Letter to American Jewish Voters: Stop It!

By Stan Norwalk

Credit: Ben Garrison, Rogue Cartoonist. GrrrGraphics.com. Please donate.

The case that I will make is that 70-72% of American Jews are unwittingly supporting and contributing to the destruction of Israel by voting Democrat. In essence, working with the enemy. Let’s connect the dots.

Facts: Approximately 70+ % of Jews vote for Democrats. Iran is the # 1 terrorist country in the world whose # 1 target are Jews and the destruction of Israel. Presidents Obama and Biden sent money to Iran and allowed them to sell oil to the rest of the world, generating hundreds of millions of dollars to finance Hamas and Hezbollah which enabled the terrorist attack on Israel on Oct 7th 2023.

Is this deliberate, a flawed foreign policy, or accidental? Either way the damage is done. Yet Jews still vote for Democrats. The Obama administration airlifts 100’s of millions of dollars on pallets in an unmarked plane to Iran in the middle of the night knowing they are going to use this money to kill Jews and destroy Israel. They don’t want a 2 state solution. They want a “Final Solution.” “From the river to the sea.”

Trump sanctioned Iran so that they could not produce enough oil to finance their terrorism against Israel. Is Donald J. Trump Israel’s friend? The answer is yes, like it or not. DJT is your friend, but you still vote for Democrats. Why would you support the payment of your tax dollars to your enemies to kill your friends, family and to eliminate Israel?

Does that make Presidents Obama and Biden terrorist sympathizers and anti-Semites? Why are the Democrat Jewish leaders in Congress supporting these policies and not crying out publicly in both houses of Congress against this anti-Jewish, anti-Israel madness?

“Never Again.” Here is your chance in the fall elections to save your culture. Do you think that had President Biden not lifted the sanctions allowing 100’s of millions of oil revenue dollars to flow to your enemy Iran, Oct 7th 2023 would have happened? It never would have happened! No cooking babies in ovens, no raping and mutilating of woman in front of their families, no torturing murdering and kidnapping of Jews and Americans.

Hamas uses Palestinian men, woman and children to hide behind, knowing the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) tries to minimize civilian casualties. Hamas uses their hospitals, schools, mosques and homes to operate from, exposing civilians to injury and death. They store their weapons and run their operations in, around and under these civilian public facilities to insure that the IDF will try to minimize civilian casualties. They obviously don’t care about the innocent Palestinian civilians. Hamas uses them as human shields. 87% of Palestinians voted for Hamas which is officially designated a terrorist organization. So as vulnerable as they are, they are not totally innocent. Hamas uses them as a physical and political shield.

Hamas chose this war and the terms of engagement, not you. You have to survive to live another day.  The Jewish people have only one friend. It’s not Adam Schiff, Charles Schumer, AG Garland, Mayorkas, Richard Blumenthal, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jerry Nadler, Jamie Raskin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mitch McConnell, Kamala Harris, Hakeem Jeffries or others. Many here are Jews. Their voices were weak or not heard at all. Votes matter, you don’t.

The latest (May 2024) anti-Semitic action is President Biden’s proposal to bring 100,000 Palestinian refugees to America and fast track them to American Citizenship, giving them everything – food, shelter, healthcare – while holding back shipments of arms to Israel. The President is supporting Hamas. Palestinians are taught in school from day one that the noblest thing is to kill Jews. Yet the Jewish voting bloc of Democrat voters and politicians supported Presidents Obama’s and Biden’s policies. Where are the Jewish politicians when you need them? Why aren’t their voices louder? In most cases, where are their voices period.

Today’s Democrat party is not the party of your parents and grandparents. It’s a new party of Socialists, Marxists, Communists and anti-Semites. Moral leadership in Washington D.C. is dead and most of the Jewish leaders in Washington D.C. are part of it. It’s the world of the “deep state” and “the swamp”. Jewish voters, stop it! You have only one friend. It’s Donald J. Trump.

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