Call Your Elected Officials on Public Safety and Rioting

Call your elected officials and ask them about the rioting, looting and your personal safety.  Democrats have abdicated their duty to keep us safe.  They are turning criminals loose on the streets.  Many have turned against our police who are the protectors of our communities, and are pushing to defund them. But if your elected officials don’t hear from you they are going to think it is perfectly okay.  So call each of them, local, state, and federal and voice your concerns.  This isn’t about George Floyd.  This is about public safety.


1.  I’m concerned about my family’s personal safety.  What are you doing to keep our neighborhood safe amid the rioting, looting and anarchist violence?

2.  What are you doing to stop turning criminals loose on the streets?

3.  What are you doing to stop the mayor’s plan to defund the police? 

4.  What are you doing to open our synagogues and churches, schools, restaurants, gyms and beaches now?


Governor Andrew Cuomo 518-474-8390
Attorney General Letitia James 800-771-7755
Mayor Bill de Blasio 212-788-3000
NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams 212-669-7200
Find your New York State Assembly member here
Find your New York State Senator here.
Find your New York City Council Member here
Find your Congress Member here

Carefully document the date, time, who you spoke to, and how they answered and email it to INFO@qvgop.org. We are going to use this information in future campaigns. 

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