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Videos of May 4th Club Meeting Speakers: Local Control, Not Hochul Control

The Queens Village Republican Club Meeting on May 4th focused on how we can fight back and take back control of our communities! The guest speakers are prominent community leaders who discussed the impact the Creedmoor land redevelopment project and Local Law 97 is having on our communities. Here are the videos of 2 of the three speakers who presented.

Bob Friedrich discusses Local Law 97 & Creedmoor Redevelopment

Bob Friedrich, a prominent community leader addressed the latest updates on Local Law 97 and the Creedmoor land redevelopment project at the May 4th meeting of the Queens Village Republican Club. He is President and CFO of Glen Oaks Village, NYC’s largest garden-apartment complex and a former City Council candidate in District 23.

djelf7 discusses public housing corruption and dysfunction

DJ Edmund Lee aka djelf7, is a New York community activist for the vulnerable communities that are often left behind. At the May 4th QVRC club meeting, he addressed the problems with the Hochul housing scam and highlighted the dysfunction that has been public housing.

A full Q&A session followed the speakers presentations

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