions about the growth and development of our city. There are fifty-one New York City Council districts, and in Northern Queens, Vickie Paladino has a good chance in winning her election against, career politician, Tony Avella.

Voting matters and local elections are just as significant as state and federal elections. Vote Tuesday, November 2, 2021 in the New York City General Election!


Scherie Murray is a highly sought after Political Consultant. She was the Republican State Committeewoman of the 29th AD and ran for election to the U.S. House of Representatives to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District

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