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Videos of the Feb. 1st Club Meeting

Our February 1st General Club Meeting took place at a great new venue, Marbella, where some club members actually dined at their wonderful restaurant before the meeting, then joined us in the Banquet Hall for the club meeting where we learned about some positive forces spearheading the change in America today. Videos of speakers and Republican candidates are below.

Thank you to James Doukas for videotaping the speakers!

Felipe (Phil) Cuza founder of American Conservative Artists

Phil Cuza is not only a remarkable tenor saxophone player but also a passionate advocate for constitutional rights, who has graced stages globally with luminaries such as Bon Jovi, Roberta Flack, and Chaka Khan. Beyond the realm of music, Cuza is the visionary founder of the American Conservative Artists organization. Dedicated to preserving the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution for all Americans and championing human rights for people worldwide, Cuza seamlessly weaves his commitment to music and advocacy, leaving an enduring impact on both fronts.

Introducing Dwayne Moore and Paul King, GOP candidates for Congress

Dwayne Moore and Paul King, both highly qualified Republican candidates running for Congress in NY-5 against Rep. Greg Meeks. But first they will run in the Republican Primary in June 2024. Let the voters choose and may all Republicans unite in support of the winner, in order to defeat one of the most corrupt members of Congress!!

Elena Chin & team report on the embattled Mom’s for Liberty Townhall

Elena, our club’s own superstar, is Moms for Liberty Chapter Chair for Queens County. She was on the panel of a special Moms for Liberty Townhall meeting on January 18th at the Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Assoc. The purpose of the event was to openly discuss and debate the “real challenges facing public education.” Instead the UFT, media, and NYC politicians, who were cordially invited, launched a diabolical smear campaign and tried to shut down the event, which was met by over 100 protesters shouting obscenities and insults. Elena regaled us with the exciting details of the tremendously successful event despite the ongoing campaign of harassment.

Arlene Schlesinger with an important announcement

Announcement about an important meeting of the Hollis Hills Civic Association about the “City of Yes” a citywide zoning proposal by Mayor Adams that could open our community to a massive expansion of commercial uses in low-density neighborhoods. See www.QVGOP.org for further details.

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