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Letter to American Jewish Voters: Stop It!

By Stan Norwalk

Credit: Ben Garrison, Rogue Cartoonist. Please donate.

The case that I will make is that 70-72% of American Jews are unwittingly supporting and contributing to the destruction of Israel by voting Democrat. In essence, working with the enemy. Let’s connect the dots.

Facts: Approximately 70+ % of Jews vote for Democrats. Iran is the # 1 terrorist country in the world whose # 1 target are Jews and the destruction of Israel. Presidents Obama and Biden sent money to Iran and allowed them to sell oil to the rest of the world, generating hundreds of millions of dollars to finance Hamas and Hezbollah which enabled the terrorist attack on Israel on Oct 7th 2023.

Is this deliberate, a flawed foreign policy, or accidental? Either way the damage is done. Yet Jews still vote for Democrats. The Obama administration airlifts 100’s of millions of dollars on pallets in an unmarked plane to Iran in the middle of the night knowing they are going to use this money to kill Jews and destroy Israel. They don’t want a 2 state solution. They want a “Final Solution.” “From the river to the sea.”

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