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The Academic Bill of Rights to Restore Diversity of Thought on College Campuses

“For most of the 20th century, the U.S. had the best higher education system in the world.”

Videos of the Feb. 1st Club Meeting

“…we learned about some positive forces spearheading the change in America today.”

Morton Klein is Keynote Speaker and “Light Unto The Nations” Honoree at 149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner

Queens Village, NY – The Queens Village Republican Club presents its 149th Anniversary Lincoln Dinner, on Sunday March 3, 2024 featuring Morton Klein, president of Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), who will be the keynote speaker and “Light Unto The Nations” Honoree. The topic will be “The Survival of Israel, America, and Western Civilization.”

Morton Klein is a modern-day Paul Revere advocating on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people in America and throughout the world, and the preeminent voice on combatting antisemitism at home and abroad. The Wall Street Journal called Mr. Klein, “an outsized figure in the American Jewish struggle.” For his fearless advocacy for truth and justice in defense of Israel during these turbulent times, he will be the recipient of the “Light Unto the Nations” award at the historic gala of America’s oldest Republican club.

The theme of this year’s annual patriotic gala is “Make America Great Again in 2024,”  and in the words of Lt. Col. Allen West, keynote speaker at a past Lincoln Dinner: “As the oldest GOP club in America, it is your duty to carry the torch for the Republican Party and its core principles for the whole nation.”

The gala commences at 3:00 pm with a lavish cocktail hour, and full course sit-down dinner, starting at 4:00 pm, with open bar, Viennese table of incredible desserts, awards ceremonies, and speeches. It is held at the famous Antun’s of Queens Village, 96-43 Springfield Blvd., Queens Village NY, where nearly every New York Governor, New York City Mayor, and President of the United States have been in attendance since the 1950s.

Please visit for tickets and updates on the Lincoln Dinner program. Kosher dinner option is available.

Bad Medicine

Op-Ed by NYS Senator Jack M. Martins

Some politicians give out “candy.” Some give out “medicine.” That’s the nature of politics. But what’s unacceptable is giving people medicine and telling them it’s candy.  

That’s what Governor Hochul’s doing with congestion pricing. As is often the case with problematic legislation, the plan’s sponsors are concealing the real objective. Instead, they appeal to us with noble causes and promises of feel-good results. In this case we’ve been told the new tolls will discourage vehicle usage and ease midtown congestion while compelling commuters to make greater use of mass transit. Our transit system will be flush with cash, gas emissions will be reduced, our air will be cleaner, and New York will be a green leader. We’ll be more energy independent and less reliant on foreign oil, all of which underscores the larger message that together we can preserve our planet. 

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