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The Integrity of the Voting System

Trattoria Lucia Restaurant, 247-63 Jericho Tpke, Bellerose, NY 11426


Executive Director of the Board of Elections in the City of New York

Michael Zummo: President at The Federalist Society Long Island Lawyers Chapter
Brief presentation on the Electoral College

Dennis Saffran: Former Republican candidate for City Council in CD-19
Brief presentation on the issue of non-citizen voting in NYC


vote-graphicVoting is the privilege and responsibility of every citizen of the United States. We enjoy freedom of speech, the press, assembly and religion, freedom from illegal searches and seizures, the right to bear arms and to a fair trial. In return for these freedoms, we exercise our right to vote in order to sustain our Constitutional Republic, established by our Founding Fathers. Millions of Iraqi and Afghani voters risked their lives going to the polls to vote. Our soldiers valiantly fought and gave their lives in every war since the American Revolution, to preserve our liberties and our privilege to vote.

Know Common Core

Quietly and almost without notice, an initiative which significantly erodes local and state control of school curriculum passed in 46 states – including New York State!

club mtg-2The April 3rd General Club Meeting featured informative presentations on the Common Core State Standards Initiative by two dynamic speakers. Here is the complete video of their presentations in five parts.

Madeleine Sharp, a Long Island Mom shares her research and insights into this  federal/corporate takeover since the beginning of her amazing journey through every last detail of “Common Core” as the direct result of her own family’s personal battle with the NYS Education Dept.

Doug Smith is the Constitutent Services Director for Assemblyman Al Graf (R,C District 5, Holbrook), who sponsored Assembly bills to withdraw NYS from the Common Core and Race to the Top programs.

Senator Lee Zeldin: On the Radar List

….his children are the most important reasons behind his decision to run for Congress. “ Just like all parents”, he said, “ I love my children with all of my heart and soul. I want to be elected to Congress to help insure that my two daughters and all children throughout our beautiful land will continue to enjoy the freedom and opportunity that has made America the greatest nation in the history of the world.”

Senator Lee Zeldin: On the Radar List

By Robert Golomb

lee zeldinThis past November the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) informed 34 year old attorney Senator Lee Zeldin, whose NYS Suffolk County Third Senate District covers major portions of Islip and Brookhaven, that he would be placed on their congressional candidate “ Radar List’’. The NRCC, which is known to have its eyes set on expanding its current hold of 34 seats in the House of Representatives, reserves placement on this list to Republican congressional candidates in competitive races thought to have legitimate chances of winning in this coming fall’s election. Placement on this list is known to be followed with what the NRCC has written to be, “ the tools they [the candidates} need to run successful winning campaigns against their Democrat opponents.”

Tony Lo Bianco: More than Just a Great Actor

“There are no second takes in the theater…. There is no place for missing lines or making mistakes…. You have to get it right the first time…. It often brings out the best in an actor.””

Tony Lo Bianco: More than Just a Great Actor
By Robert Golomb

Tony_Lo_BiancoMulti award winning actor Tony Lo Bianco should be an authority on the important role that a teacher can play in the life of a student. Currently starring in the critically acclaimed one man play, “The Little Flower”, Lo Bianco -whose 102 performances over 4 decade movie career includes major or starring roles in the films the Honey Moon Killers, the French Connection, Blood Brothers, Jesus of Nazareth and Marciano (the latter two were TV movie productions) and whose career in television includes starring in the iconic 1980’’s series Police Story – credits his initial interest in acting to his eleventh grade English teacher in Brooklyn’s Grady Vocational High-School.

Avoiding The Subject, Congressman Israel?

Usha foodsCalling it his “Small Business bill tour,” Rep. Steve Israel was campaigning on March 18 at Usha Foods Inc. on Hillside Ave in Floral Park.  Joseph R Concannon and Phil Orenstein were there to protest. Concannon talked with reporters and passersby asking when will Rep. Israel repeal the Affordable Care Act which is destroying jobs and harming businesses across America. A reporter from the Queens Tribune smeared Concannon with the following online and hard copy news report: 

Tribune_logo1Northeast Queens Face-off

Posted on March 27, 2014 by tribune in QConfidential

A former Northeast Queens City Council candidate stuck his head in to an event that had nothing to do with what he complained about.

Joe Concannon crashed U.S. Rep. Steve Israel’s Small Business bill tour last week in Glen Oaks.

The Congressman was touring the area to announce a bill that would let businesses with less than 50 full-time employees deposit up to 10 percent of their gross profits per year into a special savings account.

While on the tour, Concannon popped into one of the stops to complain to Israel about the Affordable Care Act. He told Israel to repeal the ACA because it’s decreasing jobs in America, calling it “the biggest job killer in America.”

Concannon quickly left after sticking his head in the tour, but still handed out pamphlets while the event was ongoing. Israel quipped back with a comment of his own, though, saying there are anger management classes offered not too far from where the tour was.

Nice comeback Congressman. As for Concannon, you may want to take up Israel’s suggestion. It might help you mellow out just a bit.

Mr. Concannon replied and his letter was published the following week:

Avoiding The Subject?

Posted on April 3, 2014 by tribune in Letters with 0 Comments

To The Editor:

This letter is in response to the article “Northeast Queens Face-off” (Queens Tribune – March 27-April 2) on my message to Congressman Steve Israel on his small business tour.

I want to thank Congressman Steve Israel for the headline and his quick comeback. But regrettably he’s missing the main point.

While his legislation is helpful, it’s like bailing out the ocean with a thimble, since small businesses have been hit especially hard by the financial crisis. The elephant in the room is the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, an issue which Congressman Israel avoids like the plague. I tried to bring it up when I called it “the biggest job killer in America” in order to shed light on the crippling federal legislation and mandates that are hurting small businesses the most.

Only 33 percent of voters believe Israel deserves reelection, and 52 percent disapprove of President Obama’s performance. There is good reason why Israel refuses to defend President Obama’s policies and discuss Obamacare.

Joseph Concannon,


A Wake Up Call to all New Yorkers

 “The battle for zoning in Westchester County [will be] the battle everywhere. This is about changing every block, every neighborhood to the viewpoint of federal bureaucrats at HUD.”

astorino-town-houseEarly in March, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino announced he is running for governor. The Republican Astorino easily won his second term as County Executive by a wide margin in a heavily Democratic County, due in large part to voter outrage about the overreach of the federal government regarding the county’s 2009 affordable housing settlement  with the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Westchester County was singled out as a suburban community symptomatic of alleged racial abuses in housing and was sued by HUD for housing discrimination. The 2009 settlement required Westchester to build 750 affordable housing units in high-income, white neighborhoods and “market them aggressively” to minorities.


Finance Committee at weekly parade planning meeting

Finance Committee at weekly
parade planning meeting

The Queens Village Republican Club proudly marches every year in the Little Neck-Douglaston Memorial Day Parade behind our Club banner. We march along Northern Blvd. in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of the United States of America.

This community tradition of marching for our fallen heroes has continued every year since 1927 to become known as America’s largest Memorial Day Parade. The Queens Village Republican Club will march again this year on Monday, May 26. Mark your calendars! We are calling on all Club members, friends, Lincoln Dinner honorees, and local candidates to participate and march with us for our best turnout in our Club’s history. Let’s show all our neighbors that we Republicans are a strong, patriotic, and growing part of our community!

Community getting involved in united effort to keep the parade alive

Community getting involved in
united effort to keep the parade alive

We are thrilled to report that this year, the United War Veterans Council (UWVC), the American Legion and others have stepped forward to produce the parade. Weekly planning meetings are being held and anyone who cares about the parade is invited to get involved. Meetings are posted on our Club website: www.qvgop.org. Also check the website for updates on the Line of March details for Club participants in the parade.

March with the Queens Village Republican Club on May 26!

March with the Queens Village Republican Club on May 26!




Welcome to the Queens Village Republican Club where we cherish freedom, liberty, we celebrate our individuality, and encourage all to embrace our cultural diversity. We believe the dignity of a job can help overcome many of our socioeconomic problems.  At our April Club meeting you will be hearing from a number of speakers on the topic of Common Core. 

Indian American Intellectuals Rally for Narendra Modi’s PM Candidacy

modi-4“Getting registered to vote in New York elections and taking political action is the way to be in control of your own destiny, otherwise your destiny will be controlled by others. The Indian people have a powerful voice to control their own destiny here in the City of New York, but they haven’t been using it. ”

Captain James Van Thach: An American Hero

“ It goes back to 9/11.  I was in my house studying for my law school classes…. I turned on TV to take a fast break…. I saw the images of the first plane hitting the tower…. then the second plane hit… I learned that my country was under attack from foreign terrorists. I wanted to honor all the people who had been murdered on 9/11 and do my part to protect America from ever again suffering such a heinous attack…. I felt the way to accomplish that would not be by sitting behind a desk, but by fighting the enemy face to face in the battlefield.”

Captain James Van Thach: An American Hero

By Robert Golomb


General David Petraeus congratulating Captain James Van Thach for completing the task of establishing Combat Outpost Shocker in Iraq. November 2007, Baghdad, Iraq,

It can be reasonably assumed that upon their graduation most of the several hundred students of Touro Law School’s Class of June 2002 were preparing to take their upcoming bar examinations and looking forward to starting their careers in the public or private legal sector once (and if) they passed them.

Such as a general rule is the professional path followed by most law school graduates across America. But that generalization has its exceptions, a most notable one is Captain James Van Thach.

Thach, who had served in the Army reserves beginning his 1994 freshman year at St. John’s University, was commissioned a Lieutenant in 1998. In 2002, because he had a law degree, the Army offered Thach the position of attorney within the Army’s legal division.

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