One-Party Rule Has Failed New York: Register And Vote Republican!


Hey New Yorkers,

You have until February 14th to register with the Republican Party to be eligible to vote in the June Republican Primary. One-party rule by Democrats has destroyed New York City.

But don’t take our word for it, listen to what NYC Democrats are saying: “New York City is in crisis. Over 500,000 New Yorkers are now out of work, 30,000 New Yorkers have died from COVID-19, and the City is projecting it will be $3.8 BILLION short of the money it needs to pay teachers, police, firefighters, healthcare workers, and fund critical government services in 2022.”

Republicans and Democrats can finally agree. One-party rule by Democrats brought us homelessness, soaring crime and shootings, high taxes, and put small businesses and restaurants out of business and all the above. One-party rule resulted in a mass exodus of New Yorkers and has destroyed our way of life and the city we love.

New Yorkers need to enroll in the Republican Party for NYC to become a robust two-party system. Never has it been more obvious that we need two parties, both Democrat and Republican, to run NYC. 

When we had Republican administrations, NYC was thriving as the safest and most prosperous big city in America. Now, after the past 8 years of one-party Democrat rule, the city is a total wreck. 

New Yorkers need to update their voter registrations to Republican today! Let your voice be heard with TWO PARTIES in New York City! Register and vote Republican to break the one-party monopoly destroying NYC.


Please help get the word out about www.Vote2PartyNYC.com, to your email lists, friends and neighbors, and social media friends, so that all New Yorkers get the message, that Republicans in NYC are on the march and won’t stop until our city is a 2-Party town!

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