The Games Hochul Plays

By Laura Schmitt Schwartzberg

Game of Thrones:

King Hochul dictatorially subverts the legislature, constitutional restraints, and ethics with decrees of never-ending emergency states. The real emergency is Hochul herself! Failing to solve legitimate underlying issues, these declarations are all set ups for another game- Pay Day. Without competing bids or comptroller oversight, “Kickback Kathy” purchased $638 million of overpriced Covid tests from Charles Tebele, whose family gave her $300,000.


Hochul raised over $34 million. To grease those wheels, she saddled taxpayers with contracts costing a thousand-fold. For fast-tracking gambling expansion, the industry paid Hochul over $200,000. Hard Rock gave $120,000 to acquire casino licensing. A couple from a Medicaid firm awarded millions in NY contracts delivered hundreds of thousands in donations. Snubbing campaign finance rules, Hochul took $475,000 from appointees. She unethically intervened to favor her donor, cannabis retailer Ascend Wellness, at the expense of their competitor Medmen.

Hide the Ball: 

Two-thirds of voters oppose Hochul handing $850 million to billionaires in the Buffalo Bills deal.  As a player in this game, Hochul’s husband, a Senior VP and General Counsel for the company operating the stadium concessions, is expected to be a big winner.


Hochul allowed charter flights of underage migrants from the southern border into White Plains, overburdening local services. She extended noncitizen Medicaid eligibility and approved a 2.1 billion dollar “excluded workers fund” granting illegal residents pandemic checks. Prohibited from using federal dollars, we’re stuck footing the entire bill. Last year, the governor and legislature hiked taxes a whopping $4 billion!

Grand Theft Auto: 

Undeterred by data showing congestion pricing does not work, and mesmerized by an opportunity to pick one billion dollars annually from the pockets of NY’ers, Hochul vows, “I support congestion pricing, 100%.” Drivers will pay $23 per day. Every item passing south of 60th Street will carry this surcharge. Inflation be damned!


Last November, NY’ers overwhelming reaffirmed their 2014 vote for an independent redistricting commission. Completely disregarding the expressed will of the people, Hochul signed the “Hochulmander,” a gerrymandering law so partisan that 7 Democrat appointed judges unanimously deemed it flagrantly undemocratic and unconstitutional. Obviously, Hochul doesn’t trust her party’s ability to earn votes without illegally obliterating opposition voices in perpetuity. 


Hochul failed to invoke gubernatorial authority to stop noncitizens from voting in NYC.  Subsequently, voters strongly rejected universal vote by mail, yet Hochul audaciously overrode the will of the people and misused our tax dollars to put no-questions-asked mail-in voting on steroids! 

 The Game of Life:  

Rather than denouncing violence when pro-abortion activists firebombed and vandalized a Buffalo pro-life pregnancy center, Hochul signed a bill directing state authorities to investigate pregnancy centers that do not perform abortions.  Conversely, when pro-life activists legally protested outside a Brooklyn Planned Parenthood, she condemned it. 

Guess Who: 

Did Hochul handpick Brian Benjamin for Lieutenant Governor despite knowing he was under federal investigation for campaign finance violations, or because of it? In either case, his vociferous “Defund the Police” told us who he was.

Call of Duty/ Trivial Pursuit: 

A 35% rise in crime victims since cashless bail, and Alvin Bragg’s refusal to prosecute crimes, should be Hochul’s “Call of Duty.” Instead, she plays “trivial pursuit,” targeting responsible gun owners rather than gun criminals.


Banishing 5.4 million Republicans, Hochul spewed, “You are not New Yorkers!”  If diversity is our strength, Hochul is our weakness! Her intolerance incites division and incivility. With her record $220 billion budget needing funding, and 1.5 million residents fleeing NY in the last 10 years, taking their tax dollars and 1 congressional seat with them, Hochul must be mad!

Descent- Journey into the Dark: 

Hochul directed the Health Department to codify forced isolation and quarantine camps for citizens of any age, for any reason, indefinitely, without confirmation of disease or exposure. “Public health threat” is so loosely defined that it could be used to quietly round up political dissidents. The Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.  Hochul is appealing!!

Connect 4: 

Vote Republican down the line and flash Hochul a “Game Over!”

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