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Vote for the Message on Election Day

By Phil Orenstein

The Sept 20th editorial “New York State of Gloom” in the New York Post says it best: “…our unaccountable electeds may be in for a rude awakening. Because it’s not clear that anything other than a humiliating political defeat will ever drive home the message.”

In the upcoming NYC election, the message is much more important than the messenger. People are still voting Democrat even while our neighborhoods are being flooded with illegal migrants and our city is in chaos. But it’s urgent that we recognize the only ones who can solve this issue are Republicans, who will close the border, eliminate sanctuary policies, and put American citizens first over migrants. Democrat policies are the cause of the invasion of so-called “asylum seekers,” the vast majority of whom are here illegally. The party of illegal immigration is solely to blame for the chaos our city is in. You may agree with Democrats on many other issues and find Trump repugnant, but in this coming election for NY City Council, in order to save our city and state, you have to send a powerful message to Democrats that you’re not going to put up with the destruction of New York City by the influx of illegal migrants.  

Mr. Mayor, Tear Down this Tent City!

We are Americans. We are problem solvers, and we will solve this problem and remove the tents and migrants. But we have leadership on a local, state, and federal level that do not want to solve the problem. That’s the message we got from Mayor Adams. It’s time for the mayor to wake up and tear down this tent city!

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