To my fellow Republicans:

Letter from Curtis Sliwa to NYC Republicans

Curtis is the founder and president of the Guardian Angels (http://guardianangels.org) and 2021 Republican mayoral candidate

Recently many Republicans have received calls mostly from young, well-spoken and highly educated women.  They represent BE COUNTED NYC; their goal – to register you as a Democrat.  Briefly they say, this is to fend off the growing influence of radicals in their own Democratic Party so that a moderate Democrat will be elected the next Mayor of NYC. 

Like SIRENS in Greek mythology who would lure sailors to steer their ships into the rocks only to ultimately be destroyed. This is a call for Republicans to commit political suicide, having them abandon their party and drive it into oblivion based on the false notion that Republicans can’t win running for Mayor in NYC. They insist “You can’t win in NYC” in spite of 20 years of recent history to prove otherwise.

They say help them now and then return to your Republican ROOTS after they win.  And then they say the “Quid Pro Quo” is that they will work with you in a BI-PARTISAN way to push for open primaries and non-partisan elections in the future, even though they have strongly opposed such measures in the past.

But do not forget, there was already a functional bi-partisan leadership in the NYS Senate when 8 Democrats created the IDC and worked with the Republicans to establish just such a BI-PARTISAN coalition.  But then Cuomo like the SIREN lured them back and said “Peace be upon you.”  And what was their reward?  The establishment Democrats exacted revenge on them by running the very same type of radical leftist Democrats they are pushing back against now.  One IDC member, Jose Peralta, a friend of mine, suffered an untimely death.  I will never forget during the time of his political Shiva how some Establishment Democrats cursed his name, called him a JUDAS.

Just this past November Cuomo exacted revenge against all third parties because he had a falling out with the Working Families Party.  Tried but failed to eliminate them.  The only 2 to survive were the Conservative Party and a now newly strengthened Working Families Party that is collaborating with the Democratic Socialists of America.  And Democratic State lawmakers are moving to redraw their own district lines to ensure a Majority for years to come. 

Here’s what they are really saying – They can’t beat the DSA takeover of their party so Republicans should join them to try to bail them out by giving up on the 2-party system and creating a 2-tired Democratic Party that engages in winner-take-all primaries with the radical left, where the left is better organized and motivated.

Instead of ending the Republican Party let us join together as NYC Republicans, build a true center-right coalition with Urban Republicans, independents and Reagan Democrats that can field strong candidates to run against the radical left, and refuse to capitulate to Establishment Democrats who want to use us and co-opt us while still verbally abusing us in the course of rendering us impotent.

Republican Mayoral Candidate 2021

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