Tired of the policies destroying the fabric of our country? Vote Republican!

On January 6, 2021 President Trump spoke to 100,000 supporters in Washington DC as the U.S. Congress convened to certify the 2020 presidential election results. He asked them  to “peacefully” and “patriotically” march to the Capitol to “make our voices heard” to give “the weak Republicans the kind of pride and boldness they need to take back our country.”  Although days before, he offered 10,000 federal National Guard troops to guard the Capitol, his offer was rejected by Speaker Pelosi and the Capitol Police. Before his speech was finished a small segment of the crowd broke off, headed down and breached the Capitol, while many entered unhindered by the undermanned Capitol Police.

It seems to have been a setup by Pelosi and Democrat Party leaders. They were looking for a pretext to damage Trump and destroy the MAGA movement and they found it. The next day, Pelosi set the Democrats’ anti-MAGA narrative in motion calling for Trump’s impeachment for inciting “an armed insurrection against America.” A formal kangaroo court was set up in Congress to investigate the Capitol breach which was compared to the Holocaust and 9/11 and branded a “white supremacist coup.” Many were arrested for entering the Capitol, and are still being held unjustly as political prisoners in appalling conditions, rotting in prison.

Every insidious action of Democrat Party officials and their media collaborators, lying and gaslighting the American people, is to strictly maintain their power over us all. Even their attacks and violence against Republicans, are justified in their pursuit of power.  Rep. Maxine Waters, called for people to confront and harass Trump administration officials in public. Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Joaquin Castro, and others made comments inciting violence and confrontation against Republicans. Sen. Elizabeth Warren fired up a crowd of 1000’s of Democrats protesting Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, to confront Republican Senators and enter Senate office buildings on Capitol Hill. They justified violence and mob rule as Antifa and BLM burned down the cities of America. 

In a recent CPAC speech, U.S. Army veteran, Pete Hegseth, gave a military analogy from his deployment as a platoon leader in Iraq, on the way we need to fight to take back our country.   In military terms a “near ambush” is when your squad is pinned down in a “kill zone” and the enemy is concealed on the high ground. If you want to survive, you must not crouch down, you must act. The only option is to throw your grenade and charge the enemy.

Republicans have been sitting in the kill zone for years, crouching down, playing it fair and honest, saying don’t kill us, we’re not all that bad. President Trump said it’s time to throw the grenade and charge at the enemy. On January 6, 2021 President Trump laid out the blueprint to fight back. To the average hard working soul, he simply represents the basic ideals of America we love – our flag, our freedoms, our faith, our prosperity, and our families – that are under assault by the power hungry progressive Democrats and foreign enemies. These are the values that we are willing to fight for. The question is, how do we fight without resorting to violence?

In Trump’s speech on January 6th, there was not one word of incitement to violence or armed insurrection. He urged his supporters to boost the morale of “weak Republicans” to do the right thing and oppose the fraudulent certification by the electors. If they fail to fight for the integrity of our elections and America First policies, “we have to primary the hell out of the ones that don’t fight.”

Using the pretext of the pandemic to justify the use of universal mail-in ballots, Democrats enacted the most outrageous election theft in American history. It caught all Republicans off guard crouched in the “kill zone.”

Now Republicans have to throw the grenade and charge the enemy.  How do we do this? Republican run states, far more likely to protect the sanctity of free and fair elections, are changing the voting laws, to require voter IDs, abolishing early voting, and stopping mail-in ballots rife with fraud. In 2021 at least 19 states controlled by Republican legislatures, enacted laws to boost election integrity according to Brennan Center for Justice.

But in Blue States, which reject voter ID laws and pass election laws that allow them to cheat, Republicans need to play by their rules. If they do early voting, Republicans have to do early voting. If they legalize drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and mail in ballots, Republican have to use them all. The old system of sitting in the kill zone playing nice are over.

Republicans need to fight in every state, in the red states, blue states, purple states, and the swing states, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Arizona, where federal elections are won or lost. Republicans need to fight to win in New York where a red wave swept the congressional elections in 2022 and Republican Lee Zeldin came close to winning the governor’s race. 

It’s up to the people to rise up and stop the lies, false promises, and destructive policies of the Democrats, by voting them out. Stop the rising prices, stop the ban on gas stoves and heating, stop legal pot smoking, stop the invasion on the southern border, lawlessness and soaring crime, rising taxes, and the attacks on our free speech and religious liberty, by getting out and voting.

Overwhelm the Democrats at the polls and election fraud will not be an issue. It’s only an issue in close elections. But Republicans have to fight back legally, with any means necessary to win, even if it means lawful ballot harvesting in senior centers, early voting, and mail-in absentee ballots. Get angry and get out and vote Republican down the line.

If you’re tired of the policies that are destroying the fabric of our country, vote Republican. Remember, when you go into the voting booth, your vote is secret. No one can cancel you, no one can fire you, no one can know how you voted. It’s secret. It’s safe. Vote Republican!

Phil Orenstein is the president of the Queens Village Republican Club. Established in 1875, it is America’s oldest Republican Club  www.QVGOP.org. Historian, Jerry Matacotta, founder of acclaimed History Seminar Series was the advisor for this article.

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