What you can do in your community to support your local police

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  What you can do in your community to support your local police:

  • Call your elected officials. See contact information below. 
  • Call and tell them to stand up for our Police.
  • Tell them to support the police in doing their jobs to protect our lives and communities.
  • Public safety is our #1 priority.
  • Provide us with your email addresses and mobile telephone numbers.
  • Connect with us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In).
  • Give us your ideas and suggestions.
  • Donations are welcomed to Square Deal Committee, Inc. to help us get the message out.
  • Help us build a city-wide movement to Support Our Police and Public Safety.
  • Join us at our “Support Your Local Police” community rallies throughout NYC:
    • Jan. 27 – 6PM: NYPD 120 Pct. 78 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island
    • Feb 3 – 12:00 Noon: Bronx Civil Court, Grand Concourse & 161 St.
    • Feb 10 – 6PM: NY Federation of Hellenic Societies, 22-21 29 St., Astoria
    • Feb 23 – 6PM: Beach 116 St. at the Boardwalk Memorial, Rockaway.
    • March 8 – 2PM: Grand Rally on the Steps of City Hall, Manhattan
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Captain Joe Concannon

 NYPD Captain Joe Concannon(Ret.) is the organizer of the series of city-wide rallies, under the nonprofit organization Square Deal, Inc., beginning on January 13th at high noon on the steps of Queens Borough Hall and converging on City Hall on March 8th. In addition to his 25 year career in law enforcement, Mr. Concannon worked under Mayor Giuliani as the Deputy Director of Public Safety and ran for public office on a platform of public safety. He has also won accolades for his 13 years of leadership with the FBI’s InfraGard for both his outstanding “Leadership” and “Community Outreach.”

Captain Concannon welcomes your ideas and suggestions. Phone: 347-946-1931   Email: jconcannon@joe4NY.org

Funding urgently needed! Please make checks payable to “Square Deal Committee, Inc.” a NYS 501 (c)(4) nonprofit.

Square Deal Committee, Inc
237-15 Braddock Avenue
Suite 260390
Bellerose, NY 11426



Name Title Phone Email
Melinda Katz Queens Borough President 718-286-3000 info@queensbp.org
Costa Constantinides District 22  Council Member 718-274-4500 jgermosen@council.nyc.gov
Elizabeth Crowley District 30  Council Member 718-366-3900 ecrowley@council.nyc.gov
Daniel Dromm District 25  Council Member 718-803-6373 NA
Julissa Ferraras District 21 Council Member 718-651-1917 jferreras@councul.nyc.gov
Rory Lancman District 24  Council Member 718-217-4969 Rlancman@council.nyc.gov
Karen Koslowitz District 29  Council Member 718-544-8800 Koslowitz@council.nyc.gov
Peter Koo District 20  Council Member 718-888-8747 pkoo@council.nyc.gov
I. Daneek Miller District 27  Council Member 718-776-3700 District27@council.nyc.gov
Donovan Richards District 31  Council Member 718-471-7014 – Rockaway drichards@council.nyc.gov
718-527-4356 – Laurelton
Erich Ulrich District 32 Council Member 718-738-1083 eulrich@council.nyc.gov
Paul Vallone District 19 Council Member 718-619-8611 district19@council.nyc.gov
Jimmy Van Bramer District 26 Council Member 718-383-9566 JVanBramer@council.nyc.gov
Mark Weprin District 23 Council Member 718-468-0137 Mweprin@Council.NYC.gov
Ruben Wills District 28 Council Member 718-206=2068 NA
James Sanders, Jr. 10th District NYS Senator 718-523-3069 sanders@nysenate.gov
Tony Avella 11th District NYS Senator 718-357=3094 avella@nysenate.gov
Michael N. Gianaris 12th District NYS Senator 718-728-0960 gianaris@nysenate.gov
Jose Peralta 13th District NYS Senator 718-205-3881 jperalta@nysenate.gov
Joseph Addabbo, Jr. 15th District NYS Senator 718-738-1111 addabbo@senate.state.ny.us
Toby Ann Stavisky 16th District NYS Senator 718-445-0004 stavisky@nysenate.gov
Philip Goldfeder District 23 NYS Assembly Member 718-641-8755 – Ozone Park GoldfederP@assembly.state.ny.us
718-945-9550- Rockaway Beach
David Weprin District 24 NYS Assembly Member 718-454-3027 – Fresh Meadows weprind@assembly.state.ny.us
718-805-2381 – Richmond Hill
Nily Rozic District 25 NYS Assembly Member 718-820-0241 RozicN@assembly.state.ny.us
Edward Braunstein District 26 NYS Assembly Member 718-357-3588 braunsteine@assembly.state.ny.us
Michael Simanawitz District 27 NYS Assembly Member 718-969-1508 simanowitzm@assembly.state.ny.us
Andrew Hevesi District 28 NYS Assembly Member 718-263-5595 HevesiA@assembly.state.ny.us
William Scarborough District 29 NYS Assembly Member 718-723-5412 ScarboW@assembly.state.ny.us
Margaret Markey District 30 NYS Assembly Member 718-651-3185 MarkeyM@assembly.state.ny.us
Michele Titus District 31 NYS Assembly Member 718-327-1845 – Far Rockaway TitusM@assembly.state.ny.us
Vivian Cook District 32 NYS Assembly Member 718-322-3975 CookV@assembly.state.ny.us
Barbara Clark District 33 NYS Assembly Member 718-479-2333 ClarkB@assembly.state.ny.us
Michael DenDekker District 34 NYS Assembly Member 718-457-0384 DenDekkerM@assembly.state.ny.us
Jeffrion Aubry District 35 NYS Assembly Member 718-457-3615 AubryJ@assembly.state.ny.us
Aravella Simotas District 36 NYS Assembly Member 718-545-3889 simotasa@assembly.state.ny.us
Catherine Nolan District 37 NYS Assembly Member 718-784-3194 – Sunnyside NolanC@assembly.state.ny.us
Michael Miller District 38 NYS Assembly Member 718-805-0950 MillerMG@assembly.state.ny.us
Francisco Moya District 39 NYS Assembly Member 718-458-5367 moyaf@assembly.state.ny.us
Ron Kim District 40 NYS Assembly Member 718-939-0195 KimR@assembly.state.ny.us
Steve Israel Congressman, NY’s 3rd District 718-875-1675
Gregory W. Meeks Congressman, NY’s 5th District 718-725-6000
Grace Meng Congresswoman, NY’s 6th District 718-445-7860 – Flushing
Nydia M. Velazquez Congresswoman, NY’s 7th District 718-599-3658
Joseph Crowley Congressman, NY’s 14th District 718-779-1400



Name Title Phone Email
Eric L. Adams Brooklyn Borough President 718-802-3700 askeric@brooklynbp.nyc.gov
Inez Barron District 42 Council Member 718-649-9495 NA
Robert Cornegy District 36 Council Member 718-919-0740 Rcornegy@council.nyc.gov
Laurie Combo District 35 Council Member 718-260-9191 Lcumbo@council.nyc.gov
Chaim M. Deutsch District 48 Council Member 718-368-9176 cdeutsch@council.nyc.gov
Rafael Espinal District 37 Council Member 718-642-8664 Respinal@council.nyc.gov
Mathieu Eugene District 40 Council Member 718-287-8762 mathieu.eugene@council.nyc.gov
Vincent Gentile District 43 Council Member 718-748-5200 vgentile@council.nyc.gov
David G. Greenfield District 44 Council Member 718-853-2704 dgreenfield@council.nyc.gov
Brad Lander District 39 Council Member 718-499-1090 lander@council.nyc.gov
Stephen Levin District 33 Council Member 718-875-5200 slevin@council.nyc.gov
Alan Maisel District 46 Council Member 718-241-9330 Amaisel@council.nyc.gov
Darlene Mealy District 41 Council Member 718-953-3097 NA
Carlos Menchaca District 38 Council Member 718-439-9012 info38@council.nyc.gov
Antonio Reynoso District 34 Council Member 718-963-3141 areynoso@council.nyc.gov
Mark Treyger District 47 Council Member 718-373-9673 NA
Jumaane D. Williams District 45 Council Member 718-629-2900 JWilliams@council.nyc.gov
Andrew M. Cuomo NYS Governor 518-474-8390 NA
Martin Malave Dilan 18th District Senator 718-573-1726 dilan@nysenate.gov
Simcha Felder 17th District Senator 718-253-2015 felder@nysenate.gov
Martin J. Golden 22nd District Senator 718-238-6044 golden@nysenate.gov
Jesse Hamilton 20th District Senator NA Hamilton@nysenate.gov
Velmanette Montgomery 25th District Senator 718-643-6140 montgome@nysenate.gov
Kevin S. Parker 21st District Senator 718-629-6401 parker@senate.state.ny.us
John L. Sampson 19th District Senator 718-649-7653 sampson@senate.state.ny.us
Diane J. Savino 23rd District Senator 718-333-0311 savino@senate.state.ny.us
Daniel L. Squadron 26th District Senator 718-875-1517 squadron@nysenate.gov
Peter Abbate District 49 NYS Assembly Member 718-236-1764 abbatep@assembly.state.ny.us
Charles Barron District 60 NYS Assembly Member 718-257-5824 NA
Rodneyse Bichotte District 42 NYS Assembly Member NA bichotter@assembly.state.ny.us
James Brennan District 44 NYS Assembly Member 718-940-0641 BrennanJ@assembly.state.ny.us
Alec Brook-Krasny District 46 NYS Assembly Member 718-266-0267 BrookKrasnyA@assembly.state.ny.us
Karim Camara District 43 NYS Assembly Member 718-771-3105 CamaraK@assembly.state.ny.us
William Colton District 47 NYS Assembly Member 718-236-1598 ColtonW@assembly.state.ny.us
Steven Cymbrowitz District 45 NYS Assembly Member 718-743-4078 CymbroS@assembly.state.ny.us
Maritza Davila District 53 NYS Assembly Member 718-443-1205 DavilaM@assembly.state.ny.us
Erik M. Dilan District 54 NYS Assembly Member NA NA
Dov Hikind District 48 NYS Assembly Member 718-853-9616 HikindD@assembly.state.ny.us
Joseph Lentol District 50 NYS Assembly Member 718-383-7474 LentolJ@assembly.state.ny.us
Nicole Malliotakis District 64 NYS Assembly Member 718-987-0197 malliotakisn@assembly.state.ny.us
Walter Mosley District 57 NYS Assembly Member 718-596-0100 MosleyW@assembly.state.ny.us
Felix Ortiz District 51 NYS Assembly Member 718-492-6334 OrtizF@assembly.state.ny.us
N. Nick Perry District 58 NYS Assembly Member 718-385-3336 PerryN@assembly.state.ny.us
Roxanne Persaud District 59 NYS Assembly Member NA NA
Annette Robinson District 56 NYS Assembly Member 718-399-7630 RobinsonA@assembly.state.ny.us
Jo Anne Simon District 52 NYS Assembly Member 718-246-4889 NA
Latrice Walker District 55 NYS Assembly Member NA NA
Helene Weinstein District 41 NYS Assembly Member 718-648-4700 WeinstH@assembly.state.ny.us
Nydia M. Velazquez Congresswoman, NY’s 7th District 718-599-3658
Hakeem Jeffries Congressman, NY’s 8th District 718-237-2211
Yvette D. Clarke Congresswoman, NY’s 9th District 718-287-1142
Jerrold Nadler Congressman, NY’s 10th District 718-373-3198


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