Our War Against the Democrat Socialists

Our War Against the Democrat Socialists

Earlier this month the Democrats launched “BeCountedNYC.” They did so telling us NYC is in crisis, that disastrous Democrat policies have failed NYC Voters and destroyed NYC.  Now they want you to believe that switching parties will somehow change all of that. 

Many fellow Republicans received calls, text messages, and even received fake registrations in the mail with the Democrat box already checked off. We can’t imagine a more bogus fraud launched on the voters of NYC.  Don’t take our word for it.  Check out their website and then visit our response at Vote2PartyNYC.com

We launched Vote2PartyNYC.com with an important message and video, so you would have a tool to use in our war against the Democrat Socialists and their one-party monopoly destroying our way of life and the city we love.  This is now your tool – use it, share it, quote it, mention it and launch it into your mailing list and social media.

Use it. Share Vote2PartyNYC.com with all your friends! We will stand up for our principles and fight for our party even when it seems our party is unwilling to fight for itself! Spread the word to your email lists and all your social media friends!

Why would any Republican in NYC let themselves be conned into switching their party enrollment to Democrat when establishment Democrats themselves admit that one-party rule has allowed NYC to die by their own hand! Visit Vote2PartyNYC.com for the whole story.

Curtis Sliwa sent a letter to NYC Republicans warning us not to be fooled by these establishment Democrats calling for NYC Republicans to commit political suicide. They only want us to bail them out, and then kick us to the curb, after 8 years of failure and a rising tide of Democratic Socialists taking over their party.

Let’s get the word out to our fellow New Yorkers and let them know that we Republicans are on the march and will not rest until NYC becomes a 2-party town. Register and vote Republican to break the one-party monopoly destroying NYC. 


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