NYC Wide Vigils to Support Your Local Police

NYC Wide Vigils to Support Your Local Police

May 13th, 2015 between 8:30-9PM we will be holding candlelight vigils all over NYC, NYS and the Nation. We hope that you can join us from your community.  Sign up on Facebook now!


Square Deal Committee’s “Support Your Local Police” rallies and press conferences which Joe Concannon our Vice President is behind is now gearing up for a number of events in New York City over the next couple of months.  Joe wants all of you to be apprised of the following:

During the month of April 2015, Joe will begin to circulate an online petition drive in support of our local police and we encourage members of our club to do what you can to assist him.  This is strictly an online petition.  We want to get 100,000 thousand signatures from Queens County alone. Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan also can give us 500,000 total online signatures.  We want to send a message to City Hall and the City Council – We Support Our Local Police!  You can help by joining us on social media and passing the link for our petition to each of your contacts and calling us at the number below.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) each year focuses the nation’s attention on the men and women in law enforcement.  It is a wonderful experience and has many positive, profound impacts and themes.  During this week, on May 13th, after dark has set in, NLEOMF will hold a candlelight vigil.  This past year, 116 police officers died in the line of duty around our great nation – they are better known as “The Fallen.”  Thousands from around the nation will come to Washington DC to pay respects and honor to the men and women in law enforcement who have given it all. The families of the fallen are deeply, deeply appreciative and comforted by the showing of support, as they too deal with the loss of a loved one.

On May 13th 2015, we in NYC want to support NLEOMF by “co-staging” many similar smaller events here in NYC.  Square Deal Committee is seeking donors and others willing to lend a hand to help organize, coordinate and help us acknowledge that being a New York City Police Officer, isn’t just a job; that being killed in the line of duty isn’t just part of the job description as some would have us believe; that the lives of every New Yorker does truly matter.  We want to proudly tell the men and women from law enforcement we are with them, we stand with them, and we “have their backs!” We have 76 police precincts in the City of NY and we’d like a vigil outside of every station house with you, “the Citizens of NY” standing proudly with blue light in hand.  If you can help out, man the telephones, donate or just want to attend do let us know:   347-946-1931     jconcannon@joe4NY.org    http://sq-deal.com    

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